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The £2500 Zepter Set of Pots I Just Tested (Why You Must Get Yours)

I know you might be asking yourself. “|Why should I buy such an expensive pot?”

Is it true it can cook food without water? Can it fry meat without oil?

I will be sharing with you the awesome benefits of the Zepter11 361L metal layers bottom sets of pots which is in high demand all over the world.

History On Zepter International


Zepter international started in the 1980s by Philip Zepter.

Zepter international is involved in the production, selling and distribution of consumer goods.

It has manufacturing companies in Germany, Switzerland and Italy with headquarter at Switzerland.

Examples Of Goods Produced By Zepter International

Philip Zepter has a zeal towards healthy living, exotic styles and taste thereby creating amazing healthy equipments and goods.

Some may say his products are too expensive However, it can keep you alive and well for a long time. Also, the products are of the best quality in style, designs and make up.

Listed under are some of the Zepter products:

* Zepter Porcelain

* Zepter Therapy Air

* Zepter Healthy Cooking Utensils

* Zepter Induction radio

* Zepter Cosmetics

* Zepter Sound System

The list of their products are endless However, I will be discussing about the 2500€ 30pcs Zepter set of pots which I recently got a hold of.

Benefit Of Using Zepter Healthy Pots (Cookwares)

Food is something you must consume frequently and continuously or else the body begins to die.

This also means that priority should be placed on what one ingest into the body and how it is being prepared.

Physical Attribute

  • It is indestructible, totally resistant to corrosion and doesn’t change colour
  • It doesn’t retain food odours and it is non-porous
  • It transfer heat evenly throughout the pot and increase cooking time

 Special Features

  • It has Temperature sensors on the cover which measures the temperature of the cooking food.

This ensures the food doesn’t burn and nutrients in the food is not depleted.

  • It is environmentally friendly and resistant to chemical effect
  • It is neutral and doesn’t cause any allergy
  • Zepter cooking ware has been infused with a technology that enables you to cook without water and fry without fat.


Can food be cooked without water? Definitely not! However, It is discovered that most of the food we cooked already are made of over 40% natural water and there might not be need to add water again.

Its special construction allows food to cook in its natural steam.

To cook with the pot, fill the pot with the food materials that has been washed, turn on the heat and wait till the pot temperature reaches the green spot.

Lower the heat to retain the temperature on that level.

The water in the food joined with the drops from the water you used in rinsing will rise as steam and condense on top to cook.

Do not lift the lid so the steam does not escape until you are sure the food is cooked.

This will ensure that the food’s nutritive, biological values and organoleptic properties are reserved.

This exclude the dried foods like rice, flour cereals etc.

Process of frying without oil/fat

It is generally known that most proteins have natural fat. So it is advised to fry without fat.

The pot is heated till it enters the green level of the temperature sensor on top. Then, the heat is reduced to a minimal level.

Another way to know if the frying pan is at the right temperature is sprinkle water on it. If it bounces off, its at the right temperature.

Lay the meat on it and press down with a fork. Allow to stay for about 1-2 minutes before flipping over.

Repeat this process until your protein is fully cooked.

Zepter Cookwares’ 11 Layers Capsulated Bottom

Zepter has 11 layers capsulated bottom which helps to retain heat for a long period of time.

You should endeavour to put off the heat some minutes before your food is done.

This is because the patented accuthermal bottom layers continues cooking the food even after the heat source is turned off and retains the hotness of the food for hours.

This is the cookware for individuals who love to eat hot foods long after it is prepared.

No need to rewarm. It is also very essential for chefs and caterers who needs to keep their food warm or hot.

The 11 layers are made up of;

  1. Aluminium Alloy
  2. Carbon
  3. Pure Aluminium
  4. Aluminium Alloy
  5. Carbon
  6. Pure Aluminium
  7. Aluminium Alloy
  8. Carbon
  9. Pure Aluminium
  10. Aluminium Alloy
  11. Stainless Steel
  12. Turbo Induction

Multiple Cooking Ability

The cookware is stackable which means you can cook 2-4 meals at the same time.

