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In here is a list of different business tips and experiences we have accumulated over 10 years as a company. it also includes solutions and answers to different business challenges.

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Essential Table Manners And Etiquette You Need To Know now


Part of the traits of being an higher animal involves structure. Structure in going about our daily activities from the simplest one to the hardest task.

One of these structured ways is the right way to behave when dining with people.

You might think you don’t need to learn about this until it comes to hunt you.

Imagine a situation where Your boss which is an European or probably one from the middle east invite you for dinner.

You will need to not only know how to dine properly but also how to appreciate your host after the meal.

For example, in some part of the middle east, you have to burp after food to show your host you really enjoyed the food while this is regarded as bad table manners in some other parts of the world.

Moreover, If you are invited for Fine dining, How do you set your cutleries to pass a message to the Chef without talking.

These are some of the things you will learn today. Okay, Lets start.


Table Manners And Dining Etiquette


EATING WITH A CLOSED MOUTH: This is approved by all standards. Only uncivilized people eat noisily with an open mouth. When eating, your lips should be closed while your mouth is chewing with less noise.

Eating with your lips shut will prevent people seeing the chewed food in your mouth and food spilling out which can be very disgusting to your host or the people you are dining with.


Strategic Fork And Knife Placement

If invited to a fine dining, your cutlery positioning can communicate to your chef whether you are done eating, you want more, you love the food, you are displeased etc. Below is an image that shows this;

Wine Etiquette

One of the first thing you should when offered a bottle of wine is to find out if your wine is alcoholic or non-alcoholic. You should also check the percentage to know how much you will take.

Drinking the wine

Don’t gulp your wine so you could take in all the goodness and flavour of the wine. Hold the stemmed wine glass just below the base, twirl gently the wine glass, savour the smell and drink slowly.

You can gulp your juice however you want but wines are supposed to be enjoyed. If you have to first drink water so you could enjoy your wine, please do so.

How Do You Eat Your Meat?

When in the comfort of your home, you are afforded the luxury of destroying the flesh, bones, marrow and fluid. However, when you are in public or invited as a special guest, there is a way it is done.

By the way, you are within your right to ask for a take home pack for your protein but if you would eat it outside, there are ways to it.You can cut and eat with cutleries and these are in 2 ways:

The American fork flipping and the European style.

The American fork flipping is almost the same as European in that the knife are both placed in the right hand while the fork on the left hand.

Difference is after the meat is cut, the Americans drops the knife and flip the fork to the right hand to pick and eat while the European uses the left to finish the business without switching.

However, if it’s a funfair and BBQ is served. It’s safe to use your hands and clean up after yourself.

Except the bones are soft to eat and swallow, don’t attempt to start breaking bones and chewing.


Some general bad table manners;

  • Don’t talk with mouth full of food. It can be very irritating
  • Reaching out to get food over another person’s food is not only a bad table manner but also dirty. You could introduce body and clothing particles and micro-organism. Ask for it to be passed to you.
  • Don’t be the one to start the eating. You don’t want to be termed a glutton. Let the host start. Be watchful.
  • Sit properly. You can make people uncomfortable and I won’t specify a chair because not every race uses chairs to dine.
  •  Some will say talking while eating is bad. I partially disagree with that However, my opinion is the subject of discussion. Be wise to choose a merry subject that won’t make people lose their appetite.

Lastly, always remember to make more researches like you doing now. Who knows, your eating habit might be your winning tool.

Like I always say, don’t forget to help share and comment. Let me know your thoughts concerning this write-up. I will be delighted to hear from you.







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The £2500 Zepter Set of Pots I Just Tested (Why You Must Get Yours)

I know you might be asking yourself. “|Why should I buy such an expensive pot?”

Is it true it can cook food without water? Can it fry meat without oil?

I will be sharing with you the awesome benefits of the Zepter11 361L metal layers bottom sets of pots which is in high demand all over the world.

History On Zepter International


Zepter international started in the 1980s by Philip Zepter.

