Day I Nearly Died Making 800 Jam Donuts (Business lessons)


IT was a beautiful weekly service and  after service, the student Church fellowship Leaders gathered together for a meeting.

They were organizing a church programme for the students in school.

So I was contracted for 800 Jam donuts by winner’s chapel campus fellowship.

I was so excited because it was my first ever big job… The highest I had done before then was 80.

First mistake was I under-billed them… I casually used my head and gave them a very cheap price.

Lesson 1. For whatever business you start, Create a planned revised price list which is reviewed monthly. This is because of factors like changes in market price,

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Government instability, Rise or Fall of Currencies (fx) etc

They actually wanted to give me sometime to come up with a price but I was too excited to think.

It was needed on Sunday evening by 4:00pm.


So I started Saturday morning. My second mistake: I gathered together 5 people that had no experience with baking thinking they were going to do a good job.Only one lady was a good Baker.

Lesson 2: If you are given a job that is too big for you in terms of infrastructure and experience, Don’t try to do it all on your own. Try OUTSOURCING to a trusted company and DO ONLY WHAT YOU CAN!

If you are going to INVITE people to help, invite people that are experienced in the art. They will surely get the job done.

I forgot to eat because of the excitement of the work and gathered them together.

We started 12:00pm. From 12pm till 9:30pm… We were only able to do 185 jam donuts. That’s where I knew trouble has started…

By then, they were all grumbling they wanted to go. I released them and then realised I hadn’t eaten the whole day.

So I took a drink and little bread (I couldn’t finish half of the meal because I was tired and worried.

Getting to bring my equipments and the donuts home was another trouble which i would rather not go into. I hadn’t thought of LOGISTIC.

So I  later got to my hostel worn out and continued working till 5:00am… I had made 380 donuts… I had changed to ring donuts so it could be faster. ( The Jam was taking forever)

I slept around 5:20am so I could wake up and continue.


Suddenly my eyes opened around some minutes past 7 in the morning. I wanted to continue working, then I realised, I couldn’t move any part of my body (Alas! I was paralyzed from head to toe)

Fear gripped me and I started panicking. Immediately, my unfulfilled life flashed before me and how I had boasted to anybody that cared to listen that I was going to be a billionaire Chef.

I tested my tongue and I realised I could still speak but weakly. Also, I was getting weaker and weaker; It was a battle to even keep my eyes open.

so I used my last strength to call out to my room mate sleeping beside me. Surprisingly, probably because of the course I was studying, I knew I was dehydrated.

He got up and I said salt, sugar and water; I can’t move!!

He was like: I have told you young man to stop all these self made rubbish ehn; at least, daddy sends money every month. What’s your stress man?!

I was able to stand some minutes after taking the water, sugar and salt but I was too weak to walk… So I was supported by my roomie to go and tell them that I’m not doing again.

Long story short, I lied that I did 450… They shouted and all… but I didn’t mind… I wasn’t doing again.


So I got a cab to get it down for me and immediately I got there, they were like I should wait for them to count it so they could be sure it was the 450 I did when I knew I did 380.

I told them I was going to pay the cab man…. Immediately I got to the cab, I jumped inside and told the driver to run as fast as possible…. (I cannot come and die).

I wasn’t paid my balance but I didn’t care. I was joyful that i didn’t lose my life doing donuts nobody sent me. However, I learnt my lessons afterwards and I grew business wise.

I restructured the business, went for business classes and became a better Chef and Entrepreneur. I hope you were able to pick something out of my real life food experience


  1. Hi wale just came across ur blogs this morning. Am a Baker and cake a cake decorating artist. I’ve experienced something similar. Just like u said say soooooo much excited when I was asked to make 200 meat pies for PTA meeting at my kids school. I priced it down too……… so to cut down the long story short. U started around 3am on Saturday morning cos it will be delivered by 10 am that Saturday morning. It was around 7am I realised that I’ve just made only 75 pieces (but thanks to my husband God bless that man for me) he woke up and saw me and laughed and he said” I told u can’t do it alone” cos its just me alone. He then joined me and we were able to make only 150 pieces cos the fillings had finished. He delivered it by himself becks of the consistent calls from the school manager lucky for me they said they needed only 120 cos the turn out was small, its indeed a great lesson for me.

    1. lol. Thank you for sharing your story chinyere. Unfortunately for me, mine wanted to kill me.

      The experience was what taught me outsourcing. Now, when I have a big event, I call everybody needed and we get the job done.

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