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Essential Table Manners And Etiquette You Need To Know now


Part of the traits of being an higher animal involves structure. Structure in going about our daily activities from the simplest one to the hardest task.

One of these structured ways is the right way to behave when dining with people.

You might think you don’t need to learn about this until it comes to hunt you.

Imagine a situation where Your boss which is an European or probably one from the middle east invite you for dinner.

You will need to not only know how to dine properly but also how to appreciate your host after the meal.

For example, in some part of the middle east, you have to burp after food to show your host you really enjoyed the food while this is regarded as bad table manners in some other parts of the world.

Moreover, If you are invited for Fine dining, How do you set your cutleries to pass a message to the Chef without talking.

These are some of the things you will learn today. Okay, Lets start.


Table Manners And Dining Etiquette


EATING WITH A CLOSED MOUTH: This is approved by all standards. Only uncivilized people eat noisily with an open mouth. When eating, your lips should be closed while your mouth is chewing with less noise.

Eating with your lips shut will prevent people seeing the chewed food in your mouth and food spilling out which can be very disgusting to your host or the people you are dining with.


Strategic Fork And Knife Placement

If invited to a fine dining, your cutlery positioning can communicate to your chef whether you are done eating, you want more, you love the food, you are displeased etc. Below is an image that shows this;

Wine Etiquette

One of the first thing you should when offered a bottle of wine is to find out if your wine is alcoholic or non-alcoholic. You should also check the percentage to know how much you will take.

Drinking the wine

Don’t gulp your wine so you could take in all the goodness and flavour of the wine. Hold the stemmed wine glass just below the base, twirl gently the wine glass, savour the smell and drink slowly.

You can gulp your juice however you want but wines are supposed to be enjoyed. If you have to first drink water so you could enjoy your wine, please do so.

How Do You Eat Your Meat?

When in the comfort of your home, you are afforded the luxury of destroying the flesh, bones, marrow and fluid. However, when you are in public or invited as a special guest, there is a way it is done.

By the way, you are within your right to ask for a take home pack for your protein but if you would eat it outside, there are ways to it.You can cut and eat with cutleries and these are in 2 ways:

The American fork flipping and the European style.

The American fork flipping is almost the same as European in that the knife are both placed in the right hand while the fork on the left hand.

Difference is after the meat is cut, the Americans drops the knife and flip the fork to the right hand to pick and eat while the European uses the left to finish the business without switching.

However, if it’s a funfair and BBQ is served. It’s safe to use your hands and clean up after yourself.

Except the bones are soft to eat and swallow, don’t attempt to start breaking bones and chewing.


Some general bad table manners;

  • Don’t talk with mouth full of food. It can be very irritating
  • Reaching out to get food over another person’s food is not only a bad table manner but also dirty. You could introduce body and clothing particles and micro-organism. Ask for it to be passed to you.
  • Don’t be the one to start the eating. You don’t want to be termed a glutton. Let the host start. Be watchful.
  • Sit properly. You can make people uncomfortable and I won’t specify a chair because not every race uses chairs to dine.
  •  Some will say talking while eating is bad. I partially disagree with that However, my opinion is the subject of discussion. Be wise to choose a merry subject that won’t make people lose their appetite.

Lastly, always remember to make more researches like you doing now. Who knows, your eating habit might be your winning tool.

Like I always say, don’t forget to help share and comment. Let me know your thoughts concerning this write-up. I will be delighted to hear from you.







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7 Posionous Foods You Might Likely Eat Out Of Ignorance

Whoever says, what you don’t know can’t kill you is your greatest enemy. Ignorance is not only a disease but it is deadly as well.

Do you know that it is possible to be poisoning yourself everyday and you will probably feel the discomfort or illness is spiritual or you can even be blaming your food vendors.

Meanwhile, you are the source of your food poisoning.

So here are 7 poisonous edible things you might likely eat because you didn’t know it was poisonous.

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Mercury poisoning in Fishes

You and I have indeed witness in some part of Africa where sharks, dolphins and whale are carried by currents and waves to the beaches and the people started butchering instead of pushing them back to Sea.

What they are ignorant about is the level of Mercury in this fishes. Big fishes with longer life span have accumulated Mercury. Another good example is the Tuna fish

How Does Mercury Affect Human

Mercury consumption is very dangerous to the body as it affects the central nervous system and causes moodiness, strange sensations.

It can also affect your kidney and lungs which overall can cause death.

Taking Raw Eggs

I know people that are in the habit of consuming raw eggs while some mix the eggs with malt drinks or beer which they claim improves the blood.