Zepter international is involved in the production, selling and distribution of consumer goods.

It has manufacturing companies in Germany, Switzerland and Italy with headquarter at Switzerland.

Examples Of Goods Produced By Zepter International

Philip Zepter has a zeal towards healthy living, exotic styles and taste thereby creating amazing healthy equipments and goods.

Some may say his products are too expensive However, it can keep you alive and well for a long time. Also, the products are of the best quality in style, designs and make up.

Listed under are some of the Zepter products:

* Zepter Porcelain

* Zepter Therapy Air

* Zepter Healthy Cooking Utensils

* Zepter Induction radio

* Zepter Cosmetics

* Zepter Sound System

The list of their products are endless However, I will be discussing about the 2500€ 30pcs Zepter set of pots which I recently got a hold of.

Benefit Of Using Zepter Healthy Pots (Cookwares)

Food is something you must consume frequently and continuously or else the body begins to die.

This also means that priority should be placed on what one ingest into the body and how it is being prepared.

Physical Attribute

  • It is indestructible, totally resistant to corrosion and doesn’t change colour
  • It doesn’t retain food odours and it is non-porous
  • It transfer heat evenly throughout the pot and increase cooking time

 Special Features

  • It has Temperature sensors on the cover which measures the temperature of the cooking food.

This ensures the food doesn’t burn and nutrients in the food is not depleted.

  • It is environmentally friendly and resistant to chemical effect
  • It is neutral and doesn’t cause any allergy
  • Zepter cooking ware has been infused with a technology that enables you to cook without water and fry without fat.


Can food be cooked without water? Definitely not! However, It is discovered that most of the food we cooked already are made of over 40% natural water and there might not be need to add water again.

Its special construction allows food to cook in its natural steam.

To cook with the pot, fill the pot with the food materials that has been washed, turn on the heat and wait till the pot temperature reaches the green spot.

Lower the heat to retain the temperature on that level.

The water in the food joined with the drops from the water you used in rinsing will rise as steam and condense on top to cook.

Do not lift the lid so the steam does not escape until you are sure the food is cooked.

This will ensure that the food’s nutritive, biological values and organoleptic properties are reserved.

This exclude the dried foods like rice, flour cereals etc.

Process of frying without oil/fat

It is generally known that most proteins have natural fat. So it is advised to fry without fat.

The pot is heated till it enters the green level of the temperature sensor on top. Then, the heat is reduced to a minimal level.

Another way to know if the frying pan is at the right temperature is sprinkle water on it. If it bounces off, its at the right temperature.

Lay the meat on it and press down with a fork. Allow to stay for about 1-2 minutes before flipping over.

Repeat this process until your protein is fully cooked.

Zepter Cookwares’ 11 Layers Capsulated Bottom

Zepter has 11 layers capsulated bottom which helps to retain heat for a long period of time.

You should endeavour to put off the heat some minutes before your food is done.

This is because the patented accuthermal bottom layers continues cooking the food even after the heat source is turned off and retains the hotness of the food for hours.

This is the cookware for individuals who love to eat hot foods long after it is prepared.

No need to rewarm. It is also very essential for chefs and caterers who needs to keep their food warm or hot.

The 11 layers are made up of;

  1. Aluminium Alloy
  2. Carbon
  3. Pure Aluminium
  4. Aluminium Alloy
  5. Carbon
  6. Pure Aluminium
  7. Aluminium Alloy
  8. Carbon
  9. Pure Aluminium
  10. Aluminium Alloy
  11. Stainless Steel
  12. Turbo Induction

Multiple Cooking Ability

The cookware is stackable which means you can cook 2-4 meals at the same time.

The cookware comes with a steamer pot and 2 bakelite mats which enables heat to pass through one pot to another.

The body is also built to absorb heat and transfer until heat can be well distributed throughout the whole pots.

You can read extensively about Zepter  international on their website about their other amazing products.

However, you can direct your questions to me and your comment will be appreciated.

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Enjoy your weekend.








