My Experience At The Ongoing Gt Food and Drinks Festival, 2019.

Gt food and drink

Note: Caterbakes team and your very lovely chef are available to cater for your events and ceremonies across Nigeria

The on-going Gtb sponsored food and drink programme started few years ago, 2016 to be precise and it has featured the best of the best vendors across the country.

Not only that, it has brought in some world renowed chefs across the globe.

It started with Internationally Acclaimed Chefs like;

* Chef Siba (Siba’s Table)

* Chef Ed Kimba

* Chef Sunny Anderson (Food Network Star)

* Chef Raphael Duntoye etc

* Chef Jeff Mauro (The Kitchen) Etc

Also present are our own Chefs making waves around Africa and the World;

* Chef Stone of Red Dish Chronicles

* Chef Tolu Eros

* Chef Fregz

* Chef Benedict

* Chef Ette ( The Rotisserie Chef)

In summarily, the who of who of food and Creme de Lacreme of food are all present.


This is where I’m going. One impossible thing that Gt food and drink festival have been able to achieve is to bring together over 300 seasoned vendors across Nigeria.

This vendors are highly sought after and having them all assembled together in one place to a foodie is heaven.

Some of the vendors over the years and presently are:

* Ofada boy

* Bukka

* BBQ Cravings

* Ette’s BBQ

* Lavada cocktails and more

* Grandma’s Hut

* Dundu Nation

* Zizi’s Chocolate

* Wing it and many more…..

My Lovely Experience

Going to the festival was a time of unwinding from my stress. Food is my hubby and work and eating food made by other vendors is a real source of joy for me.

Although, I missed not going with family and friends, However, I made up for it by eating the beat of the best foods the festival have to offer.

I started with desserts. I wanted to wet my appetite with a sweet confection and zizi’s chocolate cake was a winner.

Good thing about the festival is many of the vendors offers free tasting of their products and zizi’s chocolate won me over.

The cake was rich in chocolate and divine. You still have the opportunity to get it as it is still currently on. I made a video for your viewing pleasure.

Then after my chocolate, I decide to attend a master class by Chef Shota from Nagasaki on The Art Of Making Sushi.

Chef Shota used Starchy or cake making rice. Boiled it with vinegar, sugar salt.

Filling was sliced cucumer and carrot while the wraps was seaweed.

It could be enjoyed with different sauce or soysauce.

It was awesome time of lecture. The lecture lasted about 1 hour after which I decided to go for BBQ and Sliders from Wing it.

I ordered for two packs of Spicy wings and Beef Sliders from Wing It; One for me, one for my gangs at home.

This decision I didn’t regret because it was the tastiest wings I have ever tasted. I loved it.

I had to restrain myself from eating the second pack.

Before I left, I took a cup of cocktail which I said should include 2 shots of gin. I literally didn’t feel anything until after 3 minutes and I was floating… Lollll

Summary is; I enjoyed my time and more good news is the fact that the festival is still on and we have a public holiday by Wednesday which is May 1 (Workers day).

Plan to be there…. What a wawu!!!!!

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