One run a risk of contacting a food borne illness called salmonella

Although, it is very unlikely to consume raw eggs containing salmonella, it is advisable to steam your eggs lightly before consuming it raw or preferably boil, fry, poach or scramble the egg.

Apple Seed/ Seedy Fruits

Cyanide Poisoning

It’s no longer news that seeds in apple contains amygdalin which when digested produces a poisonous substance called hydrogen cyanide.

Although, the content in one apple is no where near the killing level, “However, if apple is your best food and you love to chew them seeds? My brother… You are not far from the 6 ft level”.

So it is Paramount you avoid the seeds at all cost. Also, apple is the not the only fruit having cyanide containing seeds.

It can also be found in cherries, peaches, plum. These seeds are called stone seeds.

Effects of cyanide on the body

Low amount of cyanide in the body can be absorbed by the body and passed out of the body but significantly higher amount will prevent your body from using oxygen thereby killing the cells.

It affects the respiratory part of the body especially the lungs and other part involved in breathing and this can ultimately cause death.

Poisonous Mushroom

It’s very rare for you to eat the poisonous mushroom if you purchase it from the supermarket

However, if you are in the habit of picking mushroom around or buying in bulk on the farms, you should always have an expert check it out for you before consumption or else you will meet this nightmare popularly called the Death Angel

I’m not going to tell you about the effects; just know one thing, you eat it, you die if help does not arrive in good time. So be wise!!!


I felt betrayed when I discovered this. Like why in God’s name will the public not be sensitized about the effects of this lovely nice spice.

As a Chef, nutmeg is one of my favorite flavour for many of my baked pastries although in a very minute quantity.

Anyway, it is good to know that the body can treat itself if consumption is minimal However, just 1-2 tablespoon of ground nutmeg over a period of time can cause hallucinations, irregular heartbeat, nausea and other mental issues.

Nutmeg can be used to induce hallucination so it’s recommended to keep it’s consumption minimal.

Unfermented Cassava and Green potatoes

Whenever you are about to experiment on food that you know nothing about, it is expedient you seek advise from chefs and food experts so you don’t end up poisoning not only yourself but everybody you cook for. Food poisoning is real!

Unfermented Cassava contains cyanide (scroll up to see the effect) which is very dangerous to health.

This is why our parents or workers when preparing Cassava at home or in the local industries always soak the Cassava with catalyst or use other processing methods to ferment and detoxify before it is ground into whatever they want to prepare be it FUFU or GARRI etc.

So also are Green potatoes, normal potatoes are good but when it comes to Green potatoes, there is need to detoxify by different processes before eating it.

Some Plant Leaves and Stems

Not all plant leaves and roots are vegetables to be consumed. A very poisonous example is the tomato leaves and stem. These are list of some of the popular leaves and stems of plant you shouldn’t cook or eat;

  • Tomato leaves, stem and roots
  • Rhubard leaves which is very rich in oxalic acid that quickly causes kidney failure
  • Cashew raw seed
  • Poison ivy
  • Castor oil plant

So understand that just because a plant’s fruit is consumable doesn’t mean in most instances that the leaves and roots are harmless.

It can be the other way round in some other plants so seek knowledge or information before consuming things you know nothing about.

Oh! So you have questions? Shoot because Chef Wale would be delighted to answer and your comments and shares are appreciated.








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Caterbakes Food News: New blog inclusive: Dominos Nigeria Unveils Mini (Smallie) Pizzas

As a chef, I personally don’t fancy pizzas majorly because I feel they are over-rated, too expensive and also because many companies and restaurants I have eaten pizzas from didn’t impress me.

However when dominos came, they set a great standard by not only producing good pizzas but creatively tapping into our local cuisines and bringing out pizza recipes that identifies with the country.

A good example is the West African Suya Pizza of which we know where Suya comes from. This is one of my favorite because it’s more meaty and spicy unlike the tropical.

Another good example is the chicken Jollof Pizza which is a mix Jollof rice, grilled chicken and hot chilled

I believe whoever came up with the idea wasn’t brought up in West Africa because Nigerians, though love their Jollof , will prefer their rice on plate.

However, it’s very creative and a good way to show they care.

Smallie Pizza

I have got mixed feelings with the invention of the dominos smallie Pizza which is less than 2$ (#550).

While I believe this will be a good opportunity for many who have always been wishing to buy pizza but couldn’t afford it because of the price, I’m of the opinion that the smallie pizza might break the pizza hype and prestige it has been enjoying for some time now.