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How To Set Up A Low Cost Standard Shawarma Spot

Kindly Note that I and my team can offer this service for a small consultation fee. You are only required to get the location.

The A-Z Of Setting Up Your Shawarma Spot

Shawarma business is a very profitable business with a 55% profit margin. I was fully into shawarma business for 5years before going continental so I know my onions.

I started my shawarma business from scratch and I have also helped in setting up several shawarma spots of different sizes and budget.

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Location: I wanted to skip this point because It is expedient for you to have your location.

However, in my experience as a Chef and Entrepreneur, I got to realize; once you miss it in getting a good location for your shawarma spot, Your business already is “60percent failure”.

Nothing is more important than securing a spot that has great inflow and outflow of people (footfalls).

It might be a popular lounge, market square, bus-stops, Higher Institutions etc.

Anything less than these places will require you having a lot of luck, favour and a secret recipe that customers will lose their home training for. Lol


Since it’s a spot, I will not advise for elaborate structure. Most times, I have seen several spots with only a mini-canopy while many only uses two metal table support; one, for the Shawarma grill while the other for the presser.

What is majorly important is for your environment to be clean and if you are by the road side, it should be tarred because of dust and sand particles affecting your displayed meat


I have written extensively on the materials needed and how to prepare a very delicious and tasty shawarma. 

So there is no need repeating myself here again. However, these are the equipments needed and prices.

Shawarma Grill/Local Grill

This post is about starting a shawarma spot for all (Rich or not).

So If you are financially buoyant, I will advise you get the rotating shawarma grill However if you can’t afford it, go for the fabricated flat grill.

Price: 220,000NGR upward


If you are a skilled shawarma maker, you will understand that there is need for you to seal the ends of the wraps.

There are two types; The locally made ones and the industrial made which can be gotten from Jumia and any other online shops.

Hence need a flat surface sealing Machine. There are other short cut to this machine However, it is needed for you to get one so as to have a standard outlook.

Locally Made: 60,000NGR, Industrial Made: See Jumia


Other Equipments

* Plastic containers

* A chopping board (For your vegetables)

* Set of knives

* Meat Pickers

* Scraper Tool

* Hand Brush



If you decide to open a Suya spot, pastry shop or even main course/entree, I might not linger on this point.

However, there is something about shawarma business and branding that can’t be unraveled. No matter the size of your spot, you must be ready to brand yourself and your product.


  • Branded Outfit: You should have 2 or 3 shirts or uniforms displaying your company name and product
  • Branded Pack: Either nylon or Paper, endeavor to brand it
  • Business Cards: Have your nice business card you can staple on every sale so they could easily call for order or your location if they forgot.

See also: How to start a low cost Sachet water Industry


It’s a known formula; the more you sell, the bigger your profit. So, always create a delivery channel for your clients who can’t leave their house or companies due to various reasons.

You will be surprised how many sales you will make and your output and profit will definitely triple.

Wishing you best of luck in your endeavors and don’t forget to sign up for our mail so you won’t miss any of my posts.

Also, Sharing our post is very important to us and we appreciate you so much.


Pic Credit: @crave_shawarma




For any Questions, comment and consultation, You can reach the Chef here:








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Day I Nearly Died Making 800 Jam Donuts (Business lessons)


IT was a beautiful weekly service and  after service, the student Church fellowship Leaders gathered together for a meeting.

They were organizing a church programme for the students in school.

So I was contracted for 800 Jam donuts by winner’s chapel campus fellowship.

I was so excited because it was my first ever big job… The highest I had done before then was 80.

First mistake was I under-billed them… I casually used my head and gave them a very cheap price.

Lesson 1. For whatever business you start, Create a planned revised price list which is reviewed monthly. This is because of factors like changes in market price,

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Government instability, Rise or Fall of Currencies (fx) etc

They actually wanted to give me sometime to come up with a price but I was too excited to think.

It was needed on Sunday evening by 4:00pm.


So I started Saturday morning. My second mistake: I gathered together 5 people that had no experience with baking thinking they were going to do a good job.Only one lady was a good Baker.

