How To Set Up A Low Cost Standard Shawarma Spot

Kindly Note that I and my team can offer this service for a small consultation fee. You are only required to get the location.

The A-Z Of Setting Up Your Shawarma Spot

Shawarma business is a very profitable business with a 55% profit margin. I was fully into shawarma business for 5years before going continental so I know my onions.

I started my shawarma business from scratch and I have also helped in setting up several shawarma spots of different sizes and budget.

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Location: I wanted to skip this point because It is expedient for you to have your location.

However, in my experience as a Chef and Entrepreneur, I got to realize; once you miss it in getting a good location for your shawarma spot, Your business already is “60percent failure”.

Nothing is more important than securing a spot that has great inflow and outflow of people (footfalls).

It might be a popular lounge, market square, bus-stops, Higher Institutions etc.

Anything less than these places will require you having a lot of luck, favour and a secret recipe that customers will lose their home training for. Lol


Since it’s a spot, I will not advise for elaborate structure. Most times, I have seen several spots with only a mini-canopy while many only uses two metal table support; one, for the Shawarma grill while the other for the presser.

What is majorly important is for your environment to be clean and if you are by the road side, it should be tarred because of dust and sand particles affecting your displayed meat


I have written extensively on the materials needed and how to prepare a very delicious and tasty shawarma. 

So there is no need repeating myself here again. However, these are the equipments needed and prices.

Shawarma Grill/Local Grill

This post is about starting a shawarma spot for all (Rich or not).

So If you are financially buoyant, I will advise you get the rotating shawarma grill However if you can’t afford it, go for the fabricated flat grill.

Price: 220,000NGR upward


If you are a skilled shawarma maker, you will understand that there is need for you to seal the ends of the wraps.

There are two types; The locally made ones and the industrial made which can be gotten from Jumia and any other online shops.

Hence need a flat surface sealing Machine. There are other short cut to this machine However, it is needed for you to get one so as to have a standard outlook.

Locally Made: 60,000NGR, Industrial Made: See Jumia


Other Equipments

* Plastic containers

* A chopping board (For your vegetables)

* Set of knives

* Meat Pickers

* Scraper Tool

* Hand Brush



If you decide to open a Suya spot, pastry shop or even main course/entree, I might not linger on this point.

However, there is something about shawarma business and branding that can’t be unraveled. No matter the size of your spot, you must be ready to brand yourself and your product.


  • Branded Outfit: You should have 2 or 3 shirts or uniforms displaying your company name and product
  • Branded Pack: Either nylon or Paper, endeavor to brand it
  • Business Cards: Have your nice business card you can staple on every sale so they could easily call for order or your location if they forgot.

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It’s a known formula; the more you sell, the bigger your profit. So, always create a delivery channel for your clients who can’t leave their house or companies due to various reasons.

You will be surprised how many sales you will make and your output and profit will definitely triple.

Wishing you best of luck in your endeavors and don’t forget to sign up for our mail so you won’t miss any of my posts.

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Pic Credit: @crave_shawarma




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