The cookware comes with a steamer pot and 2 bakelite mats which enables heat to pass through one pot to another.

The body is also built to absorb heat and transfer until heat can be well distributed throughout the whole pots.

You can read extensively about Zepter  international on their website about their other amazing products.

However, you can direct your questions to me and your comment will be appreciated.

Don’t forget to contribute to the growth of this blog by sharing the posts.

Enjoy your weekend.








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Why Most Men Take Alcohol and Beer


It is said that “when the reason or the causative organism for an ailment is known, it is half solved already”

According to research, it is discovered that nothing less than 3 billion bottles of beer is consumed every year in Nigeria leaving out wine and gins.

One wonders who drinks all these when both major religions we have kicks against taking alcohol.

I will not be dwelling on whether alcohol consumption is good or bad.

However, I will be shedding light on the different factors that leads young boys becoming men to start drinking.

Also, I will be listing out the disadvantages of taking alcohol drinks and I will leave you to decide for yourself if to continue, regulate or stop.

Decision is yours! So let’s start.

6 Reasons Why You Might Drink As You Grow Into An Adult


As one grows into self realization, one of the first thing you will be made to understand from the older ones is the fact that beer and Spirit belongs to the matured ones which in itself is not bad.

So naturally, you are conditioned to believe that one of the rites of passage to adulthood is when you start drinking.

One is conditioned to drinking Carbonated drinks until you grow older and you can’t wait to grow older so you can ”feel among”.This is bad.



This makes it worse because if you grow old enough to start taking alcohol and you refuse to indulge in it; you face a lot of pressure from your friends.

You are mocked in different ways and it takes only the strong-willed to overcome this level of peer pressure or you simply change your friends (which is sometimes hard to do).

Preferred Solution

If you don’t want your child to grow up desiring liqueur, You should take it on yourself to properly sensitize your kids that alcohol consumption doesn’t equate Manhood.

Children are only excluded because of the following reasons;

  • Alcohol/Body weight absorption ratio
  • Inability of a child to know when and when not to take alcohol
  • General mental and mind maturity and some other health dangers


You have probably heard the common statement “Under the influence of Alcohol”. This has put many into trouble and well, sometimes out of trouble.

The mindset that taking alcohol makes one courageous enough to do things they might otherwise run away from.

Examples are:

* Public speaking

* Public performances

* Show of affection

* Confrontations etc

Remember, the post is to enlighten both men and women why people consume alcohol especially men.


Bible says, ”Give strong drinks to the perishing soul”. Even for the very rich, there are challenges we face daily that threatens to swallow us up. In the Journey of Life, You are bound to face one challenge or the other which some overcame and many others were overwhelmed in. Examples are:

  • Marital Issues (Here, the man doesn’t want to go home because the home has turned to a war zone and prefer to drown the sadness at the bar)
  • Debt accumulation
  • Relationship breakup (Love Issues) etc

Man tries to lessen the heart pains by drinking away their pains However, true peace lies in Jesus Christ.


This is the most common reason why men drinks which brings us back to the 2nd point; Peer pressure. While we can’t fault a beer or wine company from advertising, the contents of their adverts majorly most times centers around drinking as a measure of a mature, strong and classy man. This is wrong and it needs to be worked on.

Kudos to the beer company who now includes “Don’t drink and drive” in their advert.

6. THE DRUNK: For these set, there are no known reasons. You can take alcohol from them, you can’t take them from alcohol. However, they miraculously stay sane and in control with their drinking.


Some Harmful Effects Of Alcohol

While alcohol has some advantages, its disadvantages weighs more heavily.

  • Causes the Kidney to wear out due to excessive filtration work
  • Drinking while driving causes accidents which has led to millions of death
  • Leads to addiction
  • It depresses the central nervous system and affects the human judgement and capability Etc.

Now you know some of the reasons why people drink and from what I have written, I know you will be able to make some changes to improve your life, family or your partners.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share our post and send in your comments.

Be sure to know that your Questions would be attended to within 24hrs.











