How To Make The Easter Nigerian Stir-Fry Pasta


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Stir-frying is not a new concept However, it is an advanced way of cooking and this is what you need to learn to prepare a wonderful pasta this Easter holiday.

Stir-frying requires being very strict with cooking time so it doesn’t get soggy.

If the pasta is overcooked when pre-cooking (par-boiling), it will become soggy and the stir-fry is not going to come out fine.

These amidst many rules of stir-frying will be discussed in the course of these write-up.

Most grains (dried foods) can be stir fried and stir frying technique cut across different food processing and preparation.

This is when Food is fried on high heat while stirring vigorously.

Sometimes, it might involved mixing (stirring continuously) processed foods with their corresponding sauce while frying on high heat.

Benefit Of The Stir Frying Technique

  • This method preserves food nutrients and prevent overcooking
  • It adds to the beauty of the food making it to glister and less soggy
  • It saves food materials like oil and other ingredients needed.
  • It makes your food more tasty.

How To Make A Stir-Fry Pasta

These involves two food processing steps;

  1. Par-Boiling The Pasta
  2. Preparing The Sauce

Par-Boiling The Pasta

I used pasta in these write up because there are different types of pasta ranging from Spaghetti, Gnocchi, Farfalle, macaroni to Campanelli.

You can use of these and more to make a stir-fry even rice. So, these are the steps to parboil pasta.


Put enough water on heat depending of the amount of pasta you want to pre-cook, add salt and half teaspoon of vegetable oil (This is to prevent clumping of the pasta).

Make sure the water covers it so it can be drained off.

Cook at medium heat for 5-10 minutes depending on the type of Pasta you are preparing.

Drain of the water and set aside.


This is where the work is. This is where you decide the type of pasta you want to prepare.

You can even make it a Sea food or a Soul food depending on the ingredients you use as Sauce.

You might even decide to go Chinese or Japanese and prepare a ramen.

However, the sauce I’m preparing is a simple garnished Vegetable sardine pepper sauce. You are free to add crayfish, dried fish, cowskin, cow intestine, grilled beef, chicken etc


* Sardine

* Tomatoes

* Habanero pepper

* Onions

* Spices (Curry, yaji spice, ginger)

* Seasoning

* Salt to taste

* Carrot

* Green pepper (Optional)

* Groundnut oil


1. Food Preping: As a chef, whenever I’m to make a stir-fry, I prepare my garnishes afore-hand.

This will make the food preparation easier and faster.

So my carrot has been diced, green pepper sliced, pepper has been coarsely blended or chopped and my pasta has been been parboiled and refridgerated. (Not Frozen).

However, if you have enough help, you might just do it all at once.

2.  Set your Pan on medium heat and pour in your Groundnut oil.

( This is a very important aspect of making the stir-fry and this is because the cooking oil must be enough for the stir-fry)

If it’s too much, stir-fry Pasta will be  too oily, if it’s too small, the overall pasta wouldn’t come out with the right colour and might probably be dry.

3. Leave for about 45secs to 1minute and Pour in your onions; leave to fry a bit before adding pepper, dried fish and cowskin etc.

4. After 2-5 minutes, season it, add your sardine, carrot and other veggies you decide to use.

( I added lastly the carrot and sardine because I don’t want the carrot to get too soft and I dont want the fish minced before stir-frying starts).

5. Set Aside.


Now you have your salted parboiled pasta and your sauce.


On high heat, pour in your pasta into the sauce and stir continually until the sauce covers the whole pasta.

Taste to check if its perfectly seasoned. Stir more for about 2minutes.

Reduce the heat and cover for about 2minutes and put off.

In the case of the cooking for 8-10 people and you don’t want to use 2-3 frying pans, divide the sauce into 2 or 3.

On high heat, pour in half of the pasta in and stir until the sauce fully covers it.

Pour the remaining pasta in and the sauce on top. Stir all together and cover for 2 minutes before putting off the heat sauce.

Let me know what you think. Reach out to me or comment if you love this Easter stir fry recipe.

Happy Easter and don’t forget to share this post.





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