Lesson 2: If you are given a job that is too big for you in terms of infrastructure and experience, Don’t try to do it all on your own. Try OUTSOURCING to a trusted company and DO ONLY WHAT YOU CAN!

If you are going to INVITE people to help, invite people that are experienced in the art. They will surely get the job done.

I forgot to eat because of the excitement of the work and gathered them together.

We started 12:00pm. From 12pm till 9:30pm… We were only able to do 185 jam donuts. That’s where I knew trouble has started…

By then, they were all grumbling they wanted to go. I released them and then realised I hadn’t eaten the whole day.

So I took a drink and little bread (I couldn’t finish half of the meal because I was tired and worried.

Getting to bring my equipments and the donuts home was another trouble which i would rather not go into. I hadn’t thought of LOGISTIC.

So I  later got to my hostel worn out and continued working till 5:00am… I had made 380 donuts… I had changed to ring donuts so it could be faster. ( The Jam was taking forever)

I slept around 5:20am so I could wake up and continue.


Suddenly my eyes opened around some minutes past 7 in the morning. I wanted to continue working, then I realised, I couldn’t move any part of my body (Alas! I was paralyzed from head to toe)

Fear gripped me and I started panicking. Immediately, my unfulfilled life flashed before me and how I had boasted to anybody that cared to listen that I was going to be a billionaire Chef.

I tested my tongue and I realised I could still speak but weakly. Also, I was getting weaker and weaker; It was a battle to even keep my eyes open.

so I used my last strength to call out to my room mate sleeping beside me. Surprisingly, probably because of the course I was studying, I knew I was dehydrated.

He got up and I said salt, sugar and water; I can’t move!!

He was like: I have told you young man to stop all these self made rubbish ehn; at least, daddy sends money every month. What’s your stress man?!

I was able to stand some minutes after taking the water, sugar and salt but I was too weak to walk… So I was supported by my roomie to go and tell them that I’m not doing again.

Long story short, I lied that I did 450… They shouted and all… but I didn’t mind… I wasn’t doing again.


So I got a cab to get it down for me and immediately I got there, they were like I should wait for them to count it so they could be sure it was the 450 I did when I knew I did 380.

I told them I was going to pay the cab man…. Immediately I got to the cab, I jumped inside and told the driver to run as fast as possible…. (I cannot come and die).

I wasn’t paid my balance but I didn’t care. I was joyful that i didn’t lose my life doing donuts nobody sent me. However, I learnt my lessons afterwards and I grew business wise.

I restructured the business, went for business classes and became a better Chef and Entrepreneur. I hope you were able to pick something out of my real life food experience

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How To Start A Low Cost Pure Water (sachet) Business (Step by step Approach from start to finish)

It’s a fact that many researchers have written on this However, I feel they failed to understand the financial situation of the country.

The question is: Must I have up to 8-10million and above before I can start a pure water factory? I don’t think so.

So I’m not only going to be writing about how to start a sachet water business but how to cut cost to the fullest.

The Sachet Water Business

Pure water business in Nigeria is a very lucrative business however, many has tried and failed because they did not have a detailed plan or they didn’t seek enough advice from those already in it.

For every business including the pure water packaging business, there is need for extensive research and this write up may or may not contain every little details.

This is because of various factors like, government enacting new laws concerning production, locational challenges and all sort of uncontrollable challenges which you will surely overcome if you are determined.

Detailed Planning and Research

You are definitely going to be reading this post and several others and juxtaposing them.

Also,you are going to make a lot of research concerning where you can get your equipments and machines which I’m going to be listing for you.

Once you are aware of every equipments and machines you will need, your second research will be to find out all the documents you will need and how to get them.

Then, you have to calculate to the last drop how much you will need to make it happen.

See also: How to start a low cost bakery for bread making

How to get finance and how to cut cost.

Hunt for the best deals

  • If you are not really financially bouyant and you dream of having a sachet water industry. You have to give it time and make it a 5 year project.