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Why You Should Stop Buying Drugs In Public Transport, Danfos And Molues (Real Stories)


This post might not be a problem in your country if yours is a developed country that has strong laws against public unregistered drug sales and marketing.

For most African countries and slums around the world, this is rampant and is a daily experience.

Although, this might be argued to be a source of livelihood for thousands involved in this trade.

However, when it comes to human lives and health, I believe no reason is solid enough.

I’m going to buttress my point with real life stories, research, personal experience and interviews I did with people who had taken the unregistered drugs.


Why You Are Likely To Buy;

* They are good marketers: First of all, they are going to give a good story of the village they came from;

How their great grandfather used it to solve different problem in the village

How the secret recipe almost got lost but for the their research and intervention

* They are also going to guarantee you of their permanent route and location with their contact so you could easily find them. Some offers repayment.

* The most efficient way they get your interest piqued or arouse is when they start mentioning symptoms and there is no way one or two of your symptoms won’t be mentioned.

* Symptoms are not ailment!

* Lastly, the drugs are always cheap.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying

1. How is it possible for one or two powders you don’t know it’s origin to solve over 30 ailments

2. Since you don’t know it’s constituents, how are you sure you will not react or be allergic to one of the ingredients For example, If you are an ulcer patient, lactose intolerant or allergic to nuts.

3. Diseases and ailments most times have similar symptoms like rashes, body pain, flu etc.

So because the marketer mentioned one of your two symptoms doesn’t mean the drug will tackle your Illness. Only way to know is through Medical Diagnosis and Medical tests.


I was in a bus when this marketer came and was marketing. He was fluent and people were already to buy when someone asked how many grams of diclofenac can a child of less than 3years can use. He said with confidence 100 grams. I died instantly (lol).

Diclofenac is a very strong anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs which doctors usually advises a fully grown adult to eat before using.

This will literally almost kill the child as it’s overdose effect are dangerous.

Thankfully, the person that asked was a registered nurse. She raised alarm and strongly opposed him and he left in a hurry.

Another instance: I was in a 911 commercial bus when a marketer said that the causative organism for typhoid is dupakolis… (He mentioned one strange name like that to accomplice it and I wondered if there is nobody in this big bus that is a science student)

Being a Microbiologist, I knew it was Salmonella thyphi and even though, I raised the alarm in my corner, people were still buying.

The question that keeps running in my head was: How will your powdered drug cure my ailment when you don’t even know the name?


So I met a couple in another bus that really seem to be detected by these people. So I stylishly asked them why they seem so angry at the sight of these drugs marketers.

They told me they bought some recently because the marketer was so on point with their symptoms and also gave out her number.

They got home and used and in the 30 minutes, their stomach started grumbling. That was the Genesis of their toilet rotation. The man said they excreted till they had to call their neighbors to help as they thought they would die. They called the numbers they were given and it never went through.

Even after there was nothing in their stomach to pass out again, the feeling didn’t stop. In his words: “We nearly died”

Lastly, I witnessed the death of a friend’s dad who had appendicitis.l and died because they choose to go through these means instead of proper treatment in an hospital.

My summation is; while some people would try to convince you that some drugs do work for them, Endeavor to always go to a registered pharmacy or hospital instead of patronizing the public unregistered drug marketers be it traditional or Western medicine




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What Food Causes Heartburn And How To Cure It

It’s a wonderful weekend and I’m writing about a topic that is very personal to me and have done much research on.

I stopped eating some foods because they cause serious heart burns for me.

Why do they cause heartburns? Can it be prevented? Is there a cure? All these are going to be answered in this post.

What Is Heartburn?

This is a painful burning sensation experienced mostly in the chest and sometimes in the throat (Thoracic cavity)

Although, heartburns can be caused by underlining diseases which when treated will automatically wipe off the burns.

However, there are several other causes of heart burns which are related to food and these are what we are dealing with today.

Examples are Spicy Foods, Alcohol, Proteinous foods etc


Some Heart burns truth.

