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OK! This is not a boring blog that will be defining spices for you and making you sleep.

I’m going to be showing the different types of spices we have and the ones you can easily get hold of, the benefit of making use of them, health benefit etc. You should also know there are differences between herbs and spices.


While spices are gotten from roots, backs and fruits of trees, herbs are gotten from leaves and stems and are usually used for garnishing

Spices are used generally to preserve, as colourant, flavour and to prepare healthy foods..



Garlic is the most potent antibiotic in the world and its nutritional benefit are numerous. It lowers blood pressure, it prevents cancer of skin colon and stomach, good for diabetes and its an immune booster (removes heavy metals from the body).

However, garlic is a blood thinner so be careful of too much intake so it doesn’t over thin your blood and make blood clotting hard during injury.


I love ginger so much because it adds great flavour and taste to stuffs like meat, veggies even your cocktails. I even got to know recently it is ginger that gives that great party stew taste in Nigerian cuisines.

Let me give you some health Benefit before going on;

  • Ginger is good for people that suffer motion sickness
  • It improves indigestion and it is an anti-oxidant.
  • I know garlic blended and added with honey relieves menstrual pain
  • Prevents post-op. nausea.

I will take one more, then I will post a second part where I’m going to be writing about the non-too common spices for examples are cumin, coriander, Oregon, turmeric.


Health Benefits

According to expert, it is said that the white onions are better because they have strong anti-microbial properties. Also, you have heard that “an onion a day keeps old age away”; So, instead of botox injections in places that hurt so to keep on looking young, just chew onion or mix with your food.
Let me add a little gossip: if you get burnt in the kitchen, Get an onion, macerate it, add a pinch of salt and add to the burn, IT WILL NEVER FORM BLISTERS.
 Do you know that if you get stung by a scorpion, relax! Just cut and chew one bulb of onions, it will inactivate the pain and the venom. That is enough for today.
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