In Nigeria for example, you just don’t wake up to go eat a pizza. It’s a “treat” because it’s not cheap. When you take your girlfriend out for pizza, she’s super exicted… Now, that’s “gone”.

The euphoria won’t be there as people that preferred to eat shawarma because of the price range can comfortably walk into dominos and order their smallie pizza.

However, don’t forget I mentioned earlier that I have a mixed feelings concerning it, so as I’m bereaving the death of the pizza hype in advance, I’m also of the opinion that dominos will make a huge turnover in profit and this is because you can now ditch shawarma, chicken and chips and comfortably opt in for pizza in comfort and style.

Packaging is on point and very presentable. There are 6 new flavours created for the smallie pizza so you have options (Imagine!!!!)

  • Fiery Suya topped with Suya and red chilli
  • Hot Chic topped with cheese chicken and chilli
  • Smallie Pepp topped with pepperoni and green peppers
  • Sweet Marghie for cheese lovers
  • Smallie Beef and Sausage; you know what to expect with this.

I love when competition exist between companies. It makes the consumer experience the best of the particular products they are offering and whoever is leading the market knows they can’t afford to perform below par as their competitors are always on their tail.

Other pizza companies have been sent a message by this new product and they now understand that dominos are not here to play. They are here to stay and compete.

Let me know how you feel about this and know surely, the chef loves comments and it won’t go unanswered.

Also, don’t forget to our email so you could always receive a notification of our news, hot recipes, health topics and food bussiness tips. Love you.


How To Perfectly Cut Up A Whole Chicken


It’s a tradition in my family that the only set of people allowed to kill and cut up a chicken to different body parts are the adults

It’s like a rite of passage the first time you hold down the chicken for your father when he is cutting up a chicken, turkey or a goat.

You also know it means you are coming of age and very soon, it would be your turn to handle the preparation .
It’s never taught. You look and put to mind every steps and skill used in cutting it up.
It’s also a culinary skill you must learn in a good culinary school. So if you never had some one put you through, Here is Me showing you with love

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How to cut up a Chicken

* I always start with the laps. Make sure the chicken breast is side up and draw the laps out from the body (you might ask someone to help hold the other laps)
* Slice through the skin and work your knife around the laps (Note: A sharp knife will make your work much easier) to remove the laps.
If the joint becomes an impediment, hold the body and the lap that’s almost off and pull in an upward motion. The joint ball will come off and you can complete your cut.
* Same should be repeated for the other lap

* The next are the wings. Turn the chicken on its sides, pull away the wings and cut through joints to detach the wings

* Then, remains the body. There are different ways to remove the chest from the backbone region.

1. Lift the chicken from the bottom (anus area) and slice up to remove the whole breast.

2. Place your knife in the middle of the right and left breast and cut straight down. Then work through the ribs to remove the two halves breast completely

* Another area to be removed is the chicken butt or Parson’s nose.

Place your knife in the middle and using the solid lower palm or carpals dislodge the bone there and cut through. Then, remove easily.

The Carcass


The Carcass consist of the back part which consist of the back bone. Don’t throw away, cut into sizes and store in the freezer as base for soups or grills.


Why Every Home Must Have and Take Cereals


Cereals are underated most times as snacks and comfort food or just taken whenever you feel like indulging in junks.

 However, this is far from the truth as cereals are one of the most important part of our diet and without it, one runs a risk of having countless illnesses.

 Why are they so important?  

1. Cereals are a very good source of dietary fibres.


Sometimes I get emotional when I write, that’s  because I believe if people are well informed, they would not find themselves in bad situations.

Do you know what fibre does in the body?

why are they so essential to our health?

 Food fibres dissolves in the stomach and form a gel like substance that allows digested food to be slowly absorbed into the body.

This stabilizes sugar level and prevent cholesterol build up ultimately preventing Diabetes

It also allows for free movement of waste product in the large intestine and prevents haemorroids.

It also keeps your weight in check and makes you live long.

2. Cereals are an excellent source of breakfast from corn flakes to oats.

Why Breakfast is a must!!!

* It’s the most important food of the day as it improves concentration at work and prevents loss of memory.

No wonder many companies provide breakfast for their top workers; the engine room to their organizations

* It keeps you from consuming junks which affects your body weight and injest lots of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) into your system. It summarily keeps your heart in good shape.

3. Cereals are rich source of vitamins, carbs, minerals like iron and protein so they supply energy needed and nutrients for the day and they are easily digested.