  • Heartburn is a symptom of a wrong movement of food in the body which can be due to many reasons
  • There is no way we will talk of heartburn that we won’t mention Stomach Acids

What Are Stomach Acids?

These are a group of coordinated acids formed in the stomach majorly to aid digestion processes.

They are also called Gastric Acid and these include Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride.

The problem starts when the acid that is supposed to be working in the stomach finds it’s way through any careless means to the chest and throat.

These wrong upward movement is called Acid Reflux. These happens because of many reasons for example, Eating large foods or Laying down immediately after eating.

Why do these foods cause heartburns to some and not to others

Like I said earlier, heartburn is a symptom. It can also become serious and form a Gastro-oesophageal disease if recurrence is high.

Being a symptom, one has to first see a doctor to know if it’s not happening because of the following problems;

  • Gastritis
  • Esophagitis
  • Stomatitis
  • Haital hernia

Most of these have to deal with inflammations from neck to stomach.

However, if we are dealing with acid reflux in relation to food habits, Here are the solutions.

  • Try and pin the foods that gives you heartburns and make sure you accompline the foods with a side dish that is alkaline in nature. For example, I personally develop heart burns when I eat beans so I accompline it with bananas when eating.

Other foods that can help with heart burns are;

  • Green vegetables
  • Water melons
  • Yoghurt
  • Hydrate by drinking water

Do not lie down immediately after eating.

You can use antacids which will relieve it Immediately.

Chewing gum to dilute the acid.

Eat little; avoid filling your stomach to the brim.

Exercise more to improve your overall body digestion processes and surely you will improve.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to help us share our posts so we could grow.









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Food And Drug Interactions (Food you shouldn’t take with some drugs)



It was said that what you don’t know can’t kill you; Now we know, that the contrary is the absolute truth. What you don’t know kills. There are many examples to prove this starting from HIV to Diabetes.

If only they knew that ordinary protection like the use of condom or reducing the consumption of sugar could prevent them contracting the disease, they would probably have taken precautions.

So I will be doing a sensitization on the effect of food and fruit on drugs we injest into our body.


We fall ill as humans due to so many reasons from environmental to genetic and Man has come a long way in developing drugs that combats almost any type of sicknesses.

However, information about side effects of these drugs and food consumed during the use are often not well communicated to patients and to the general public as a whole.

This is getting serious now as these powerful drugs can easily be gotten at a local chemist by ignorant individuals

Here are some drugs and foods or drink you mustn’t combine together



Cases of drug abuse and death are becoming rampant all over the world especially in some African countries and it affects the youth most often.

A good example of drug that is highly abused is Tramadol. Tramadol is a central nervous system depressant and combined with alcohol which is also a depressant can slow down your brain which can lead to a state of depression and finally Suicidal thoughts

Also, the combination and abuse can cause seizures. This is because the central nervous system consist basically of  the brain and the spinal cord and since tramadol is CNS drug inducer.

Taking too much will cause too much activities and reactions in the brain ultimately leading to seizures.

In general, Alcohol should not be taken with any pain relieving drink. Just ONE DRINK A WEEK WHEN TAKING THESE DRUGS CAN CAUSE GASTRO INTESTINAL BLEEDING.



Ciprofloxacin and other fluroquinolones which is used for typhoid for example or tetracycline are very reactive to Diary foods and product.

You probably must have heard it before or not that when using thyphoid drugs, you should abstain from food like milk, cheese, youghurt etc

It’s actually; Do not take them alone with these drugs because they will render the drug useless. You can read about the biological mechanism here.



It is no news that NSAIDs (pain releiving drugs) like Ibuprofen, Aspirins taken by an ulcer patient could be dangerous and life threthening However, many still don’t know.

The symptoms include vomiting, neusea, acute stomach pain or internal bleeding.

So if you have been diagnosed with ulcer, it is best to stay away drugs like this.



Caffeine which is a stimulant is very reactive to many antibiotics. Antibiotics affects the rate at which caffeine works in the body causing caffeine overdose which can cause insomnia, restlessness, dizziness etc

It is advised to stop the consumption of high caffeine containing drinks, coffees, teas and sodas before using most antibiotics



Its discovered that grape fruit juice and some of it’s closely related citruses must not be taken with cholesterol drugs, immuno-suppressant drugs and even some malaria drugs.

