Best Method Of Adding Salt To Your Meal To Avoid Oversalting Your Food

Hello lovelies,

Salting food to bring out the best taste is where you really need to pray if you are in the following situations.

  • The first is cooking for the first time, your fiance during courtship
  • Cooking for his family
  • Cooking for a get together.

In general, you need to be able to avoid oversalting at all cost, you might experiment with too much pepper because some tribes and individuals prefer it but nobody loves an oversalted food.

How to prevent oversalting food

1. You must first understand that salt can be applied to food anytime during cooking that is beginning, middle and end; so do not be in a haste.

2. Except you are a PRO, do not ever try to imitate your mum that does not taste food while preparing the food. She has had many years of experience of cooking for the family and practice makes perfect

3. You should understand some seasonings have high amount of salt already and you just have to reduce the amount of salt after applying the seasonings

4. Learn to use sprinklers so you can control the amount of salt you put inside food.

My way of adding salt which never fails

Armed with the above knowledge, I understand that the first thing to add to any food is the seasonings and spices.

Salt itself does not have any flavour. It is a taste enhancer. Salt will improve the intensity of the whole food (everything put together)

  • Add seasonings and spices and taste.
  • Tasting will reveal to me the amount of salt needed to lift the food taste to the recommended level
  • Remember, salt has no taste or flavour of its own; it’s a catalyst.
  • So apply little salt, taste (if you are not sure, do not be afraid or ashamed of calling someone to taste for you. Even my food god(My mother) still calls me for tasting
  • Lastly, it is better to undersalt than to oversalt; so apply caution.

Then, also recognize that oversalting might happen if the cook is pregnant and has loss of taste or you just finished brushing the teeth or can be genetic for others.

I hope you read this and become better cook for your family or as a caterer.

Chef Wale loves you and do not forget to comment or ask questions.




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