5 Foods You Must Include While Making A Meal Plan For An Athletes

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In today’s article, I have something special for fit fams and mostly athletes, if you fall under this category or know someone who does, do not miss reading this article.

I have observed many athletes for a while and having a National athlete as a street brother really opened my eyes to their secret diets.

It was then I realised that athletes whether upcoming or known have a diet they follow and observe intakes of some foods because of the nourishments it gives them.

At the same time, they also avoid some foods like plague except maybe they are not in playing season.



 No athlete CAN succeed without exercising along their line of sport. Depending on the form of sport involved with, an athlete can exercise for about an hour upward and without the right amount of carbs, protein. And vitamins for energy, this might be impossible.


All athletes expend a lot of Energy because of competitions they involve themselves in and the struggle to be the best at their chosen sport. This is impossible to achieve under a line of poor diet intake  hence their need to observe a balanced diet that can repair their body very fast in case of injury



Milk is a blend of proteins, vitamins and little carbs. The fact that milk contains calcium for strong bones also make it a must for athlete to take regularly


Another important source of food are the green Vegetables and other types which is the orange vegetable for example carrot.

An athlete without a good eyesight for most sport will end up being a very bad athlete. So its important that foods like carrot, potatoes, green vegetables and liver has high amount of vitamin A.


Creatine exist abundantly in the muscle part of animals like the Liver, heart. Others include red meat, poultry meat, pork and fish.

An athlete needs to eat this daily because creatine have the ability to supply the energy needed in rigorous training and when in action.


The Food whose job is create energy are the carbs. A very important Carbohydrate which is good for an athlete is HONEY. Honey has properties that increase speed and allows an athlete to go the extra. It’s especially good for athletes in endurance sport.


Banana gives you the immediate energy needed. It is researched that just 2 bananas can supply you energy to work for one hour.
Read more about bananas here.


Not only do water melon re-hydrates an athlete more than any other fruit, it consists of some amino acids for example, L- citrulin that reduces the time muscles needs to heal after a hard work out.

It also helps to relieve muscle sensitivity and itchness  experienced after workout by helping to eliminate lactic acid faster in the body.

Foods athletes must stay away from:

Bad carbs like diet sodas and white bread are bad for athletes but grains like oatmeal and grain infused breads are very good.

An athlete needs to consume around 30g – 60g of carbs per day for the glucose levels to be balanced.

It is advisable for athletes to stay away from fatty foods and foods with low quality protein so their kidneys won’t be affected.

It’s also advisable for athletes to stay away from smoking and drinking which might drain their energy.

Although it’s been known that some athlete smokes and drinks and that didn’t stop them from becoming champions in their feeds

However, the count is extremely low to the numbers of sport men that had to enter rehab for drinking and smoking and many that their career as a sportman or athlete was cut short.

Last and most important point;


What are food supplements?

These are products that are extracted from plants, roots, dried fruits and can also be synthesized.

They improve the general health of the body and helps maintain balanced diet.

Out of all works of life, no set of humans needs a balanced diet like sport men and this is because it is Paramount for them to be at top body shape and performance at all times.

I hope you find this article helpful, send me a comment to let me know what you would love me to talk about next time.


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