It increases the blood level of these medications and increases their side effects.
Examples of such are: Muscle tissue breakdown, kidney problems, General body pains, Rapid drop in blood pressure etc. Read more here


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5 Foods You Must Constantly Eat As An Athlete

I have observed many athletes for a while and having a National athlete as a street brother really opened my eyes to their secret diets.

It was then I realised that athletes whether upcoming or known have a diet they follow and observe intakes of some foods because of the nourishments it gives them.

At the same, they avoid some foods like plague except maybe they are not in playing season.



 No athlete CAN succeed without exercising along their line of sport. Depending on the form of sport involved with, an athlete can exercise for about an hour upward and without the right amount of carbs, protein. And vitamins for energy, this might be impossible.


All athletes expend a lot of Energy because of competitions they involve themselves in and the struggle to be the best at their chosen sport. This is impossible to achieve under a line of poor diet intake  hence their need to observe a balanced diet that can repair their body very fast in case of injury

5 Foods Athletes Must constantly Consume


Milk is a blend of proteins, vitamins and little carbs. The fact that milk contains calcium for strong bones also make it a must for athlete to take regularly


Another important source of food are the green Vegetables and other types which is the orange vegetable for example carrot.

An athlete without a good eyesight for most sport will end up being a very bad athlete. So its important that foods like carrot, potatoes, green vegetables and liver has high amount of vitamin A.

Creatine containing foods

Creatine exist abundantly in the muscle part of animals like the Liver, heart. Others include red meat, poultry meat, pork and fish.

An athlete needs to eat this daily because creatine have the ability to supply the energy needed in rigorous training and when in action.


The Food whose job is create energy are the carbs. A very important Carbohydrate which is good for an athlete is HONEY. Honey has properties that increase speed and allows an athlete to go the extra. It’s especially good for athletes in endurance sport.


Banana gives you the immediate energy needed. It is researched that just 2 bananas can supply you energy to work for one hour.
Read more about bananas here.


Not only do water melon re-hydrates an athlete more than any other fruit, it consists of some amino acids for example, L- citrulin that reduces the time muscles needs to heal after a hard work out.

It also helps to relieve muscle sensitivity and itchness  experienced after workout by helping to eliminate lactic acid faster in the body.

Foods athletes must stay away from:

Bad carbs like diet sodas and white bread are bad for athletes but grains like oatmeal and grain infused breads are very good.

An athlete needs to consume around 30g – 60g of carbs per day for the glucose levels to be balanced.

It is advisable for athletes to stay away from fatty foods and foods with low quality protein so their kidneys won’t be affected.

It’s also advisable for athletes to stay away from smoking and drinking which might drain their energy.

Although it’s been known that some athlete smokes and drinks and that didn’t stop them from becoming champions in their feeds

However, the count is extremely low to the numbers of sport men that had to enter rehab for drinking and smoking and many that their career as a sportman or athlete was cut short.

Last and most important point;


What are food supplements?

These are products that are extracted from plants, roots, dried fruits and can also be synthesized.

They improve the general health of the body and helps maintain balanced diet.

Out of all works of life, no set of humans needs a balanced diet like sport men and this is because it is Paramount for them to be at top body shape and performance at all times.

Health & Fitness,

What To Do To Improve The Male Fertility and Sterility

Hello friends. Today’s topic is important because it involves everyone.

I tried as much as possible to be as simple as ever and not be boring. 


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You should know there are differences between a man being able to get it up and actual Fertilization (being sterile and being fertile)

A man might be able to go 3hours in a single round but not be able to impregnate a woman while some can’t last 3minutes but they are fertile.

So I’m going to be listing out easy to find foods and fruits that improves the production of healthy sperm and semen, Helps sperm motility and improves Sexual Performance. I will also tell you why they do but before then, I will list few habits that destroys your sperms.

