How To Make Peanut Burger (Home-made)

Writing or making peanut burger always make me so emotional because it was the first snack I ever made. I felt so good about it that I decided to be a Pastry Chef. Since then, I haven’t stopped.



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I love peanut burgers because it is a good source of protein, healthy fat and covered in flour which are high in carbs.

Most importantly, it is a sweet healthy snacks that can be preserved for 6 months and more if well stored.



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  • Peanuts- 2 cups
  • Eggs- 3
  • Flour- 3 cups
  • Sugar- 5-6 tbsp (table spoon)
  • Liquid flavor (Preferably vanilla or strawberry)
  • Groundnut oil
  • Milk flavor


Prepare three medium bowls and put inside your flour, eggs and peanuts respectively

Mix the powdery milk flavour with the flour and add little salt. 
  • Break the eggs, pour in two capful of the liquid flavor in and add your sugar. whisk all together.

Coating Process

The whole mixing will happen in the bowl where the groundnuts are.

1. Add 2 tbsp of egg mix into the groundnut and shake the bowl to mix. Do not mix with hands.

You will see that the eggs have coated the groundnut because the groundnuts will be shinning

2. Pour 2 handful of the flour mix (milk flavor and little salt) into the (groundnut-egg) and mix lightly with hand and then mix thoroughly by shaking the whole container.

* Repeat these (Flour, Egg mixture and shake) process until the egg mixture and flour finishes.

By the time you are repeating the process the third time, you would have already seen it coating.

Then Fry at medium heat until golden brown in colour. Let it cool and serve immediately.

There are varieties of ways it can be packaged or garnished before served;

Liquid chocolate can be drizzled on it and topped with coconut shavings, it can also be packaged, sealed and sold or eaten directly as appetizers.

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Do not forget to comment and share this recipe. I would be delighted to hear from you.


  1. I am honoured to have come across your works here on the internet. Am going to praticalise the peanut making. Hope to testify when am done.

          1. Hello,
            I will like to know what my groundnut is always soft and the outerpart crunchy, not too crunchy though.

          2. Remember that your groundnut wasn’t roasted but fried. Also, after frying, try to spread it and give it time to cool down completely before packaging

          3. Please I will also like to ask what are the possible cause of cracks on my peanut.


          4. Hello Olamide.
            Thanks for commenting. I would say you should reduce the amount of flour you use. Also make sure the frying is deep fried

          1. Thank you so much Chef for the comprehensive recipe.please I made the peanuts with the given recipe,the coating came out well however,the groundnut inside was tasting uncooked even after leaving for some time to cool off.please help out.

          2. Thank you for reaching out. Please remember that frying peanut burger is almost as frying an egg roll. It must be deep fried and the heat MUST be low to medium. Let it take it’s time to get done inside before outside… Control your heat.

            Also, you are free to experiment with roasted peanut but the above will solve your challenge. Love from chef wale

        1. You would need to specify the type of groundnut you used. It should be a raw one

          Also, once you finish frying, allow to properly cool off before storing or eating. This might take time.

          Then, check the ingredients I wrote and the ones you used.

          It should also be deep-fried

  2. I love this, it’s a very detailed technique. Thanks for sharing this. I’m gonna try it out today.

    1. But, Don’t I need to wash the peanuts? Cause I’d love to wash it. I mean it won’t spoil anything if the peanuts are still wet from washing right?

      1. Hello Pinky,
        Thank you for reaching out to me. Im so happy. Ok!
        You can wash it. However, after washing, you must take the pain to dry it either sun drying or any other way. Dont forget, you are using a raw groundnut and not processed one.
        Make sure you reach out back to me how it went.

        Warm Regards.
        Chef Wale

    1. Hello Azzez,
      Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate you. Whenever I make peanut burgers, I don’t add preservatives and that’s because once it is stored in bottles (Airtight), It can stay up to a month.
      However, if you want to probably store for months, get preservatives (sodium benzoate) from the general market and add to flour However, be very careful adding preservatives. very minute. I use half teaspoon for 5 cups but almost all the time, I use none.

