5 Food Habits That May Increase Your Risk Of Having Cancer And Other Disease

Hello cupcakes, I will be writing about some food habits that can increase your risk of having cancer, I highly recommend you read this article.

It is no myth that everybody came to this world blank in knowledge.

The knowledge and wisdom we all display today is as a result of accumulation of intelligence picked from studying and discoveries through research or necessity.

So, I fault nobody if you don’t know that some of your actions are responsible for the typhoid, diarrhea and few of life threthening diseases you suffering or people are suffering;

How do I mean? 

A good example is thyphoid Mary that killed thousands of people because she was working in a cookie company where she gets to handle people’s food while having a resistant strain of  Salmonella typhii (thyphoid).

So let’s get started!

Cross Contamination

 This is defined as the introduction of HARMFUL BACTERIAL from uncooked foods to cooked foods.
This causes food poisoning and can kill especially in the case of cabbage, carrot  which are consumed raw.

Most houses always have one refridgeration system thereby they tend to store Cooked food product with Uncooked food products together.

For example; placing cooked, grilled or fried meat beside raw meat in the same fridge.

It’s bad and there is something called cross Contamination that will happen and can cause you to be very sick.

So stop storing Uncooked poultry or meat with cooked foods or vegetables. It is harmful.

Half Onions

Even though, claims are not 100 percent proven, what is proven is the fact that onions are great absorbent. They attract many negative substance in their sorroundings including bad odour; So using this same remaining onion the next day on anything can really lead to food poisoning.
 However, onions can be actually stored in airtight containers for probably 7days but it is safe to say “when you cut an onion, finish it”. To be safe is better than to be sorry.

Plastics and Nylons

    Yes! There are a lot of publications saying microwaving food inside plastic release dioxin into the food which causes cancer however, Harvard medical school research claims plastic doesn’t contain dioxin; only when plastic is burnt and surely you don’t burn your plastic when microwaving.
 The only harmful thing is the use of scratched, leaking plastic used in cooking or microwaving which can release plasticides into your food.
So solution is, according to Harvard, is to use plastics with microwave icon inscribed on them to microwave which means the plastic have been tested and proven
. My own suggestion is to reduce the rate at which we microwave food because I really don’t care if it’s dioxin or plasticides or whatever, I don’t want any alienic substance in my food except my food!!!!!
Also, stop leaving your bottled water in your car to resume drinking the next day. Very bad health wise.

Molds, Yeasts and fungus

Permit me to go a little bit into microbiology now because we are a very careless generation.
 Either due to poverty or uncare attitude, for example, you are eating anything and you observe some of them have grown yellow, purple, white or black molds; then, you blow it off or rinse it and eat!!!!!! OMG! You just gave your lifespan expiry date.
Let me gist you; there is something called Aspergillus Flavus.(just one out of many).
The fungus is usually seen in groundnut and wheat or cereal products (this is very important now that cooked groundnut and maize is surplus in Nigeria). This fungus is extremely dangerous to health and it kills quickly…
     So whenever you are cooking in the kitchen and any of the food stuffs shows molds (those powdery colourful substance seen in spoilt stuff); DONT MANAGE!!!, DONT RINSE!!! THROW IT AWAY!!!!
It is better to prepare little food and live than prepare large and die.
This last one is very controversial; even me will not agree easily but let’s talk about it!!!!

Scraping of burnt food in pots

Hmm… This is very hard for me to write because as last born and favorite (my brothers should go and argue with my parent), I’m in charge of eating the sweetest part of the pot which is the burnt part under. However, it is not advisable… Okay let me break it down!!
From study, I discovered that it was said that these habits could cause cancer related diseases however on further research, I realised it is more of consuming the burnt food with the aluminium pots.
   Some of our pot have been in existence for years and some have started corroding so while scraping, many tends to scrape along tiny bits of aluminium with the food into their system thereby leading to serious ailment after it has stored up overtime in the body.
So, I will say if you are to continue the habit, at least, do it in a strong undamaged pots and pans.
Okay, so you think you know some other dangerous habits of the kitchen that kills, Let us know today. Please comment and share to save someone today. Thank you!

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.