I would have loved to start a challenge on this too but how will we know unless we *******😁😁😁😁😁.

Anyway, if you eat this things and you stay away from what I list out here, you will surely see big improvements.


1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption


Note I didn’t say alcohol; this is because a little shot few times a month prevents you from having cardiovascular diseases… It helps the heart! 

It’s the excessive regular drinking that kills your libido and regularly leads to kidney failure.

This is because the kidney is in charge of removing poisonous liquid substances in the body and by drinking heavily most times, you have subjected the kidney to work 4times harder than it normally should.

Then, one day, it just wears out. So it’s Paramount you reduce alcohol intake. Don’t wait till dialysis and transplant.


 This is very common knowledge. Denying it, your punishment comes fast especially in the case of a sexually active adult.

There should be limit to the intake of  junk foods, confections and Sodas.

Many local companies have made their fortunes by selling herbal products that reduces blood sugar.

However, the best solution is abstinence or cut backs.


The body upon undergoing too much stress for a long period of time starts secreting Cortisol instead of testosterone. The body will divert the resources to produce cortisol

Cortisol is a steroid hormone which gives you a feeling of more power when you feel tired already. So exercise your body and find ways to relax.


We all know what masturbation is. Sexual satisfaction by self which causes the veins on the penile shaft to become weak.

This is because for sexual gratification to occur, there must be a squeezing force applied on it which is much more harder than that of normal sexual experiences.

So it is advisable to stay off masturbation as a man.

Ok! Let’s move to the real purpose of this post!


°• Bananas

Not only do bananas affects your mood and makes you happy, it also greatly helps the sperm and Sterility. From the shape, you should have guessed already 😁😁

Bananas contain a special and rare enzyme called Bromelain which helps sperm production and motility.

°• Honey and Milk

This is very old and traditional but it really affects the male Sterility. Milk contains vitamin A while organic honey contains zinc and Vitamin E. These vitamins and minerals are the ones needed for healthy sperm to be produced.

°• Supplements

I will not make mention of Ginseng and some other Chinese spices and herbs that might not be available in your city. So, I will advise you take their extracts in the form of supplements.

However, garlic and ginger are popular and easy to get around the world and they help a lot with sperm motility and production.

°• Seafoods

 They might be expensive However, these are the type of foods you should be eaten and before you know it, you will be making babies.

If oyster and mussels are too scarce, Go for shrimps, crabs, calamari etc. They are rich in vitamin E and especially zinc which is the main sperm mineral.

°• Dark Chocolate

 Dark chocolate contain amino acid that boost semen and sperm productio. Eat dark chocolate occasionally and not too often to avoid too much weight gain.

Other tips that helps;

*Eat much veggies
*Exercise well and not too much.
*Avoid smoking
*Avoid extreme weight lifting so the body won’t produce too much steroid hormones
*Avoid exposing your testicles to intense heat (it’s hanging down for a reason)
*Do not allow STDs to stay long in your body. Treat immediately.
I believe you will be okay if you adhere to this few points and not only produce healthy sperm but live an healthy life in general.
Don’t forget to share and comment if this post have been of benefit to you.
Moreover, Your questions would be attended to in less than 24hours.

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5 cancer and disease causing things you do in your kitchen daily when cooking…(STOP NOW!!!)


“Note that purchase through this blog will help serve you better and grow us at no additional cost to you”

It is no myth that everybody came to this world blank in knowledge.

The knowledge and wisdom we all display today is as a result of accumulation of intelligence picked from studying and discoveries through research or necessity.

So, I fault nobody if you don’t know that some of your actions are responsible for the typhoid, diarrhea and few of life threthening diseases you suffering or people are suffering;

How do I mean? 

A good example is thyphoid Mary that killed thousands of people because she was working in a cookie company where she gets to handle people’s food while having a resistant strain of  Salmonella typhii (thyphoid).

So let’s get started!

Cross Contamination

 This is defined as the introduction of HARMFUL BACTERIAL from uncooked foods to cooked foods.
This causes food poisoning and can kill especially in the case of cabbage, carrot  which are consumed raw.