    2. OMG, this is amazing and seems do easy. I wish it’s really this easy because I want to try it for sales right away

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! No water please. THERE ARE 3 BOWLS: 1. THE FLOUR 2. THE EGG MIXTURE: beaten egg, flavour and sugar 3. The Raw Groundnut. Mix as instructed. Thanks though; I love seeing replies… kisses

  3. thanks so much for sharing this, but there is one thing that is cleared, we all know that raw groundnuts are not easy peal but in the process of trying to peal it won’t it break? or is there a way of pealing it

    1. Hello Eniola,
      I never made mention of peeling it. Just process it like that. After frying, the skin will stick to the flour you wrapped it in. Thanks for getting across to the chef.

  4. Chef wale,I love your peanut burger recipe,most people don’t tell you about the flavors and milk powder added.
    I tried it with a pinch of Cinnamon, I came out good though,the coating wasn’t too smooth.
    However,I will love to learn more things from you.

      1. Thank you very much chef wale, I followed your procedure, the taste was good, but the body wasn’t smooth, and some whitish stuff were stained on it.. How do i get over that. Thank you

      2. please chef, what could be the cause, my peanut is having white spot all around and its not looking too fresh.

  5. Thanks for the peanuts burger recipe.But can’t I add baking powder and corn flour like the recipes have seen on the Internet. Although I tried your recipe but I wasn’t too pleased with the outcome.I intend to go into peanuts burger business and I want to be consistent in the taste and quality of the burger I make.Thanks once again chef Wale.

      1. I tried my after frying, the groundnut still tasted raw WHY? And I didn’t see you washing yours?? Why?

          1. Thank you for commenting, I have answered this question several times in the comment section. Also, I will advise you try preparing it first following my recipe; then you would have found the answers to the question you seek.

  6. Hello Mr. Chef, thanks for this content.
    In the ingredients, you didn’t make mention of Baking Powder. Is it not necessary?

    1. No need for baking powder for this recipe. Thanks for reaching out. However, if you feel there is need… Please feel free.. you can also learn from experience.

      1. Hello chef wale I tasted a peanut n it was so soft. Mine is hard. How can I make it soft n which quantity of corn flour do I add

        1. Hello Ekene,

          You need to be specific. How do you mean soft? What are the characteristics? is it cruchy, or have a thin layer? Except a peanut burger is toasted or airfried, I don’t expect it to be soft.

  7. Hi, i didn’t get a vanilla flavour, can i use mix milk flavour. And secondly, i would need your phone number for follow up.

    1. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. My comment section was spammed. Rectified it already.

      To answer your question, yes! Surely. You can use any flavour you want or not use any!

      For now, use my mail.. [email protected] or my contact form. I will reply you ASAP. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mercy,
      Thanks for reaching out. I would actually love to try it fist, Also, I found out that mixing a little margarine works but be careful!!!!!! so it doesn’t wash away the flour (very small). Also, corn flour does the job too.

  8. Hi chef can I use roasted peanuts for this and can I still peel off the skin of the roasted peanuts before using it thank you

    1. Hello Khadijat,

      Thanks for reaching out. NO. i don’t use roasted; You can try it however.
      About peeling off the skin, No need. This is because when the peanut is fried and you want to eat, the skin will attach itself to the inner part of the coat thereby unpeeling itself. Love from the Chef.

    1. Hello Isaka,
      Thanks for reaching out. All families of cereals can be grounded into flour : Your baking flour is Wheat flour; from Wheat, corn flour from corn… yam flour from yam, potato flour from potato etc. NAME is always derived from the source

        1. Dear Uchechi,

          Absolutely. Also, the word soak is wrong. You rinse with water in case of dirt or stones. Then dry. However, you can most definitely do without the rinsing and drying part. Since it would still enter hot oil

  9. Hello,
    Pls am i to mix the cornflour with the normal flavor or i should use the corn flower alone.

    1. Hello tosin,

      Thanks for reaching out. Corn flour is just 3-4 tablespoons if you are doing 500g of flour. Flour is the bulk of the pastry. Happy Weekend.