Phote credit: sciencebuddy

4. Cereals are healthy because they can be combined and taking directly with different fruits, vegetables and milk.

5. In the case of having a picky eater on your hands, cereals can be easily planned and incorporated into good and attractive dishes any picky eater cannot resist.

6. They contain phytosterol which prevents cancer like breast cancer by blocking oestrogen that causes breast cancer.

7. Cereals are also very good for children. This is because children requires a lot of nutrients for their body growth, daily activities. This can be gotten from cereals which is dense with nutrition.

They are also relatively cheap to procure, sweet and are easy to prepare unlike most foods.

 They save you a lot of money trying to get pastries or burgers at work.

To cap it up, one is guaranteed a healthy and strong life if one can incorporate cereal into his or her life.


How To Make Chocolate Cake With Hot Water


As a Chef, we learn everyday from mentor chefs, everyday kitchen work and interactions with different chef across different fields.

(Layered chocolate cake by caterbakes)
(Food and wine) pic credit.

This is a chocolate cake recipe I learnt from a master baker who is a very good friend. This is quite different from the Chocolate cake recipes out there

Added with my knowledge with chocolate, I had a very lovely time making this lovely cake.



* Wheat Flour (200g)

* Cocoa powder(50g)

* Sugar (300g)

* Refined groundnut oil (2cups)

* Baking Powder (1tsp)

* Vanilla Flavour (2tsp)

* Eggs (3 eggs)

* Salt (pinch)

* Milk ( 100g)

* Hot boiling water (1measuring cup)


I love mixing dry ingredients with dry and wet with wet.

* Sieve your flour, baking powder together in a bowl.

* Add your dry milk, sugar, cocoa powder and pinch of salt

* Break the eggs and mix, add your vanilla flavour.

* Create a hole in the middle and pour in your egg mixture while mixing lightly.

* Add your hot water and mix more this time.

* Lastly, add your groundnut oil and mix thoroughly.


* Grease your baking pan with margarine or oil spray

* Pour in your batter and shake so it sit well

* Pre-heat your oven and Put into your oven and bake at 180°c for 25-30mimutes

* Bake until you Insert a toothpick inside and it comes out clean.



The POWER Of Honey And 3 Tests To Know The Real Honey!


   “Note that purchase through this blog will help serve you better and grow us at NO additional cost to you”
After pondering for hours and sorting out through the functions of honey I know, the research that has been done, the myth and the misconception, I concluded I’m not going to just repeat but explain deeply How honey achieve it’s result.


Honey is produced by bees all over the world in honey Combs after feeding on plants sweet secretion through different enzymatic processes.

What makes honey so Powerful..


I know you have heard it many times that honey contains ANTI-OXIDANTS and I also understand you might not know the meaning and sometimes, it’s embarrassing to start asking ” what are anti-oxidants” when everybody is shaking heads like they know what it is.

So let me explain… Follow me carefully;

ANTI-OXIDANTS stops OXIDATIONS from occurring in the body (don’t worry what oxidation is). Oxidation produces free radicals that affects or destroys the cells of your body.

So in summary, Honey possesses anti oxidants that kills or stop the production of harmful substances killing your body without you knowing. For example, high blood pressure. It lowers it through it’s anti-oxidant property.


It is also widely said that honey can be used to treat infections but you don’t really believe it.
Honey is generally used to treat diseases because of it’s ability to form Hydrogen peroxide which is very powerful to kill resistant strains of microorganisms causing infections. It also has pH that can inhibit the growth of bacteria. 
Honey though has different types but is generally known, according to study to kill over 60 types of micro-organisms causing infections to human even those resistant to drugs


Honey is a good ointment to apply on your wound especially one from burns. It will keep it unaffected by bacterial because it’s hygroscopic nature can dehydrate bacteria, sucking up moisture from the wound area.
It’s high viscosity also forms a protective barrier around the wound keeping it from getting infected and speeding up healing process


This is easy to explain. I wrote a post on it already. To know more about this, you can read more HERE!

To summarise;

Know that sperm grows and multiply well when there is excess zinc, vitamin E and Vitamin C in the body and these are abundant in honey.

Imagine now mixing honey with milk and take regularly?!!!!!


Honey has HUMECTANT properties and this means it moisturises your skin and delays aging and wrinkles.
When your skin is well moisturised, it glows and this is why honey is always added to most body creams. 
Rubbing honey on your face is safe and it removes dirts, oil and kills skin infections on your skin through it’s anti bacterial properties

Now, You cannot experience all these benefits of Honey if what you use or consume is FAKE HONEY.



