best brands Of kitchen appliances


It’s Chef Wale and today, we will be taking on a whole different topic; kitchen appliances.

This will include my experience with the best I have seen and handled.

Note Pls; This is based majorly  on my experience and personal research. 



Kitchen appliances are electronic or mechanically operated machines that helps to make kitchen work easier, faster and less stressful.

Examples are Ovens (Gas/Electric), Microwave, Refrigerator, Toasters, Electric kettles and Jugs, Dish washers, Electric mixer,  Electric blender, Coffee makers,  Dough blenders, Waffle makers etc.


These are companies which have made their mark in the world of electronic machines.

There are many amazing companies however, im going to be majoring on 5 major brands.


 This is a brand to look out for when shopping for your kitchen appliances.  It’s family owned and it’s machines are awesome especially their dish washer which might not need any repairs for a very long time.

Although there have been errors recorded on their microwave especially the function buttons

However, most of their products comes with a trouble shooting guide which if studied might be very useful in case of any problem.

LG electronics

 LG has been around as early as I could differentiate between A, B and C and they have managed to retain their stand as one of the best makers of home appliances generally.

One of their best electronics I favour is their refrigerator.  It can stay strong not needing any refill for long period of time
However, because LG doesn’t have enough infrastructural support for their extensive growth,  there are bad reviews all over the internet but I still think they are great brands.
 They also are consistently improving on their technology especially for the refrigeration system for example the incorporation of the inverter linear compressors which overall saves energy and reduce your electric bills and increases it’s durability.

Haier Thermocool

While they might not be the best brand in the world, they have managed to be the best in some of their kitchen appliances they offer like the thermostat blender which is stylish and durable.

A very good reason why thermocool appliances are my favorite is because they are very affordable.

They have studied the market especially the Nigerian market and they offer you nice qualities even if you don’t have much.

My first fridge was a Haier thermocool,  they offered 3years guarantee and trust me, I didn’t have to change anything in the fridge for more than the 3years.

They are just awesome. However,  the only downside is you won’t complain if the product you bought at a very affordable and cheap price starts giving you problem.

This is because the cheap ones are actually not meant for heavy duty works but people being who they are will always pass the boundary and end up destroying the lovely appliance.



 Despite being a Nigerian conglomerate,  I’m actually surprised that they were able to compete with bigger brands in quality and standard.

They also thrive in areas of creativity for example,  my first gas oven with cookers could grill above and below depending on the direction you want the heat to come from.

Their toasters, sandwich makers and coffee makers are on point However, unlike other brands,  their appliances can be a little fragile; so as its always written on every pack, ” handle with care”, with scanfrost,  they really mean it!!


    This brand, the last of today’s post are superb. I love the company because they put much more effort on durability.

The appliances with brand name Samsung might be very expensive but once you buy,  just sit down, relax and enjoy for a very long time.

A little minus which can be easily rectified is that the appliances might not be easy to operate but with time, one gets used to it.

Recently, Samsung launched Wi-Fi enabled microwave and touch Screen fridges. With this new technology,  your appliances can be controlled by you anywhere around the house and this can also save lives.


  So guys,  these are the brands I have researched and have been involved in.

This brands, I can advise you to buy from them anytime you decide to visit the stores.  Let me know if you have additional information, comment or addition.

Thanks so much for trusting me.

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