    1. Hello Boluwatife,

      Apologies for the late response. Please apply in table spoons for example 2-3 table spoons per 4-5 cups.

      Thanks for reaching out boluwatife.

  10. Comment *
    Thank you chef. pls I need tips on how to make a successful business out of peanut making.

    However, I will suggest that you post a video on YouTube on peanut making for effective tutoring on peanut making.

    1. Hello Sophie,

      Please check my earlier writeups under the food business category and read up. Im sure you will find your answer there. To add to this, i would say BULK OR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION of these will help you be successful However, as all business is, there is more to it than meet the eyes

  11. Good morning chef, I have being longing to know how to make peanut, but I always fine it difficult.. But this fateful morning after my morning prayer I was still disturbed to know, I picked my phone to make research so as God may do it I got this idea from you. Thanks a lot am grateful to God and you… going to try it and I will still get back you if succeeded it.

    1. Wow! Thanks so much for your comment. You made my day today because I’m so sure you wont miss it.

      Kindly let me know how it goes. Praying along with you.

  12. Am happy I came across this, have bin disturbed to try this out, and here I am with a clear explanation on how to go about it, God bless u real big chef..

    1. Hello Dan,

      The peanuts are joining because you probably dump the egg mixture in the groundnut. It is drizzled and you let it trickle down the spoon all over the groundnut. If dumped in one area, when the flour comes in, the whole area will clump together.

      When that is achieved and few still clump together, you can manually separate by hand.

      Thank you for reaching out.

    2. Hello Dan,

      The peanuts are joining because you probably dump the egg mixture in the groundnut. It is drizzled and you let it trickle down the spoon all over the groundnut. If dumped in one area, when the flour comes in, the whole area will clump together.

      When that is achieved and few still clump together, you can manually separate by hand.

      Thank you for reaching out.

    3. Hello, Chef Wale. Please the corn flour stated here, is it that sold in bakeries i.e corn starch or is it corn meal, that ground directly from corn? Thank you.

  13. I tried it and it came out nicely but the 2 capfull of flavour was too much on the taste. Also, I tried packaging to sell but the yield was less than the cost of the production.

    1. Hello Jacinta;

      Thank you for trying my recipe.

      Actually, before you package and try to sell. You should know about Pricing and have a lot of Knowledge about sales.

      I will advice you take a course in business administration.

      That said, these are the things you should put into consideration

      1. The peanut recipe is HOME-MADE, so price would be on the high side.
      2. Before you put a price tag on it, you need to put into consideration the cost of EVERYTHING that went into bringing out your packaged product from logistic to brand etc Then, multiply by 4 or 5
      3. Also understand that before you can actually see good profit, its either you make in Large quantity or you make it expensive (Work on your brand)

      See my food business category for more information.

  14. Waoii
    Great just washed the groundnut ooo
    How long will it take to dry
    And must all the water dry before i start

  15. Wow!!!You are indeed a good teacher and chef in one. I’ve been planning to attempt frying peanut burger and now, you’ve made it easier for me. I’ll try it tomorrow and send you a feedback. U’re a wonderful chef. Love u loads!!!

    1. Wow!!!! Thank you Gloria for the heart-warming message. I appreciate you and I hope to hear from you your peanut burger result.

      Loads of love to you Gloria. Have a nice weekend.

  16. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have been making this but my problem is on packaging and how to expand my business

    1. Hello Diane,

      Friends and family first. Brand as home made and dont go cheap.

      Put in bottles and make it expensive. 4000, 2000, 1000, 500,300. (Naira)

      Words of mouth, Referrals and Social media is a good place to start and guess what, those media of advertisement are all free!

      Have a great week Diane.

  17. Whao,
    Thanks chef wale i I actually tried out peanut recipe yesterday thou not your recipe but will try out yours .
    Want to go into the peanut burger business

  18. please chef wale,I try your recipe and its outcome was fabulous….. so I want to ask if I can add liquid milk to my egg, then for 2paint of groundnut what will be measurement of flour,egg,sugar,milk flavor etc.

