The fastest method of making Nigerian Puff Puff


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This is the year 2019 and majority now understands the importance of healthy eating and the many dangers of taking too much sugar.

Puff Puffs are the stars of finger foods in many events.

Though we have many pastries and proteins on a finger food platter, majority still won’t accept a platter without Puffs.

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(Honey Puffs)

It’s one of those pastries that makes you not want to stop eating. It’s sweet, fluffy and melts at in your mouth at every bites if it’s made correctly.

For this, recipe, we will be replacing 90% of sugar with honey so it could be eaten by everybody and also be healthy.



* Wheat Flour (200g)

* Honey (3tbsp)

* Yeast (1tsp)

* Cinnamon ( optional)

* Water (25cl)

* Sugar (1tsp)- Optional

* Pinch of salt


*Sieve your flour to remove any dirts or lumps

* Dissolve your yeast into warm water

* Make a hole in the middle of your flour and add the dissolves yeast. Mix gently

* Pour in a quarter of your water into the flour mixture and mix lightly for some seconds

* Pour in gently your honey and fold it in

* Lastly, pour in the remaining water and mix vigorously with a mixer or by hand.

We are making a batter  which is not too soft but holdable without trickling off too quickly from the hand.

Cover and let it set and rise for 30-40 minutes.

It rises earlier if it’s in a hot environment so keep an eye on it

(Rising batter after 30minutes)

* Once fully risen, Pre-heat the oil to medium heat before deep frying on a cooker or use a deep fryer. Heat should be on a medium level.

* Make sure once you drop your puffs into the oil, you turn after some seconds.

* The standard frying colour is golden brown which is done inside and not soggy.


Wrong instructions concerning Puff Puffs

* Yeast must be mixed with hot water for it to work. This is false and you might even be killing the yeast as it is an edible healthy microbe.

* Milk must be added. Actually, milk and eggs makes puffs crunchy and flaky and these are not the attributes of a good puff puff. It has to be succulent, fluffy and not flaky.

Please try out this puff puff variant today and let me know what your thoughts are on this recipe.

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