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From the start, I never wanted to be just another food blogger who writes about food. I wanted to make a real difference.

This is why I don’t just write about food but create a balance by writing also on food business, making a career from food production, nutrition and health, kitchen appliances brands, safety and management.

So today, I’m going to review 3 kitchen appliances that was purchased brand new and how they are still working after 5years.

This took me to different random homes so I will be able to have a perfect result.

      Why am I doing this?

First and foremost, It will help in making a decision of what brand of  kitchen appliances to purchase and gives you a futuristic view of what to expect and how strong they will be after some years of active work.


The fridge is a 6yr old fridge  which has been on active duty in an average family.

The body remains fairly intact and the freezing ability remains good considering its nearing the end of its warranty (which is usually 10yrs for LG)

Further questioning reveals that they have not changed any of its part or fill its compressor since purchase.

Apart from the handle where some painting seems to be gone and the silver coating going dull, I think the physical appearance is still in good shape.


 Since the owners are very close relatives, I decided to stay a while and observe.

The interior remains clean though some parts are rusty. However, the structure inside have managed to stay strong.

The cooling strength has reduced as it takes longer period of about an hour and a half to have food material frozen unlike 30-45minutes in its younger years.

Overall, I would say I score the LG product 80percent and I would recommend it to an average family as a good product.

Gas Cooker/Oven.

   Thermocool is a Nigerian company and for a country which is very much related to fake products, Thermocool has set the pace for producing quality appliances and this really amazes me.

My refrigerator which is thermocool is 2years plus and it has never dissapoint. However, the focus here is their gas cooker with oven.

(After years of active duty)
(Brand new picture)

The design is cool and I love that the burner is detachable. Also, the body is very resistant to rust. However, I believe it has remain fairly clean because the owner cooks averagely and doesn’t do more of grilling or make effective use of the oven under.

My result on this gas cooker is there are few rust, the design makes cleaning and oil removal easier to tackle and working capacity is still in its maximum capacity.  I give it 85percent and I will recommend this to an average family and a medium size restaurant.


In my perspective, I think microwaves are meant to last forever. 

I’m of this opinion because my dad, being an importer of appliances brought in some microwaves which are well over 5years and astonishingly, they all still work perfectly.

However, my problem with microwaves generally is its complex operating manuals.

The heating compartment in the  microwave will work while some other awesome functions like defrost etc will just refuse to respond to touch and this is why I love Samsung microwave 

(A brand new samsung microwave)

Easy Operation

  The microwave I choose here is very easy to handle and operate. Microwaves are not an everyday MUST use appliances, hence, their ability to stay clean and strong for many years.

All the brands I have investigated are awesome but I will recommend Samsung majorly because of its easy to operate without much use of an operating manual of the OTHER FUNCTIONS.

Also, the physical and even the interior remains pretty in a near perfect state.

I’m going to write about 3 more kitchen appliance and different brands; blenders, mincers and mixers, juice extractors etc but let’s stop here for now.

My summation is Most brands are cool and fairly strong but their ability to stay in a good shape however rough it is used is what separates them.

  I believe Letting you know that brand which will serve you better next time you go shopping so you can choose wisely is priceless information. Caterbakes loves you.

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.