    1. Thanks Ifunaya. I would prepare you use milk flavour. If you are going commercial, you must think of expenses, equity and Profit.
      However, if it is just for the family or the customer is paying, you can use little condensed milk.

    2. Hi chef wale
      I have been using corn flour lately but my peanut burger is not well coated .please can u put me through on how to make a well coated peanut… (I measure by De rica)

    1. Wow…I love this.your teaching has made my day.i having desiring to learn n commercialize it.i will try it right a way.God bless u.

  19. Chef wale your peanut is so nice.. I tried mine today but the groundnut inside is still not dry.. Why is it like that..explain more to me please

    1. Hello Chacha.

      Thank you for the compliment. Ok, The groundnut you used is not toasted; you fried it with; So don’t expect it to be to come out as hard.

      For it to be hard, don’t eat it while it is hot. Let it cool down for hours. You probably ate it too soon.. lollllll

  20. Thank you Chef Wale. I would like to know the following
    1. Which is the best sugar to use? confectioner or granulated?
    2. Can i used a powdered vanila flavour?
    3. Can i add milk and milk flavour

    Thanks for your kind response

    1. Thank you for reaching out;
      For Sugar: Think about Cost of production and these will help you to choose.
      You can add powder vanilla flavour to the Flour but I prefer liquid flavour to the egg mixture
      Milk flavor is good. It can be missed with the vanilla flavour.

      Have a nice weekend.

  21. Thank you Chef Wake. I tried it and it came out pretty nice and taste well but I can still perceive the grounding oil aroma on it. Why?

  22. I’m about trying out this recipe, I can’t wait to comment positively.

    I’ve been trying to make peanuts for sometime but most recipes I came across seemed quite complex.

    Thank you, Chef Wale

    1. Hello Modupe. The real question is: why do you want to soak it in hot water for 15mins? Is it to kill microorganisms or are you trying to develop a new type of peanut burger?

      As I always say, there are no rules in cooking. Please do that and let me know the outcome However, for me, I don’t soak.

  23. Thank you so much for this recipe. I really wanted to make peanut burger cause by kids love it. but please i really want to know if it can be backed cause my hubby doesn’t eat fried things. thanks

    1. Hello Ella, I will prefer you say roast. Groundnut has a lot of oil naturally within it. So, I’m so positive t can be baked.

      You could just check it peridically and shake to bake evenly. Ps: I have not baked before but I know its possible.

      Let me know the feedback. Cheers!

  24. Chef wale,greeting: I want to ask apart from egg what other substitute can we use to make d egg much especially we making for commercial purpose.
    2. Can we add little water to the egg to make it muchjust asking ooooo.
    3.for four paint what quantity can we use for egg and flour…… thank you for your reply in advance….

  25. A great work, your post has make my wife delighted by coming across this. Keep it up and looking forward for more

  26. Hey Chef Wale. I don’t know how to thank you! I made peanut burger some days ago, came out terrible…it wasn’t smooth at all and I guess I packed too much cinammon so the taste was something else. Almost gave up on trying but here you are giving it back to me! I’ll try again tomorrow with your recipe. Keep up the good work.

  27. Thanks Chef Wale. I tried it but it looked as if the groundnut inside was not well cooked and it didn’t give me the same size as I wanted. Please why was it so?

    1. Hello Lillian and Merry Christmas

      1. Peanut burger is not supposed to be eaten while hot. Before you can feel the hardened groundnut, it must be well cooled.

      2. You fried the flour covered groundnut and you expect it to feel like the one that is roasted?

      3. Lastly, the size is dependent on the amount of flour used in covering it and the size of the groundnut itself.

  28. Thank you so much, Chef. Tried it out. It was tasty but not smooth…. though hadn’t come across your blog then. Please what best do I use to package them to look good and expensive. Also I watched a video where no eggs were used but coconut flavour in stead. Thanks

    1. Please how do I get an affordable peanut coating machine instead of the shaking shaking process. I wanna do it on a medium scale. Thank you

  29. Help!!!
    Mine is always rough not smooth at all after frying what do I do please.
    How many eggs n sugar per cup of groundnut

  30. Chef Wale, thanks so much for the recipe. I tried it out and it came out fine but my peanuts was a little soft and not crunchy. Pls, what could be the cause?

