How To Make Nigerian Traditional Beef Stew To Enjoy With Your White Rice

Hello friends and happy weekend. Weekends are times of resting when you can get to indulge yourself and practise any of your hidden hobby or passion.

I wrote about fried pepper stew recently and I felt I should include the mother of it all. This can be found in almost every Nigerian home and it’s versatility makes it a must have in every homes. It goes with everything main meal (entree) from rice to potatoes to starches.


This beef and turkey stew is the first major “sauce” I learnt to prepare about 15-16 years ago. So I can consider myself an authority on the matter. It has a characteristic red colour because all the vegetables used in preparing has red colouration except for probably onions.

So as not to waste any more time, let’s prepare some stew..😄


* Red tomatoes

* Habanero pepper

* Red bell pepper

* Onions

* Ginger

* Garlic

* Beef

* Turkey (fresh or frozen)

* Seasonings

* Curry and Thyme

* Turkey and beef stock

* Salt

* Groundnut oil

Preparation Method

* The first thing I do is to wash my Turkey and Meat together in a pot. (You should not separate them from beginning to end) and set them in a pot.

* On a chopping board, I diced my ginger and little garlic, onions and pour inside. I also add thyme, curry and seasoning cubes to taste.

* I add about 500ml of water to it before boiling because I need the chicken stock for the stew.

* Boil for about 45minutes. You might take a piece of chicken out to test whether it’s done (the interesting part)

* While the boiling is going on, you wash your peppers (tomatoes, tatashe (red bell peppers), habanero pepper and onions) and blend smoothly. You can ask for it to be done for you at the market. They will gladly oblige.

(Blended in the market)

* Get a clean pot and pour the blended pepper inside and per boil on high heat for 30-45minutes. You will notice a reduction in the volume of the pepper when it’s done. (Don’t be fooled, it only got concentrated)

* Once your meat are done, strain the turkey and beef stock away and fry the meat to your taste.

(Frying both Boiled Beef and Turkey)
(Fried beef and turkey)
Like my First Head Chef (My Momma) would do, she will pour the oil used in frying the meat into the per boiled pepper, then the meat and the turkey-beef stock to reduce the concentration and increase the volume.

* After this, season the stew again to taste and add salt.

* Cover for another 10minutes and your Beef-Turkey stew is ready.

Serve with your white rice and enjoy with your loved ones.


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