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After pondering for hours and sorting out through the functions of honey I know, the research that has been done, the myth and the misconception, I concluded I’m not going to just repeat but explain deeply How honey achieve it’s result.


Honey is produced by bees all over the world in honey Combs after feeding on plants sweet secretion through different enzymatic processes.

What makes honey so Powerful..


I know you have heard it many times that honey contains ANTI-OXIDANTS and I also understand you might not know the meaning and sometimes, it’s embarrassing to start asking ” what are anti-oxidants” when everybody is shaking heads like they know what it is.

So let me explain… Follow me carefully;

ANTI-OXIDANTS stops OXIDATIONS from occurring in the body (don’t worry what oxidation is). Oxidation produces free radicals that affects or destroys the cells of your body.

So in summary, Honey possesses anti oxidants that kills or stop the production of harmful substances killing your body without you knowing. For example, high blood pressure. It lowers it through it’s anti-oxidant property.


It is also widely said that honey can be used to treat infections but you don’t really believe it.
Honey is generally used to treat diseases because of it’s ability to form Hydrogen peroxide which is very powerful to kill resistant strains of microorganisms causing infections. It also has pH that can inhibit the growth of bacteria.
Honey though has different types but is generally known, according to study to kill over 60 types of micro-organisms causing infections to human even those resistant to drugs


Honey is a good ointment to apply on your wound especially one from burns. It will keep it unaffected by bacterial because it’s hygroscopic nature can dehydrate bacteria, sucking up moisture from the wound area.
It’s high viscosity also forms a protective barrier around the wound keeping it from getting infected and speeding up healing process


This is easy to explain. I wrote a post on it already. To know more about this, you can read more HERE!

To summarise;

Know that sperm grows and multiply well when there is excess zinc, vitamin E and Vitamin C in the body and these are abundant in honey.

Imagine now mixing honey with milk and take regularly?!!!!!


Honey has HUMECTANT properties and this means it moisturises your skin and delays aging and wrinkles.
When your skin is well moisturised, it glows and this is why honey is always added to most body creams.
Rubbing honey on your face is safe and it removes dirts, oil and kills skin infections on your skin through it’s anti bacterial properties

Now, You cannot experience all these benefits of Honey if what you use or consume is FAKE HONEY.



If you pour an original honey into cup filled with water, it will sink and sit at the bottom.

However, if the honey is fake, it will just mix with water and smear the cups edges

2. Turn original honey placed in a jar upside down and it won’t run out. It will either run off very slowly while fake honey with run off quickly out


Another way of differenciating them is to

dip a match coated end into honey and strike the match stick to light.

Fake honey  won’t light while original honey will light and fire will burn around the honey.I would love to hear from you. Your comments are most welcome. I will be glad to respond.


  1. I've had misconceptions about honey cos I've witnessed the derilious effect of the fake ones….but after reading this..I think I know how to go for the best…thanks chef!

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