  31. Lovely and explicit guides
    Thanks sweetheart, I hoped to achieve a yummy snack with these guides ❤️

  32. Lovely and explicit guides.
    Thanks sweetheart, I hope to achieve a yummy snack with these guides ❤️

  33. Hello Chef Wale ,how does the raw peanuts become edible ?
    Do you soak into hot water then sundry ,I have tried this but after frying the peanut was hard (still tasted uncooked,raw )
    Please I need the raw peanuts process(what to do to make the peanuts edible ) before the coating process ,thank you

    1. Hello Wunmi. There are two issues here.

      1. Most people immediately after frying starts eating and they complain that it tastes raw. For you to really feel the taste of peanut burger, You are expected to let it cool down completely.

      2. A coated peanut is like eggroll. You have to deep fry on a medium heat. Most people pour into hot oil and remove after 2 minutes jut becaue the flour cover is already brown in colour. You have to give it time to be done before you remove from fire. To know more; Kindly read up on my post: How to fry like a professional chef

  34. Nice work you’re doing dear. Please I need to know, do I need to rinse the groundnut with hot or cold water, also do I need to add salt too

    1. Hello Vivian,

      Happy Easter. You can rinse with salt and warm water and dry under the sun before you start preparation.

      Love from Chef Wale. Stay Safe.

    1. Hello Wumi,

      Sincerely, I have not tried that before. If you do not want to fry with oil, You can air-fry. It’s better and more crispy. Happy Easter and Stay Safe.

    1. Hello Wendy,

      like I have said in the comment severally, You need to allow it completely cool down probably for an hour or two before eating.

      Also, If you wash your raw groundnut before using, you will need to dry completely before using.

      Stay Safe. Chef Wale cares.

  35. Wow,you really made my day because having something to do that will make me earn some money during this lockdown period has been my priority.Having to try this out is really exciting so am gonna give it a try.
    Thanks chef Wale.

  36. Thanks a lot for this. Please my peanut usually comes out very hard, dry and too strong, with white patches on it. What causes it, please? Usually looking unatractive. Again which is the sweetest sugar? I noticed that Dangote sugar usually doesn’t come out sweet easily until you add more than you will add for other brands of sugar.

  37. I tried it but my peanut did not come out smooth wat could be the cause? And also some are soft and crunchy even after allowing to cool

  38. Thank you sir. You are really my biggest model towards becoming a young enterpreneur at 19. I learn alot from you and with all of your post, my success is sure. Once again thank you

  39. Hi Chef Wale
    1. Pls what makes peanut burger smooth and attractive?

    2. Is butter important in peanut? If yes or no, why?

    3. What is the function of corn flour in peanut?

    4. What causes black spots and whitish stain on some peanut?
    Pls waiting for your reply through my mail [email protected]
    Thanks and God bless you.

    1. Thank you for your questions. To actually make it look so smooth, you would have to dump the home-made way of making the peanut and use the coating machine.

      Please don’t add butter to the mix. Butter will not allow the flour and egg mixture coat it very well. Once you put the peanut inside the oil, the whole coating will dissolve into the oil
      However, these are tips that can help you;

      1. Be very careful when mixing the egg mixture and when mixing flour. Make sure the egg mixture does not concentrate to a part more than the other. The same thing with the flour. Sprinkle flour sparingly and once is fully coated, you can sieve excess flour out so they dont get inside the oil

      2. When frying, make sure it is deep fried. If you have an air-frying machine, please use. Industrially, the coated peanut is roasted and no fried. The oil in the groundnut will fry the peanut.

      3. Be careful of the type of groundnut used. Personally I have never encountered black patches in my time of making peanut butger

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