If you pour an original honey into cup filled with water, it will sink and sit at the bottom.

However, if the honey is fake, it will just mix with water and smear the cups edges

2. Turn original honey placed in a jar upside down and it won’t run out. It will either run off very slowly while fake honey with run off quickly out


Another way of differenciating them is to

dip a match coated end into honey and strike the match stick to light.

Fake honey  won’t light while original honey will light and fire will burn around the honey.

I would love to hear from you. Your comments are most welcome. I will be glad to respond.


Food And Obesity (How To Eat And Lose Weight)

   “Note that purchase through this blog will help serve you better and grow us at NO additional cost to you”

This write up was done after intensive research with respected and notable nutritionist both in the medical world and in the educational world.

I believe we understand the basis and foundation of obesity and even the risks However, the persistent question on my mind is; Can the causing factor also be the curing factor?


Before I give you a summary of what obesity is, I would love to remind you that the blog is not a scientific blog; if you love to read more, links will be given to you.
It’s focus is food and it’s written so even a layman will be able to read and understand and make reasonable changes where needed.
Ok! Let’s go on…

OBESITY, which is the leading disease that is preventable or treatable, is the addition of excess fat to the body till it starts making the body malfunction. It’s the source of uncountable diseases from artherosclerosis to diabetes etc

Do you want to know if you are one or coming close? Simple!

Divide your body weight against your height. (Metres square) For example, I’m 90 by weight and 6ft in metres should be around 1.7m.  multiply 1.7 by itself and divide it by your weight and you will know if you are normal, slightly overweight, overweight, obese or very obese.

25-30 is the range of  from over weight to obese. 30 upward is range of obese to very obeae.

So let’s say I’m nearing overweight and caution needs to be taken.

What makes FAT so hard to eradicate?

Fat has so many uses in the body. Infact, without the normal body fat, the body might suffer different complication.

Before I let you into the reason fat is hard to lose, let me share their functions with you.

Some of the functions of fat in the body are;
1. They are heat absorbers. They are located around most organs like kidney, heart etc because their work produces heat and something needs to be done to absorb it
2. They store up in the body and get converted to energy and nutrients when the body is not well nourished . This is why people lose weight when fasting or are in places where there is no food or water. Their body fats gets converted to nutrients that helps to nourish the body
3. They underline the skin where they help maintain regular body temperature.

Let’s stop here… Read more yourself.

Fat is hard to eradicate because unlike salt and other substance that can be expelled by urination, sweating, crying etc, they have no OUTLET. They have to be burnt and incoming source of fat has to be lowered or cut off.

According to science, human store most of their fat in their buttocks, breast and stomach.
Now let’s go to the reason we are here; 


Note: These are not for people who doesn’t want to put in the work and discipline it takes. If you are one, please stop reading!

Also, it took you several months or years to gain up the weight so don’t expect a one week solution. It takes a process of diligently coming down over a period of time and these have no side effects on the body.
Measures to take to lose fat without or with less exercise
1. Water Therapy:  Click on this Water therapy
to know more on how to but to summarise;

*Wake up in the morning and drink as much water as you can

* Wait for an hour before you eat. (That’s it majorly)

Functions Of Water Therapy

From experience, it will kill your strong urge for food, junks and sugary foods. You eat less.

Since it has been researched that the major cause of obesity is food, taking water will cut down the amount of food you take and still make you feel filled (Not hungry).


Even if your work calls for it, always find a time to move around and expend energy.

 Make sure you take any opportunity to walk around. Make sure you sweat in a day. 

Yes! You can call it exercise but it is light exercise. Make sure you are not seated in a place all day.

Don’t be lazy. Engage in skipping when less busy, go on a walk and meditate, intentionally, clean your house, wash your car.

Do something that get your blood moving fast. Engage your self in judo classes, dancing class, community service or any sport you love just for the fun of it.

 As you are doing this and enjoying it, you are burning off fat. Just REFUSE TO BE SEDENTARY!!!!!


If you are so into fried foods, you can try using non-cholesterol oils however if you can, dump foods with high cholesterol. Remember, we are on a journey and determination helps you do this.
CHOLESTEROL (A short summary)

Cholesterol is a fatty substance made by the body to produce some hormones and maybe vitamins.

It’s very essential in the body However, too much of it will for plaques around artery wall thereby shortening the space blood is passing.

 Blood realising this will want to force itself through thereby causing heart related problems like artherosclerosis.

So eat good oils (Non-cholesterols) or do Grills!


