Foods you should never take with drugs



It was said that what you don’t know can’t kill you; Now we know, that the contrary is the absolute truth. What you don’t know kills. There are many examples to prove this starting from HIV to Diabetes.

If only they knew that ordinary protection like the use of condom or reducing the consumption of sugar could prevent them contracting the disease, they would probably have taken precautions.

So I will be doing a sensitization on the effect of food and fruit on drugs we injest into our body.


We fall ill as humans due to so many reasons from environmental to genetic and Man has come a long way in developing drugs that combats almost any type of sicknesses.

However, information about side effects of these drugs and food consumed during the use are often not well communicated to patients and to the general public as a whole.

This is getting serious now as these powerful drugs can easily be gotten at a local chemist by ignorant individuals

Here are some drugs and foods or drink you mustn’t combine together



Cases of drug abuse and death are becoming rampant all over the world especially in some African countries and it affects the youth most often.

A good example of drug that is highly abused is Tramadol. Tramadol is a central nervous system depressant and combined with alcohol which is also a depressant can slow down your brain which can lead to a state of depression and finally Suicidal thoughts

Also, the combination and abuse can cause seizures. This is because the central nervous system consist basically of  the brain and the spinal cord and since tramadol is CNS drug inducer.

Taking too much will cause too much activities and reactions in the brain ultimately leading to seizures.

In general, Alcohol should not be taken with any pain relieving drink. Just ONE DRINK A WEEK WHEN TAKING THESE DRUGS CAN CAUSE GASTRO INTESTINAL BLEEDING.



Ciprofloxacin and other fluroquinolones which is used for typhoid for example or tetracycline are very reactive to Diary foods and product.

You probably must have heard it before or not that when using thyphoid drugs, you should abstain from food like milk, cheese, youghurt etc

It’s actually; Do not take them alone with these drugs because they will render the drug useless. You can read about the biological mechanism here.



It is no news that NSAIDs (pain releiving drugs) like Ibuprofen, Aspirins taken by an ulcer patient could be dangerous and life threthening However, many still don’t know.

The symptoms include vomiting, neusea, acute stomach pain or internal bleeding.

So if you have been diagnosed with ulcer, it is best to stay away drugs like this.



Caffeine which is a stimulant is very reactive to many antibiotics. Antibiotics affects the rate at which caffeine works in the body causing caffeine overdose which can cause insomnia, restlessness, dizziness etc

It is advised to stop the consumption of high caffeine containing drinks, coffees, teas and sodas before using most antibiotics



Its discovered that grape fruit juice and some of it’s closely related citruses must not be taken with cholesterol drugs, immuno-suppressant drugs and even some malaria drugs.

It increases the blood level of these medications and increases their side effects.
Examples of such are: Muscle tissue breakdown, kidney problems, General body pains, Rapid drop in blood pressure etc. Read more here


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