Most houses always have one refridgeration system thereby they tend to store Cooked food product with Uncooked food products together.

For example; placing cooked, grilled or fried meat beside raw meat in the same fridge.

It’s bad and there is something called cross Contamination that will happen and can cause you to be very sick.

So stop storing Uncooked poultry or meat with cooked foods or vegetables. It is harmful.

Half Onions

Even though, claims are not 100 percent proven, what is proven is the fact that onions are great absorbent. They attract many negative substance in their sorroundings including bad odour; So using this same remaining onion the next day on anything can really lead to food poisoning.
 However, onions can be actually stored in airtight containers for probably 7days but it is safe to say “when you cut an onion, finish it”. To be safe is better than to be sorry.

Plastics and Nylons

    Yes! There are a lot of publications saying microwaving food inside plastic release dioxin into the food which causes cancer however, Harvard medical school research claims plastic doesn’t contain dioxin; only when plastic is burnt and surely you don’t burn your plastic when microwaving.
 The only harmful thing is the use of scratched, leaking plastic used in cooking or microwaving which can release plasticides into your food.
So solution is, according to Harvard, is to use plastics with microwave icon inscribed on them to microwave which means the plastic have been tested and proven
. My own suggestion is to reduce the rate at which we microwave food because I really don’t care if it’s dioxin or plasticides or whatever, I don’t want any alienic substance in my food except my food!!!!!
Also, stop leaving your bottled water in your car to resume drinking the next day. Very bad health wise.

Molds, Yeasts and fungus

Permit me to go a little bit into microbiology now because we are a very careless generation.
   Either due to poverty or uncare attitude, for example, you are eating anything and you observe some of them have grown yellow, purple, white or black molds; then, you blow it off or rinse it and eat!!!!!! OMG! You just gave your lifespan expiry date.
Let me gist you; there is something called Aspergillus Flavus.(just one out of many).
The fungus is usually seen in groundnut and wheat or cereal products (this is very important now that cooked groundnut and maize is surplus in Nigeria). This fungus is extremely dangerous to health and it kills quickly…
     So whenever you are cooking in the kitchen and any of the food stuffs shows molds (those powdery colourful substance seen in spoilt stuff); DONT MANAGE!!!, DONT RINSE!!! THROW IT AWAY!!!!
It is better to prepare little food and live than prepare large and die.
This last one is very controversial; even me will not agree easily but let’s talk about it!!!!

Scraping of burnt food in pots

Hmm… This is very hard for me to write because as last born and favorite (my brothers should go and argue with my parent), I’m in charge of eating the sweetest part of the pot which is the burnt part under. However, it is not advisable… Okay let me break it down!!
From study, I discovered that it was said that these habits could cause cancer related diseases however on further research, I realised it is more of consuming the burnt food with the aluminium pots.
   Some of our pot have been in existence for years and some have started corroding so while scraping, many tends to scrape along tiny bits of aluminium with the food into their system thereby leading to serious ailment after it has stored up overtime in the body.
So, I will say if you are to continue the habit, at least, do it in a strong undamaged pots and pans.
Okay, so you think you know some other dangerous habits of the kitchen that kills, Let us know today. Please comment and share to save someone today. Thank you!
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Affordable, Low-cost and Effective Foods For Diabetes Patients


 Hello guys, I feel the compulsion to write about this killer disease because I feel it is the singular most ignored disease I know.

Also, it became personal when someone close to me developed a type 2 Diabetes.

I feel a mass sensitization should be set up for the dangers of diabetes because most people that are insulin deficient don’t even know they are.

If they are aware of their condition, a preventive measure would be set. Personal discipline would be possible because it’s really not easy closing your eyes to all the desserts, pastries, sodas being produced today by chefs including me.

What is Diabetes and how can it be controlled?

Diabetes is a set of  dangerous complications that results from high concentration (presence) of glucose (sugar) in the blood that cannot be converted or used due to “no or not enough” production of Insulin by the Pancreas.

