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That said,  today’s topic is very hard for me to discuss and I have had time to ruminate on it because it’s a topic that is related to my business personally. However, I owe you truth on what I know and have gathered so far about it.

Sausages which can also be referred to as hotdogs originated according to history in Germany and traditional, it is either grilled or steamed shaped minced meat.

There are different types of sausages namely

  •  Chicken Franks(made from chicken, chicken fats)
  •  Beef hotdogs
  •  Pork hotdog

Most hotdogs are prepared commercially by blending and mixing meat with different ingredients and salt. These can be an array of different ingredients especially recently that hotdogs are now popular in most parts of the world.

 Major ingredients include meats, spices, binders, and additives which will be blended in a machine called VATS.

This machine consists of different shapes and sizes of blades which will highly blend the meat including the tough tendons.

After blending, the blended material is then forced through natural casing tubes and sealed.

 I said natural because it’s casing is usually made from collagen or sheep small intestine. 

After this process,  it is lined up and steamed,grilled or through any other preferred process.


 As a chef who uses sausages frequently,  I have been faced with different questions and statements concerning it. However, after studies, I realized though caution needs to be applied in some areas as most of the accusations concerning sausages are not well based on research and truth rather hearsays.

Some Cautions to take before buying Hotdogs

Sausages making companies are carefully inspected by different national health agencies depending on the country. So I will advise that when buying sausages, buy from trusted brands and not some company’s language and writings you don’t understand

 Secondly, though it is reported that hotdogs have high salt content and saturated fats, it is also a source of protein and research has revealed manufacturers now use marinades to lower the amount of salts.

Another myth is different videos online showing some weird manufacturing process of hotdogs. For this,  I would say that although the authenticity of the video cannot be ascertained,  it’s good for you to ask your vendor the brand of sausages he is selling.

When buying for personal consumption, make sure you read the description on its body and know the source because most hotdogs pass through strict regulatory processes in good companies.

Also, from the body of the sachet,  you will know whether the meat is beef, chicken,  pork or varieties of meats or the liver etc.

Lastly,  I will say generally as a caution that excessive consumption of anything especially junks is not healthy. So learn to mix healthy foods with it so you can have a balanced diet.

Sausages are sweet and goes with different types of dishes like hotdogs,  shawarma, wraps, coleslaw etc and it’s just quite hard to say no to the yummy meaty taste.

As I always say, Chef Wale loves you.


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