How To Work In a Company And Do Personal Business (Double Income Stream)

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A beautiful day and another day to unfold a mystery. Working in a corporate environment and running your own business can be one of the most arduous things to do.

However, some of us have been able to get the hang of it and in doing that able to generate income from 2 sources.

Cool Right? I know.

OK, so recently I decided to get bulk money and got a job for myself and these are the ways I have been able to successfully merge my job with my culinary works.


Step 1: When searching for a job, Never go for one that doesn’t align with your business in the most minimal way.

This might be in terms of flexibility, Time, Location, Operations etc. For me, working gave me access to free internet I can use after the days work.

Trying to merge two money making occupations that doesn’t align is setting yourself for direct failure. It’s either you elose one or both.

Step 2: Be Realistic.

You cannot eat your cake and have it completely. Surely you know time is your most important asset; So learn to manage your time.

You might have to cut some of your free time since you want double income. You should be ready to sacrifice more time to get more money.

For me, as a chef, I had to stop my daily deliveries and continued with only weekend training, Events and blogging. All these takes place during my free time.

Step 3: Develop A Team And Train Them

The presently reality is you must rely more on others. Gone were the days when you were everywhere and have enough time to supervise everything.

If you try to maintain the same routine, surely you will breakdown. So develop people to take over some of the roles you handle so that even without you being there, business can still be done and customer satisfaction can be achieved.


There is no critical time than this period to develop structure and hierarchy.

Human Management is one of the most deadly factors that KILLS business in the owners absence.

Every member of your team must have a specific role and rank. These roles they perform must be clearly stated.

Also, you should handle effective staffs to take care of critical part of your business;

  • Financial Accountability
  • Sales team running with their target
  • A competent Manager.

When your business starts growing, then, you can employ more people to help run the creative part of your business.

Everything is detailed and well spelt out.



This cannot be over-emphasized. Work to develop your mindset because you will be dealing with all sort of challenges but the good news is: MORE MONEY WILL BE FLOWING IN.

Ways To Develop Yourselves:

  • Read more leadership books
  • Call for meetings with professionals, ask questions
  • Get a mentor that is in your line of business (Successful)
  • If you don’t mind partnership, get a partner to invest in the business. This is so you can be accountable for every action you take.

I would definitely update this article as i learn more and grow in both worlds However, feel free to comment and ask questions. Im always joyful when I see your comments.

Also, don’t forget to help share this article so we can be encourage to write more…. Love from Chef Wale.

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