8 Quick Food Fix You Should Have At Your Finger Tips


This is a special piece because it is directed to people who doesn’t like to be in kitchen or spend any extra second in the kitchen and need to know about different quick fix foods they can prepare.
If you find yourself in this category of people then this article is the solution to your problem.

Their passion is in other hobbies but they do have to eat and unfortunately, it’s not all the time you have an helper, girlfriend or even wife around.

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So for these special people, I have collated dishes you can prepare so fast you won’t need to spend any extra seconds in the kitchen.

1. Fried Chicken, Chips and Plantain

This is one of the easiest dishes anybody can call cook. The only pre-requisite is to have a deep fryer. If you don’t, get a frying pan and groundnut oil for the purpose.


 If you don’t want to go through the process of cutting yam or potatoes, there are already processed and packaged ones you can get. Mix with salt and dump inside deep fryer.

As a man that loves a quick meal, it’s advisable to have frozen chicken laps you can easily season up and fry or frozen fried ones you can put inside the microwave to defrost.

2. PLANTAIN: Not everyone eat fried plantain however, it can serve as a side dish and main dish.

Make sure you purchase a ripe plantain so you won’t have to bother salting it again. Dice and fry and your dish is completed to be eaten alone with stew and protein


This ranges from cornflakes to different brands of corn and wheat products for example cornflakes, golden morn etc with milk.


 While in see part of the world, soups are considered as dips for different foods, it is considered as main dishes in some other parts.
Also, not all are easy to prepare but some are very quick to prepare. Try preparing a quick one or order online.


This is one of the easiest food to prepare. Break, stir, add your salt and pepper and fry in little oil and your fried eggs are ready for any food you want to pair it with either bread, yam or rice etc

If you would love make a simple scrambled eggs, click here and you will see a very short recipe of how you can prepare it under 3 minutes


Hey! This is super easy; when coming from the office, Get different fruits for example; pineapple, water melon and apple already cut. (Or you can do it yourself) add one banana or youghurt and blend all. (Remove the seeds).

You can get more recipe on how to prepare Chapman and pinacolada on this blog too.

Pour in a cup and chill with your purchased chips, Burger or pizza


Nobody says no to this and it’s very easy to prepare. If you don’t want to buy the already prepared pancake mixture you will only mix with water.

Mix flour with water, milk, sugar and add one  whisked egg.

Mix all together.

Get your nonstick frying pan on low heat, put a little oil and pour out your mix. That all.. Wait for it to firm under and flip over.

You can also use a waffle machine or pancake making machine.  Just mix all ingredients and  pour I side the machine and it’s done.

Serve with syrups, honey, chocolate or ice cream


This also is not a big deal: Boil your water but before hand, you dissolve your Custard.

Pour in your boiling water and stop when it thickens up. Serve with milk and sugar.

As you can see, life is not supposed to be hard with a right quick fix breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooking is not hard!

Send me a comment to know if this article was helpful to you and also let me know if you have any questions.

Lots of love from Chef Wale.

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.