I would love to continue on the types and forms However, this information can be easily gotten even the dangers are well pronounced;

* Diabetes can affect almost every organ in your body.. the eye, ear, kidney, heart etc. Just name it.

Even your body soldiers and wound clot is almost reduced to zero. It’s a killer!!

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Treatments known.

 Since 90% of diabetes patients are type2  (These are the people that, though produces insulin.
However, not enough for the body to use), the common treatments are:
* Good diet
* Exercise
* Insulin injection

* Medications

It has been noted that just following this plan, any major damage or complications can be avoided.

In the developed countries, a list of foods can be given and followed easily.

However, in the 3rd world countries, countries that survive on less than $10 a day, Many things could go wrong.

To feed is an issue not to talk of to maintain a diet and most foods especially Nigerian major foods are carbohydrates that still end up producing glucose in the body.

So what are the diet you can easily get and afford that will keep that sugar level down to almost zero and give you a good life?

Affordable and cheap diets or inclusions that helps reduce your sugar

 *Note that the post is not written for you to STOP eating carbs, it suggest that you lower carbs and increase or include these other foods

1. Vegetables: 


 This is the cheapest form of vitamins you can afford. It can be grown personally and it can be gotten at a very low amount in the market.

Since the point is to cut down Carbohydrates, Having more of vegetables in your meal than actual carbs like rice, wheat, processed cassava will help balance your food.

We have different types of vegetables and some referred to be herbal. For example, Bitter Leaf.

* Recipe: To cut down sugar, Process Bitter leaf by rinsing it, then soaking in water and rubbing it repeatedly and squeezing .

Repeat this process until you have squeezed out over 80percent of the bitter content.

  Then, spread it out on a tray and let it dry.

 Store it in a bottle and add a teaspoon of it to your soups and foods. It helps. 



     Studies and research has proven that ginger has phytochemicals that reduces blood sugar and can maintain normal blood sugar example is gingeron.

So my professional advice is NOT to ingest ginger raw because too much of consumption can cause blood thinning that can affect the ability of the body to heal faster in case of injury. (blood clotting)

However, it is very good as inclusion in soups, as Spice in food, as condiments etc. Just make sure it’s in your food as an inclusion.


It has been researched that food rich in protein helps to regulate blood sugar.

However, the issue with consuming high protein foods is that there are two types of proteins namely:

* Animal Protein

* Plant protein

So as not to bore you with research, it is of a high opinion that plant proteins are better as it doesn’t form fat around organs; Hence, my recommendation,

1. Have a sizeable amount of OAT in the house you can take with milk as breakfast along with beans or if you just have to take carbs like Rice, supplement it with beans.

2. Animal Protein like eggs and fish are very good source of protein that helps to balance whatever foods you decide to eat.

3. Try as much as possible to procure unsweetened yoghurt you can keep in your fridge to make more youghurt (recipe out soon)

4. Nuts are also very good. It is readily available in supermarkets and your local market and can be gotten very cheap. Examples are; Groundnut, almond, walnut etc.


I personally spoke to some diabetic patients about what they feel about taking fruits.

Some were of the opinion that it helps while Some complained it still spikes their blood sugar.

So the real question is:

Are fruits good for you and which type?

* It is true that fruits contains sugar too However, they also contains Fibres that will lower the rate of absorption of sugar into the blood system thereby regulating blood sugar.

So it’s fair to say fruits that contains high fibre should be consumed. Examples are:

° Apples

° Oranges

° Grapefruits

° Coconut

° Almond etc

* It is also right to understand processed, canned juices are not exactly the same as Natural fruit.

This is because the fibre of the fruit used in these juices have been removed before it was processed.

Also, sugar has been added to make it sweeter and it has lost some of its nutrients during processing.

* All fruits are good to eat but search for those with high fibre content. Also, taking fruits helps to take craving off sweet confectioneries.

Overall, you know that too much carbohydrates, Junk foods, Sodas confectioneries are a serious NO if you are diabetic.

Be disciplined and you will live without complications.

Send me questions and comment for more information. Stay healthy, eat healthy.

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