How to make a delicious Shawarma


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Writing about shawarma brings a lot of joy to me because I started my kitchen with shawarma; Infact, I started my whole food business with shawarma and spent 7 years making solely shawarma and other appetizers.

It’s something that captivated me when I first saw it. Then, I ate it and it was just divine. I even gave myself the name uncle shawarma before I later changed it.

Considering my years of experience with shawarma, I can boldly tell you that shawarma is a very profitable product you can sell anytime.


Shawarma is a family of wraps which is consumed in most parts of the world. Apart from shawarma, we have tacos. While it uses pita bread, wraps majorly uses wheat tortillas.
Shawarma is a mix of different proteins and vegetables and cream which makes it a balanced diet. The protein can be chicken, beef, goat meat etc

Materials That Makes Up A Good Shawarma

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Pita Bread


No shawarma is complete until there is a flour based covering which holds all the materials you decide to use for your shawarma.
Pita bread is a sweetened flat bread which gives shawarma good taste and structure. It also balances the taste of veges, meat and cream embedded within making shawarma the sweetest appetizer you have ever tasted.

 For any standard shawarma especially for commercial purposes, there is need for arrays of vegetables.

The ones often used are cabbages, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, tomato slices dried ground habanero and black pepper etc.

You can create your signature shawarma by using your favorite veggies


Virtually almost all types of meat can be used for shawarma but the most popular are beef and poultry products.. beef, chicken, turkey, buffalos, chicken franks etc.

Fishes are usually exempted majorly because of their soft texture but why not, if you love fish, you can use fishcakes for shawarma.


This is usually a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup; However, You are allowed to create your signature cream

For example, in my kitchen, we have our own secret recipe for the cream which makes our shawarma highly sought after.

Sometimes,  you might not use the normal cream but decide to use sauces or gravies… (Shawarma can be thoroughly experimented on)


It’s one of the popular ingredients of shawarma. Hotdogs are blended proteins which are extremely blended and forced through an edible tube.


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Pita bread

Grilled protein

Ground pepper


Finely Chopped Cabbage

Grated carrots



Black pepper


Groundnut oil

Curry and thyme


The protein is processed by first marinating which is soaking it in spices (curry, thyme, black pepper, ground cayenne pepper, salt, seasoning and little oil to enhance mixing).

It is then well grilled and diced or shredded for shawarma.

(Shredded/trimmed grilled chicken)

The cabbage and the carrots are also finely chopped and separated.

The mayonnaise is added to the ketchup and mixed with water to make it less thick and flows well like a liquid.

The hotdog is also grilled or fried and set aside.


* Open up the circular bread along the edges  into two and turn the inner part to the other side and place back inside

* Lay in the hotdog and arrange neatly the cabbage and the carrot.

* Next is the protein you decide to use, the shredded protein(arrange everything in a linear shape)

* Next is the cream which is lined on it and covers the whole surface.

* Lastly, you apply your ground cayenne pepper.



Place down, pick the inner part of the wrap on the other side and use in covering the materials placed inside and roll all over.


Once it’s sealed, package if you are selling or set on a plate and cut… Your delicious shawarma is ready to be devoured!!!!!

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