How To Make Peanut Burger (Home-made)

Writing or making peanut burger always make me so emotional because it was the first snack I ever made. I felt so good about it that I decided to be a Pastry Chef. Since then, I haven’t stopped.

I love peanut burgers because it is a good source of protein, healthy fat and covered in flour which are high in carbs. Most importantly, it is a sweet healthy snacks that can be preserved for 6 months and more if well stored.



  • Peanuts- 2 cups
  • Eggs- 3
  • Flour- 3 cups
  • Sugar- 5-6 tbsp (table spoon)
  • Liquid flavor (Preferably vanilla or strawberry)
  • Groundnut oil
  • Milk flavor


Prepare three medium bowls and put inside your flour, eggs and peanuts respectively

Mix the powdery milk flavour with the flour and add little salt. 

Break the eggs, pour in two capful of the liquid flavour in and add your sugar. whisk all together.

Coating Process

The whole mixing will happen in the bowl where the groundnuts are.

1. Add 2 tbsp of egg mix into the groundnut and shake the bowl to mix. Do not mix with hands. You will see that the eggs have coated the groundnut because the groundnuts will be shinning

2. Pour 2 handful of the flour mix (milk flavor and little salt) into the (groundnut-egg) and mix lightly with hand and then mix thoroughly by shaking the whole container.

* Repeat this Flour, egg mixture and shake process until the eggs and flour finishes.

Then Fry at medium heat until golden brown in colour. Let it cool and serve immediately.

There are varieties of ways it can be packaged or garnished before served. It can be dipped into chocolate and coconut shaving and served, It can be packaged, sealed and sold or eaten directly as appetizers.


  1. I am honoured to have come across your works here on the internet. Am going to praticalise the peanut making. Hope to testify when am done.

    1. But, Don’t I need to wash the peanuts? Cause I’d love to wash it. I mean it won’t spoil anything if the peanuts are still wet from washing right?

      1. Hello Pinky,
        Thank you for reaching out to me. Im so happy. Ok!
        You can wash it. However, after washing, you must take the pain to dry it either sun drying or any other way. Dont forget, you are using a raw groundnut and not processed one.
        Make sure you reach out back to me how it went.

        Warm Regards.
        Chef Wale

    1. Hello Azzez,
      Thank you for reaching out to me. I appreciate you. Whenever I make peanut burgers, I don’t add preservatives and that’s because once it is stored in bottles (Airtight), It can stay up to a month.
      However, if you want to probably store for months, get preservatives (sodium benzoate) from the general market and add to flour However, be very careful adding preservatives. very minute. I use half teaspoon for 5 cups but almost all the time, I use none.

    1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! No water please. THERE ARE 3 BOWLS: 1. THE FLOUR 2. THE EGG MIXTURE: beaten egg, flavour and sugar 3. The Raw Groundnut. Mix as instructed. Thanks though; I love seeing replies… kisses

  2. thanks so much for sharing this, but there is one thing that is cleared, we all know that raw groundnuts are not easy peal but in the process of trying to peal it won’t it break? or is there a way of pealing it

    1. Hello Eniola,
      I never made mention of peeling it. Just process it like that. After frying, the skin will stick to the flour you wrapped it in. Thanks for getting across to the chef.

  3. Chef wale,I love your peanut burger recipe,most people don’t tell you about the flavors and milk powder added.
    I tried it with a pinch of Cinnamon, I came out good though,the coating wasn’t too smooth.
    However,I will love to learn more things from you.

  4. Thanks for the peanuts burger recipe.But can’t I add baking powder and corn flour like the recipes have seen on the Internet. Although I tried your recipe but I wasn’t too pleased with the outcome.I intend to go into peanuts burger business and I want to be consistent in the taste and quality of the burger I make.Thanks once again chef Wale.

  5. Hello Mr. Chef, thanks for this content.
    In the ingredients, you didn’t make mention of Baking Powder. Is it not necessary?

    1. No need for baking powder for this recipe. Thanks for reaching out. However, if you feel there is need… Please feel free.. you can also learn from experience.

  6. Hi, i didn’t get a vanilla flavour, can i use mix milk flavour. And secondly, i would need your phone number for follow up.

    1. Hello. Sorry for the late reply. My comment section was spammed. Rectified it already.

      To answer your question, yes! Surely. You can use any flavour you want or not use any!

      For now, use my mail.. or my contact form. I will reply you ASAP. Thank you.

    1. Hello Mercy,
      Thanks for reaching out. I would actually love to try it fist, Also, I found out that mixing a little margarine works but be careful!!!!!! so it doesn’t wash away the flour (very small). Also, corn flour does the job too.

  7. Hi chef can I use roasted peanuts for this and can I still peel off the skin of the roasted peanuts before using it thank you

    1. Hello Khadijat,

      Thanks for reaching out. NO. i don’t use roasted; You can try it however.
      About peeling off the skin, No need. This is because when the peanut is fried and you want to eat, the skin will attach itself to the inner part of the coat thereby unpeeling itself. Love from the Chef.

    1. Hello Isaka,
      Thanks for reaching out. All families of cereals can be grounded into flour : Your baking flour is Wheat flour; from Wheat, corn flour from corn… yam flour from yam, potato flour from potato etc. NAME is always derived from the source

    1. Hello tosin,

      Thanks for reaching out. Corn flour is just 3-4 tablespoons if you are doing 500g of flour. Flour is the bulk of the pastry. Happy Weekend.

    1. Hello Boluwatife,

      Apologies for the late response. Please apply in table spoons for example 2-3 table spoons per 4-5 cups.

      Thanks for reaching out boluwatife.

  8. Comment *
    Thank you chef. pls I need tips on how to make a successful business out of peanut making.

    However, I will suggest that you post a video on YouTube on peanut making for effective tutoring on peanut making.

    1. Hello Sophie,

      Please check my earlier writeups under the food business category and read up. Im sure you will find your answer there. To add to this, i would say BULK OR INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION of these will help you be successful However, as all business is, there is more to it than meet the eyes

  9. Good morning chef, I have being longing to know how to make peanut, but I always fine it difficult.. But this fateful morning after my morning prayer I was still disturbed to know, I picked my phone to make research so as God may do it I got this idea from you. Thanks a lot am grateful to God and you… going to try it and I will still get back you if succeeded it.

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