Yoghurt (Natural, Greek And Sweetened Yogurt)

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Hello, it’s youghurt making time and I don’t know if I should call it “yoghurt” or “youghurt”.

Anyway, we will use both interchangeably. By the way, if this is the first time on my blog, you are welcome. Feel free to comment and express your mind. (I gat nothing but love for you all)

Yoghurt is one of the first thing I learnt 9 years ago and I have done and seen different types of Amazing yoghurt.

Yoghurt has many health benefits majorly because it’s a fermented milk product.

Why is a fermented milk drink good for your body?

Firstly, you should understand that not all microorganisms are bad or evil in the body; infact, without them, we might all be dead (As a microbiologist and a chef, you can take that from me).

So, one of the good organisms comes to play when we make yoghurt and that’s the Lactobacillus acidophilus which comes in branded packs called Yoghurmet.

Benefits Of Taking Yoghurt ( Fermented Milk Product)

  • It enhances digestion
  • Taking yoghurt regularly prevents or treats intestinal diseases
  • It enhances or improves the immune system and lots more amazing benefits…. (Don’t be lazy and read more on line…. Focus is how to make it. lolll)


Youghurt making is a delicate art so it is highly recommended you wash and sterilize all the equipment that would be needed to make the youghurt. Don’t forget to get your kitchen thermometer… very important.

Why do you need a thermometer?

This is because you are dealing with fermentation process which requires that the good bacteria be alive to perform their duty. If the milk gets too cold, the bacterial growth and work will be hindered and if it gets too hot, they will be denatured —-die.


  • yoghurmet (yoghurt culture)
  • Powdered milk (250g)
  • Sugar
  • Flavour(s)
  • Water (5litres)


First step is to mix your milk thoroughly with water making sure there are no clumps.

Next step is to pour into a clean pot and heat the milk up to 180 degrees. (Now you see why you need your thermometer)

Then, take off the heat and let it cool down cool down to 115 degrees (its not compulsory its the exact 115 however, get between the range of 112-115 degrees)

Dissolve your starter culture (yoghurmet) with little water and mix with the warm milk and stir gently.

Now this is the important part:


The processing yogurt needs to be placed (9-12hrs) in a warm environment that will maintain the warm temperature and allow the starter to work efficiently.

Then, you have your Yoghurt. However, how do you achieve this?

Strategy 1: You can set up a 60 watt bulb inside a big box, Set your container/s inside and cover. This will do the trick as the heat from the yellow bulb will help maintain the temperature.

Strategy 2: If you live in Africa or Dubai where we have abundant sunlight and heat, you don’t have a problem. Just wrap the container in a clean piece of clothing and put in a stuffed corner. 

Strategy 3: Put in an oven. Ovens generally do have a warm temperature especially if the burner above have been used to cook earlier; Just don’t be forgetful to switch on your oven. 

After 9-12 hours, your yoghurt is set. Add sugar to taste, flavour and food coloring and package for sales or consumption.

Why I love making yoghurt?

One of the reasons I love to make yoghurt is because if i want to make another fresh batch, I don’t have to procure another yoghurmet. All i need to do is separate a batch of yoghurt before adding sugars and flavours and store in a refridgerator and use as my starter.

I hope I have done justice to this post However, if you need clarification, all you need do is reach out to me and I will respond immediately.

Thank you for visiting my blog and oh! Please don’t forget to help share. Love always!





  1. Hi! Thanks for this. Will definitely try it out soonest. Please how long will this stay refrigerated? Can a preservative be added? If yes, what type? Also, do you use a full pack of the starter? Thanks

    1. Hello. Thank you for commenting. Normally, without preservative, it can stay for one week. It can stay longer with preservative.

      I wouldn’t give you a brand but you will find the right food preservative at the supermart.

      The amount of catalyst to use depends on the volume of yoghurt to be made. However, I will advise you use the sachet type at most twice.
      Have a great day.

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