How to make WHITE and BLACK OFULOJU; Ist ever written post of the black by me! ( The Ekuru saga!)

The white and BLACK ekuru!

  Pls pardon the early publish, I just couldn’t wait!!!!!! Pictures in a bit!!!!
       I’m really surprised nobody has written about the black ekuru; made me start thinking its scarce but not really,  it’s even more common than the White where i come from.  So, I think I got a first!!!!!  (dancing!) kk..
          My story with this awesome dish started with my uncle always sending me on errands to buy it in the local market.  Then,  I was pulled off by the name but my inquisitiveness about food started a long time.  So I decided to try it and it wasn’t bad at all.
       16years later,  was in the market to buy my normal appetizer ingredients when I encounter it again; this time,  I decided,  I’m going to write about it!

      Ekuru (white moimoi)

         Ekuru is made from shelled beans and this can be achieved when the beans is soaked till it becomes soft enough. Kk, let me not rush you;


             The uniqueness of Ekuru is the fact that NOTHING is added to its batter during processing; they are all complimented for in the ayamashe stew you eat it with.  The “ata dindin” will be incorporated with a lot of good stuffs that the pureness of the OFULOJU would be totally forgotten.  So let’s prepare:


         Soak the beans for about 45minutes – 1hour (Actually,  it’s 45minutes but when mum calls from her room early in the morning for us to go and shell the beans as she would have woken up to soak it, it takes about 15minutes to decide amongst 4boys who would go and most times,  it’s me as I’m the last born lol.. Always so painful then!!)
   Kk, so,  remove the cover by taking a scoop and rubbing it in between your palms quite forcefully until you feel all is removed.

      * Pour in water and stir,  the shell should come out while the bean would stay down.  
       * Then, pour out the water along with the shells out into a sieve,  pour out the water in a bowl under and use again until you feel the shells are all removed. That was our technique then,  today,  we have machines capable of that. 
       * After shelling,  blend coarsely and set aside to Stir.

        “This is the part we all dread in the house. Thank God for electric mixers this days. 

Mix until very fluffy and wrap in leaves in baking pans and Tins or in foil and cook for about 45mins depending on the heat which should be a medium set heat.

 Also,  Note that it must be stirred well so as to achieve the crumbly texture.  

 Open,  let it cool down and serve with ata dindin or ofada sauce (Ayamashe) 

Very quickly for the BLACK OFULOJU,  

The name is actually called in my dialect ” ekuru Alaro” meaning dyed ofuloju. It is even more popular where I come from than the white.

Steps to making the black ofuloju

Step1:  Wash little potash and mash into little water, set aside.

Step2:   It’s very simple. After grinding the shelled beans,  while stirring, add kaun/akaun POTASH to the mixture and these while cooking The Ekuru turns it black and also gives it a loving flavour you won’t forget easily! 

   Merry Christmas from “uncle_shawr” (insta handle) kitchen! Love you!

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