The Best Method To Make A Perfect Sandwich For Breakfast

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The only room that is inexhaustible is the room for improvement. No recipe or way of doing something is monumental.

You all know the normal way you make your sandwiches but you should know your method might be outdated.

So sit back, relax and learn the most recent improvement made to your sandwich recipe.

It’s simple, accommodates more ingredients, combinations and infusion is just crazy and super delicious.


Calories  361
 Fat  16.7g
 Sodium  1320mg
 Carbohydrates  32.5g
 Fiber  2.3g
 Sugars  5.1g
 Protein  19.3g

Without much Ado, let’s enter the recipe.


* 2 chunky slices of Bread/ 4pieces of slice bread

* 2 Big size eggs

* Green pepper

* Red pepper / ground pepper

* Corn Beef (optional)

* Onions

* Sweet corn (optional)

* Salt and seasoning (for taste)

* Slice of cheese (optional)

The options to add is limitless.


1. Break the eggs into a bowl and mix with your pepper, salt, onions and seasoning. Mix thoroughly.

2. Pour little oil on the non-stick frying pan above a medium heat and pour your egg mixture in.

3. While all this are going on (the egg mixture is frying), get your slice bread ready.

If you purchased ready made sliced bread (thin slices), compress and combine two thin slices together to make 1 so you could make 2 bulky bread made up of 4 slices (up and down)

If you got an unsliced loaf of bread, excellent! Just cut two chunky slice to use.

4. Place the two pieces of bread side by side on the frying egg

5. Sprinkle your green and any colourful veges you would love to decorate the bread surface with (Once you flip bread and frying egg over, They will stick on the back of the bread and make it look beautiful.

5i. Press down the bread with your flat edge spoon to make the garnish stick.

6. Once the egg is set and dried enough to be carried, flip over with a flat edge spoon. (This is where special care must be taken and where you have to show your chef skill so you do not pour all away)

7. Do not hesitate. Just put your flat spoon under and flip once. Now the bread will be under receiving the heat and the fried lower side of the egg will be up. See picture at the bottom

8. Remember that the bread is side by side and directly on the pan. Before you fold the hands of the fried eggs in, you put your corn beef, chicken, slice of cheese inside (you can get creative here)

Lastly, using the flat spoon, fold the hands of the eggs inside and put the flat edge spoon under one of the bread and lift to cover the second the bread slice sealing the cornbread etc within the 2 slices.

Compress and trim excesses at the bread sides and take off.

Breakfast super bulky, slushy sandwich is ready to be served!

You know I care so much about you. So for my sake, Please keep safe and stay at home. I’m expecting your comment.



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