Food Poisoning: 7 Food Poisoning Edible Things You May Not Know Is Harmful

Hello cupcakes, 

Today I will be speaking on a very delicate subject, food poisoning happens to 60% of people every day and we are responsible for it.

Do you know that it is possible to be poisoning yourself every day and you will probably feel the discomfort or illness is spiritual or you can even be blaming your food vendors?

Meanwhile, you are the source of your food poisoning.

So here are 7 poisonous edible things you might likely eat because you didn’t know it was poisonous.

Mercury poisoning in Fishes

You and I have indeed witnessed in some parts of Africa where sharks, dolphins, and whales are carried by currents and waves to the beaches and the people started butchering instead of pushing them back to Sea.

What they are ignorant about is the level of Mercury in these fishes. Big fishes with longer life span have accumulated Mercury. Another good example is the Tuna fish

How Does Mercury Affect Human

Mercury consumption is very dangerous to the body as it affects the central nervous system and causes moodiness, strange sensations.

It can also affect your kidney and lungs which overall can cause death.

Taking Raw Eggs

I know people that are in the habit of consuming raw eggs while some mix the eggs with malt drinks or beer which they claim improves the blood.

One run a risk of contracting a foodborne illness called salmonella

Although it is very unlikely to consume raw eggs containing salmonella, it is advisable to steam your eggs lightly before consuming them raw or preferably boil, fry, poach or scramble the egg.

Apple Seed/ Seedy Fruits

Cyanide Poisoning

It’s no longer news that seeds in apples contain amygdalin which when digested produces a poisonous substance called hydrogen cyanide.

Although, the content in one apple is nowhere near the killing level, “However, if apple is your best food and you love to chew them seeds? My brother… You are not far from the 6 ft level”.

So it is Paramount you avoid the seeds at all cost. Also, the apple is not the only fruit having cyanide-containing seeds.

It can also be found in cherries, peaches, plum. These seeds are called stone seeds.

Effects of cyanide on the body

A low amount of cyanide in the body can be absorbed by the body and passed out of the body but a significantly higher amount will prevent your body from using oxygen thereby killing the cells.

It affects the respiratory part of the body especially the lungs and other parts involved in breathing and this can ultimately cause death.

Poisonous Mushroom

It’s very rare for you to eat the poisonous mushroom if you purchase it from the supermarket

However, if you are in the habit of picking mushroom around or buying in bulk on the farms, you should always have an expert check it out for you before consumption or else you will meet this nightmare popularly called the Death Angel

I’m not going to tell you about the effects; just know one thing, you eat it, you die if help does not arrive in good time. So be wise!!!


I felt betrayed when I discovered this. Like why in God’s name will the public not be sensitized about the effects of this lovely nice spice.

As a Chef, nutmeg is one of my favorite flavours for many of my baked pastries although in a very minute quantity.

Anyway, it is good to know that the body can treat itself if consumption is minimal However, just 1-2 tablespoons of ground nutmeg over a period of time can cause hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, nausea, and other mental issues.

Nutmeg can be used to induce hallucination so it’s recommended to keep it’s consumption minimal.

Unfermented Cassava and Green potatoes

Whenever you are about to experiment on food that you know nothing about, it is expedient you seek advice from chefs and food experts so you don’t end up poisoning not only yourself but everybody you cook for. Food poisoning is real!

Unfermented Cassava contains cyanide (scroll up to see the effect) which is very dangerous to health.

This is why our parents or workers when preparing Cassava at home or in the local industries always soak the Cassava with catalysts or use other processing methods to ferment and detoxify before it is ground into whatever they want to prepare be it FUFU or GARRI etc.

So also are Green potatoes, normal potatoes are good but when it comes to Green potatoes, there is a need to detoxify by different processes before eating it.

Some Plant Leaves and Stems

Not all plant leaves and roots are vegetables to be consumed. A very poisonous example is the tomato leaves and stem. These are list of some of the popular leaves and stems of plant you shouldn’t cook or eat;

  • Tomato leaves, stem, and roots
  • Rhubard leaves which is very rich in oxalic acid that quickly causes kidney failure
  • Cashew raw seed
  • Poison ivy
  • Castor oil plant

So understand that just because a plant’s fruit is consumable doesn’t mean in most instances that the leaves and roots are harmless.

It can be the other way round in some other plants so seek knowledge or information before consuming things you know nothing about.

I hope you find this article helpful and practice more healthy eating habits.

Oh! Do you have questions? Shoot because Chef Wale would be delighted to answer and your comments and shares are appreciated.








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