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Foundation Of Pastry Making

Hello friends, first of all, I really want to appreciate you for reading and adding to your knowledge. I wish you get better in the culinary art or in any of your endeavours.

I’m writing on this series because this is the starting point whenever I’m to take students on pastry making.

I will be listing out compulsory ingredients in all pastries and how they affect and improve the pastries.

WHEAT FLOUR:  A lot of the cereal family can be made into a flour for example we have cornflour, wheat flour, rice flour etc.
Even though, corn flour has its own place in the pastry world, what is being made use of in almost every pastry known to man is the wheat flour.
Flour constitute the main block of the pastry and it forms the structure and texture of the pastry. Gives it shape and flexibility.

MAGARINE: Notice I didn’t say butter; That’s because many other ingredients have been added to the butter that makes it unsuitable for baking.

Margarine also affect the texture of the pastry, the first time I forgot to put margarine in my donuts, it became turgid with no crunchiness in it.

The reason the recipe of Meat pie dough is most times; margarine being half the amount of whatever the flour, is majorly because the Meat pie must be succulent and crunchy.

Another importance of the butter is the minerals it adds to the body however, the scope of the write up doesn’t permit me to go deeper.

Raising agents: There are two most popular raising agents and when I say raising agents, I meant the ingredient that makes your snacks riseFor example, doughnuts, puffs, pizza, bread etc

The two most popular are yeast and baking powder and I have noticed through experience that yeast is used for soft and succulent snacks while baking powder is used for hard and crunchy snacks.

The differences can be seen more in the pastries they are used for. Example of pastries yeast is used for are bread, puff puffs while the ones for baking powder are cookies, Meat pie,sausages,cakes etc

Let me categorize the rest into accessories; sugar, flavor, preservatives, food colorants. You can rightly guess their work by their name.

FLAVOUR: There are different types of flavor and there are two forms:

* Dry form

* Liquid form


  • Both comes in different flavors like vanilla, strawberry, orange, buttermilk etc. They are used either Independently or mixed based on pastries made. Flavour helps to give your pastry good smell and aroma.

Lastly, lets talk about Food colorants. Food colorants as their name implies helps in giving nice shades to your pastries. It is especially used in decoration of pastries like Cakes, Donuts etc.

In baking class 2, We will deal with the various preparation of different pastries and the application of all the components we have talked about.

I’m sure by now you understand the functions of the different materials used in making pastries.

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