During this 5 years, you are always on the lookout for the best deals, opportunities, discount sales, black Fridays etc for all the equipments you need to procure.

  • You can also decide to buy or rent an already existing factory and negotiate effectively and truthfully using your business plan with the owner.
  • Another thing you can do is to get Angels Capital from wealthy financiers but to do this, you must have a very juicy practical business plan


  • This business plan must detail how your beneficiary will benefit and how you intend to grow the business. If he is impressed, he might decide to help you with Angel’s Capital

Equipments and Machines Needed To Start

Water Purification System


This is the series of process done to make the available water source free from chemicals, sediments, microbes and any gaseous impurities.

We have different types of water purification systems but most popular are:

  • Ultra violet Bulb
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Membrane filteration

This you have to study to know which one will be best suitable for your company.

However, most companies uses ultra violet Bulb because it’s cheaper and easier to install.

Sealing Machine

This is the machine that helps to seal your distilled water and it’s price ranges between #250,000 to millions depending on the size of your factory.

Bore Hole System

Over head tanks

20KVA Generator (This is Nigeria)


This is for the conveyance of your products from the company to the retailers… Sometimes, they sell to the consumers directly in bulk.

Structures And Documents Needed For a Pure Water Packaging Company


If you are not buying over or renting an already made plant, you will need to procure a Land where you will build a bungalow for your production.

At the same time, You can rent one for your business.


I have written extensively on how to register with NAFDAC and other agencies like SON.


Company Workers

Since automated machines are extremely expensive, you are going to need workers that will work for you from the production manager to the delivery boys and you must include their payment in your business plan.

Other things needed;

  • Printed nylon sachets
  • Cleaning equipments
  • Overall company wears
  • Disposable gloves and headnets
  • Water treatments pack
  • Disinfectants
  • First aid box
  • Customer service section

There are still some other things needed to be done which are normal surmountable challenges but knowing these will kickstart you in the right direction.

I will surely be happy to hear from you. Your comments and questions will be promptly attended to.

Please don’t forget to share this with you post if you have benefited from it.









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How To Get Your Food Products Registered With NAFDAC

We have been taking on food recipes and health for a while now and I feel it’s time to infuse some food business.

Food business is very important because it is the one that brings about money which is important for life.


 In the last decade, there has risen in Nigeria, a new wave of enterpreneurs in all fields, the standard of productions have been raised even up to world standard and the food world is not an exception.

Different creative foods and drinks have been developed and packaged which are taking over from the imported ones that has been dominating the market for many years.

However, no matter how big your ideas, food formula is, it cannot be accepted to be sold in Nigeria except it is registered under the Nigerian food and drugs agency.


The National Agency For Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) are the regulatory body that controls the influx and efflux of food and drugs in Nigeria.

They also validate the authenticity and quality of your products either food, drinks or drugs before it can be sold publicly.



Visit the NAFDAC office in your state or the one closest to you and register. Your factory is going to get a visit from the officials.

* They are going to check your Water purification plant if you are into drinks

* They are going to check your production line

* They are going to check your workers room

* They are going to check the general neatness of the place and the equipments you possess and other things they deem fit to check

After this, if they are satisfied, you will be required to submit three samples of your products for analysis and then given a certificate of recognition as a manufacturer.

2. You have to purchase a form and fill accordingly. After filling the form, you will now write an application letter to NAFDAC stating your intention to register your product.

The application must be addressed to the Director; Registration and Regulatory Affairs.

3. After both have been done. You will attach both the Registration form and the application letter together and submit.

It could takes weeks or few months but if the forms were properly filled with no mistakes, your registration would be successful.


1. Your certificate of inspection and Recognition after your factory was checked

2. Your certificate of incorporation by the corporate affairs commission

3. The application letter coupled with the Registration form you forwarded to the Director.

4. Certificate of sample collections with the date and signature of the analyst

5. Trade mark issuance certificate for your brand by the ministry of commerce.

Wishing you good luck as you proceed into registering your food or drink products.