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It is said in my culture that “what experience sees sitting, young ones cannot see even if they climb a tree”. So recently, I have been following experienced chefs to their prospective events and I have learnt a lot.

The one that baffles me a lot was the fish grilling technique and marination my eyes was opened to by a culinary senior of mine.

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What I do formally is to marinate my fish and grill. Simple. However, I was exposed to a simpler but very lovely method.

I will be using the Croaker fish as example.

In this method: there will be sauce preparation which is just pepper stew.


* Habanero pepper

* Ginger

* Garlic

* Onions

* Red bell pepper (tatashe)

* Seasoning

* Salt

*Groundnut oil


Put oil on fire, blend coarsely the pepper onions and spices or better still, pound them so it retains it’s major flavour.

When oil is hot, pour your pounded pepper, add your seasoning and salt and allow to fry until done. For the full recipe and pictures, view here.

Pack into a bowl and seal.


* The fish is prepared by de-scaling (removal of all the scales)

* Incision is made along the belly line (The coring process) and the intestines are removed.

* The fish is then washed and cored (This is when the surface of the fish is cut slightly to allow the spices used to penetrate. It aids marination)

After coring, the fish is then soaked in marinade or brushed with marinade which is usually a combination of ground dry red pepper, curry, dried ginger, oil, thyme, powdered onions, barbeque sauce, salt and seasonings.

* This is then covered in bowl and stored in fridge to marinate for about 4-5 hours… Sometimes for days.


Now you have your pepper sauce and you have your marinated fish.

You oil your grill mesh so fish doesn’t stick on it while turning or a better way is to spray your fish with oil before putting on grill. Trust me; it works!

You activate your charcoal and coat the side to lay on the grill with  the pepper sauce before you place the fish on the grill.

Turning is very minimal (thrice at most).. the third is probably when you are lifting it off the grill.

* About 5mins on the grill, you brush the top of the fish generously with the pepper sauce.

* After 15mins, you turn the fish skillfully and apply the pepper sauce on the other side

… Let it grill for about 20mimutes, turn again and apply the sauce on the second side.

Leave for about 10mins and take off. This can be done in the case of grilling 1 to infinite fishes.

It gives the fish a very lovely taste both outward and inward.

Try this today and I bet it would be the most tasteful grilled fish recipe you have ever tried. Enjoy!

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  1. So weird. I was just searching for information about this stuff and you popped up. You must be doing something right. Thanks by the way, this really answered some questions I was throwing around in the back of my mind.

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