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Shredded Beef Sauce

It’s amazing that intercontinental dishes though delicate, are the simplest to make.

You only need to switch your mindset from the normal pepper stew that is traditional prepared to some other spices, thickners, sauces and marinades.

For example, cornflour, sweet chilli sauce, soysauce, veggies etc

Shredded Beef Sauce

This sauce is what I love ordering with any of my dishes whenever I’m out on an event because of it’s richness and the alluring black colour.

That is why immediately I registered for Chinese culinary class, it was the first question on my mind to ask the tutor


* Onions

* Green Pepper and yellow bell pepper

* Carrot

* Soysauce (dark)

* Corn flour

* Beef stock/chicken stock

(Natural unprocessed beef and chicken stock)

* Seasoning

* Ginger

* Garlic


There are three simple steps to take;

1. Prepping the veggies and meat

2. Sauteing them

3. Preparing the sauce

Prepping (veggies and beef)

* Wash and Cut the carrots, meat, peppers and onions in strips.

* Season the meat with curry, thyme, seasoning cubes, garlic and ginger powder and leave to sit for sometime.


Sautèing is a process of lightly frying and stirring food in little oil. So you saute the veggies first for about 2-3 minutes.

Pack off; then you do likewise to the meat but for about 5 minutes. It shouldn’t be deeply fried but the colour should be out.

 3. Preparing The Sauce

* Put in your groundnut oil

* Pour in your veggies and your beef

* Add your chicken or beef stock

* After cooking on medium heat for about 5minutes, Mix your cornflour with water and pour in and stir. Add water if it clumps or becomes too thick

* Finally add your dark Soysauce. This is the secret to the Alluring rich black colour you love.

* Mix all together, reduce to low heat and let it cool for 10mins and it’s done.

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