Why it is DEADLY not to watch our food intake?

        It is mostly said that what you don’t know can’t kill. This might only be true in the case of mad person that eats dirts and drinks sewage water and is alright however for a man in his right senses, there is need for caution in the things that one consumes.  There is no harm in taking note of our regular foods and  getting little information about them to know if what you are eating is killing you or it’s elongating your life.

Excessive carbohydrate intake

           Overtime  and presently, carbohydrates has been the major fod we consumes and this has been discovered to cause protruded belly and body fat.  Excessive carbohydrates which cannot work in the body is usually converted and stored in the body as Fat…  I won’t go into the details of how glucagon and insulin converts carbohydrates however, there is a serious need to watch carbohydrate intake examples are bread, pastries ,  rice products and even  some of our desserts. So,  while consuming the sweet dishes with no exercise plan,  learn how to infuse veggies which is a source of vitamin,  fruits for fibres and some proteins.  It has also been researched that eating much carbs can lead to excessive blood sugar that can cause diabetes and can raise your blood pressure giving rise to heart related diseases. So why not watch it?!

Food Calories

Food calories is simply the amount of energy a type of food can give to you when it is consumed.  It may look insignificant but it is paramount when feeding our kids, when someone is sick,  when energy is needed as a sport man or even on a daily work and business running.  These are some things you do to live well and elongate ones life.  There are several sites on the internet which has listed thousands of foods and its calories.  It costs nothing to check it out!

Food hygiene

There is not much to say about this because this depends on the individual’s personalities in that some people generally won’t even street food and are very sensitive to any dirty environment.  However,  for us that are foodies and love to experiment every street corner delicacies, it is paramount to check the neatness of the environment where you buy what goes into you or else you can be buying infections.  Don’t infect yourself intentionally.  Check the seller, check the environment and you can even ask questions on their method of production and techniques…

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