Latest On Cake Boss Hand Injury (Cause And Recuperation)

It was a shock throughout the food world when it was reported that the Food Network celebrity Buddy Valastro popularly known as Cake Boss had an accident while bowling and spending time with his family which left his hand impaled.

The accident which has now been turned into contents on his show, explains in detail how it happened, the operation and how he is recuperating and the hardship experienced as he tries to resume work in his cake factory.

In Buddy’s words, “I was trying to restart his at-home bowling alley machine’s pinsetter when suddenly my right hand got trapped. While stucked, a metal rod impaled my hand between his middle and ring fingers.

“I thought I was going to faint. I looked at my hand and there was blood everywhere.”

It was a relief that Buddy Jr. and his brother Marco were there with Joey and immediately helped in freeing him. After being freed, Buddy was rushed to a local hospital where he underwent two emergency surgeries. To see more of the latest on the cake boss, view at Food Network Tv


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