Make your own Home made mayonnaise

Do it yourself (DIY) is one of the most searched for on the internet and who knew that Mayonnaise could be made under 5 minutes.

DIY is trending because most realised it doesn’t actually take much to make things we buy at high prices.

After you learn it, I bet you will never buy another mayonnaise again.
You can even make your own variant of mayonnaise by adding your own flavour or food materials.

Examples are Onion Mayo, Eggless mayonnaise, chilli and Vegetable Mayonnaise etc. at a relatively cheap amount

So today, we are going to be treating this topic.

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Mayonnaise is a very important condiment or thick sauce used in the making of different dishes. It is also used in salad dressing and as creams of pastries.



* Egg yolks

* Lime juice or Vinegar

* Mustard (optional)

* Oil (single or mix).
Olive oil, canola oil, groundnut oil

* Salt

* Water


* Note that this can be done under 5 minutes with the use of hand whisk or mixer.

* Remove the yolk of the eggs: for standard measurement, it’s one yolk for one cup of oil.

How do you remove the yolk?

You can break the egg gently on your hand and sieve the albumen out.

Secondly, puncture the tip enough for the egg while to go through leaving the yolk inside the shell.

* Once the yolk is inside the bowl. Add your lime juice, salt, water and ΒΌ of your oil and whisk well

* While mixing trickle the rest of the oil gently into the mixture until it starts thickening.

* Add your mustard, mix and continue your process until it’s done.



You could just pour your mixture (yolks, lime juice, little water, salt and little oil) inside the Mixer

Mix at low spend and when it’s blending, put in your mustard and trickle in the rest of the oil inside on high speed and under 3 minutes, you are done.

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  1. Thanks once again. Have always wanted to make this but haven’t because I don’t have a blender. Have a whisk though, so will add this to the list of things to try. Could you please update the recipe and add measurements to the ingredients? Thanks

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