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Hello!  It’s the era of DIY (Do It Yourself). I wrote about making whipping cream and heavy cream last week.

Another easy thing you are going to be learning today is how to make an Eggwash

What is an Eggwash?


An Eggwash is majorly the mixture of beaten eggs and liquid majorly water or milk.

Why do we make an Eggwash?
For every baked pastry, beaten eggs are brushed on it lightly and this gives it attractive golden colour after the pastry is baked.

* An Eggwash is made because it becomes so expensive when you have a lot of pastries to bake and you need to brush all with beaten eggs only.

so we make Eggwash to increase the amount of beaten eggs while still maintaining it’s effectiveness.

* An eggwash is also made during the production of any coated pastries or dishes.

For Example; Scotcheggs, Chicken or beef in batter, Chicken Nuggets, Butterfly coated chicken breast, onion rings, fish and chips etc

* Applying Eggwash on pastries also helps to keep it’s structure making it shine during baking process.

* Addition of wheat flour, sugar and baking powder to Eggwash makes tasty Pan Cakes batter.😋😋

How to make an Eggwash.

1. Break 3-4 eggs inside a bowl and beat evenly

2. Mix 100g of milk with water and pour gently inside the beaten while mixing with hand.

Pastry pal

3. Add salt and pepper (Ground black pepper) to taste especially in the case of full coating.

You might leave the salt and pepper out if you are applying on pastries for shine and colour.

4. Whisk a bit more and your Eggwash is ready.

Egg wash is majorly used for baked pastries except you decide to get creative with it.

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