7 Strong Ways To Avoid HUNGER As A Student In Higher Institution

Hello guys, I can’t actually believe I’m writing this but really, if this blog is not about helping lives and actually solving problems then, there is no reason for it.

I will include my own experience because I passed through it and I knew a lot of students that pass through this and because of it, became terrible monsters in school while believing they had good excuses for their behaviours.

Although, I was from an averagely well to do family, there still came sometimes where I couldn’t even afford a day’s meal and you wonder how you will read and pass when your stomach is empty.

By the way, you should know that lacking money or not having anything to eat in a far away institution from home is NOT an excuse to perpetrate evil.

Some join cultism, engage in stealing and real robbery, some girls sell their bodies while some became internet fraudsters.

Why do that when there are sure ways to making sure some of your most vital needs are met.

Let’s discuss some:

1.  SAPIOSEXUALITY: I didn’t even know there was a word for this until I saw it somewhere.

Sapiosexuality is when a person discovers he or she is attracted to intelligent people.

I’m sapiosexual; I love intelligent guys and believe me, almost 80 percent of ladies and many guys are too.

Being intelligent in a school is very precious because it can afford you a good life.

However, You can’t stay in one corner and be forming secret genius. You have to let it show.

Once in my 200level, I decided I was going to be taking my course mates tutorial on things they don’t understand anytime class was without lecturers.

I discussed with my class rep and he was like, why not?

For the moment it lasted, I was well attended too. A lot of guys will invite you to help with assignments and even appreciate you with some sums.

Ladies will come around and sometimes bring delicious foods.

Must I complain I’m getting tired or hungry? Say no more… Food will be flying..

The funniest thing was, I wasnt a genius. I just read when others are not reading!

2. JOIN A FAMILY: A good church, mosque or whatever your religion is, Student union or select good friends.

(Be part of a good family). I will never forget when I suffered and was hungry for days.

When I finally let out to my choir coordinator, He scolded me and his exact words were: Why do we say we are one family of God if we can’t confide in each other? (I hated asking then)

Select a leader in the department you join to talk to. Don’t die silently. Your Blood relations are not supposed to be your only family

3. Humble yourself and start a small food business (it is impossible for you to be selling consumable products and be hungry).

There was a time when my business was suffering, sales was low and I was hungry.

It got to a stage, I made one shawarma for myself and I ate or maybe 3 (lol)

My business didn’t die because of that. I lived to fight another day.

4. BE A GIVER: To say the truth, it’s not every time you will be hungry or not have enough, God is always faithful.

Some few times, abundance will come. Save but don’t forget your neighbours.

Be known as a giver so when you need help, you will be helped. You will not be seen as a fraud, a cheat and lose your self respect and integrity.

5.  Find a school daddy, mummy, aunty, uncle or whatever it is called these days.

If the tough cannot go on again, they would find a way. Sometimes a very strong bond is formed and they care excessively for you.

They will point you to a good direction, give you priceless information and make your school life easier if you get a good one

6. Learn a skill or use whatever talent God has given you.

I understand it’s paramount to discover purpose but I will say for survival sake, recognise your talent first.

What am I good at? What do I love to do, what do I do that doesn’t stress me(enjoy doing it); If you can’t get one, create one.

Learn how to play a musical instrument, learn how to make jokes, repair shoes, make food, join a dance group. LEARN SOMETHING!!

7.  Don’t be toxic, harmful, bitter, a saddist or dirty.  Be friendly, always neat, smart, knowledgeable, always smiling, dependable. Always send out a good vibe.

There are many ladies or guys that doesnt know what it means to be hungry.Mummy brings food every weekend. There is more than enough.

Now I’m not saying be nice because of food or become a beggar; that was why I emphasized GIVING.


Being this way goes beyond food however, I don’t want to go beyond the scope of my topic. You attract good people.

I made a lot of lady friends by just saying ” Can I help with that load, i can see you are tired”.. and while helping, they will be willing to be your friend.

They will even be the one to offer you their contact, you will be shocked.

Make a positive impact to people’s life and you will never be forgotten.

Most importantly, After from surviving in school, you would have made the world a better place.


Kk. Since the post has ended. Let me just tell you a little real life story of mine to solidify my point. 

It was a Sunday and I just finished leading powerful praise and worship in my local church. I got home tired and hungry and it was schools dry season. (When nobody has much)
 About 5pm, I got so hungry that I started feeling dizzy, I couldn’t even remember if I ate dinner the previous night.

Kk, so I was like, instead of dying at home, it’s better to die on the road where people can rush you and ask you what you wanted. I started walking a very long distance to my pastors house.

After 5mins of walking like a ghost holding my stomach, I suddenly remembered that one of my church member (school mate) lived around, so the Spirit asked to just branch.

I got there and as I opened the door, they were just serving (him and his girlfriend), a dish of Rice, stocked vegetables and plantain with beef. I controlled myself first so I don’t misbehave.

They were surprised to see me (I don’t visit people)..  Choir coord,  welcome, they said. Where are you going this Sunday evening as I was carrying bag?
 I lied and said “LIBRARY”.. they were astonished and started hailing me ; efico (meaning genius). So they said; Care for some food before you go?

I was like hunnnnnnnn (forming not sure if I wanted it or not but praying they won’t change their mind)

Long story short, they served me big size; I first gave thanks to God for not letting me collapse on the road and delve into it.

Funniest thing was: After the food, with the fan blowing, I didn’t know when I Slept off.. they finally woke me up around past 11 so I can go sleep in my hostel…. Me that didn’t know the time still wanted to be going to my fake Library….

They just made one funny remark about library and we all laughed and I headed back to my hostel.. strong enough to fight another day.
Lolll. Please help share. I LOVE YOU!

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