how to make whipped cream


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I try learning a lot of things on my own because of many reasons;

1. Sometimes, packaged products are too expensive and as an event chef, there must be profit

2. If you are working on continental dishes, you might realise some key ingredients are just scarce or no where to be found.

3. You might be working at night and need to submit in the morning and then, you realise a very important ingredient is finished.

Why not make it if you have the materials on ground.

So, today, I’m gonna be teaching how to quickly whip up a batches of heavy cream and whipping cream


This is used majorly when preparing sauces, stocks, baking and making desserts.

Whipped cream which is a milk containing 25-30% fat is also used as toppings fir cocktails, mocktails, smoothies.


(Agar agar is a non-poisonous edible algae used in the production of vegetarian gelatin substitute).
If you are not a vegetarian, just get your gelatin from the supermarket.

The Process

Mix some powder with water and put on low heat until it dissolves.

Mix little into the cold milk and whisk for few minutes

Then, put the remaining milk into it and place back onto the low heat. (Don’t allow to boil so it doesn’t cuddle)

Once it starts steaming, take off and refrigerate.

At 15 minutes interval, bring out and stir a few times for 1hour and and the milk becomes creamy.


This is majorly used in preparing sauces, fondue and thickening of sauces.


Milk- 50g
Cornflour – ½ teaspoon

You can use a mixer for this or a food processor.

Follow the procedure for the agar agar. Only that you do not need to be stirring at intervals in the refrigerator.

Once the mixture steams, take down and whip until becomes creamy.


This is very easy to attain. You can get directly from the supermarket or drop your normal milk inside hot water under low heat for 45minutes.

However, it might be quite expensive if you need much cream.

Note that while stirring all the recipes, you can add flavour and sugar if required.

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  1. Thanks as always, but I don’t quite understand. The recipe and method seem hurried so there is no clear cut definition to the process. It’s unlike your usual detailed explanation. I honestly didn’t understand a thing you wrote. Thanks.

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