I wrote extensively on this and you can check by clicking here… Fruits and vegetables

They are rich in fibres, anti oxidants and vitamins that not only balances your food intake and enhances digestion but also prevents the build up of sugar in your body which will eventually be converted to fat if not used.


Probably they have told you but you feel they are exaggerating or you are procastinating about stopping or reducing it, let me inform you; Sugar is at the core of obesity.

Sugar through a process called Lipogenesis is turned to fat and stored or used in the body. The whole shady deal occurs in the liver when it metabolises fructose or sucrose into fat.

Sugar will not be left unused in the body; so when there is excess of it, it get converted to fat and get stored in the body.

Now, sugar doesn’t only causes obesity, sugar also causes diabetes and high blood pressure. Not stopping there, this same sugar also affect your Sterility as a man. TOO MUCH SUGAR IS BAD!!!

*Cut the sodas

* Cut the diary products with lots of sugar

* Cut alcohol (beer); contains sugar too. Alcohol (spirit) weakens your kidney.

* Cut raw sugar intake. Sweet things are cool but not worth my life.


It has been written like a program in the body that any unused food digested as glucose (which is supposed to provide energy for the body) should be converted to fat. So;
* Eat small to fill your stomach and don’t over eat
* Make sure you feel hungry before you eat. Your body must digest the previous food and demand for another before you give. Stop stuffing your stomach and eventually, your body with unused glucose. It will be stored as fat.


This might seem strange to you but I will explain. Except your cause of obesity is DNA related or others that needs medical expertise, this works most times.
Self psych evaluation is self motivation to become a better you. Sometimes you need the help of a loved one to achieve this. 
1. You speak out what you want.
2. You develop control over your MOUTH. It can be extremely difficult. You might cry many times when the urge comes extremely strong on you but for the joy of the result, you must stand your ground. If what is killing is what you use YOUR HAND to put into YOUR MOUTH, then it can be controlled.
 You own your body, your body doesn’t own you. Command it to do your biddings because if you don’t, your body and lack of self control is KILLING YOU AND YOU MIGHT DIE. SO TECHNICALLY, ITS A WAR AGAINST YOURSELF.


Chocolate Banana Bread Biscotti (Twice baked light biscotti)


The Great holiday is here and the atmosphere is filled with every amazing dishes ever imagined. Amongst many is the sweet banana bread biscotti which is perfect for breakfast.

The recipe is easy and is derived and made from banana bread. So we will first make our banana bread.

(Chocolate banana bread biscotti)
(A beautiful Piece

Chocolate Banana Bread

Baking time- 30mins
Temperature- 220°c



* Flour- 350g
* Sugar- 5tbsp
* Eggs- 2 large eggs
* Cocoa powder- 3tbsp
* Vanilla flavour- 2 capful
* Milk flavour
* Ripe bananas – 7-8 pieces. 
* Groundnut-oil- 100ml
* Pinch of salt
* Baking powder- 2tsp
* Chocolate Chips
In a big bowl, peel your bananas and mash coarsely. Add your sugar, liquid flavour and oil and mix very well.
Break your eggs, whisk and add to the wet banana mixture.

Hint: I love mixing wet ingredients together and dry ingredients together separately before they come together.

* In another bowl, Mix your sieved flour with baking powder, cocoa powder and the milk flavour together.
Then add to your mashed banana mix. I added some little hot water to make it lighter and mix the batter.
* Finally, I added my chocolate chips and mix it lightly into the batter.
* Grease the inside of your baking pan and pour in the batter. Use your baking knife to make the surface smooth.
* Bake for the stipulated time given. Check if it’s done by dipping a tooth pick inside. If it comes out clean, then it’s done.

* Let it cool and run a knife along the edges and turn over on a tray or any solid clean flat surface.

(Chocolate chips leaking through)

To make your banana bread biscotti;

* Cut into rectangular shape your banana bread and shape into size.
* Drizzle chocolate or honey on it and take back to the oven to bake for extra 5 mins and you have your banana bread biscotti.


Àmàlà (How To Prepare The Most Popular Food In Western Nigeria)


It’s origin is not actually known but it is said to originate from the western part of Nigeria where it is majorly enjoyed.

 It’s popularity has grown recently and it’s being served in local African restaurants in London and America.

(Amala with vegetables and Pepper stew)

Another meal of Nigerian decent making waves is the FUFU consumed in some parts of England.

Elubo (Yam  Flour)

Amala is produced from yam that has been peeled, cleaned and dried until the yam looks like wood. It is then grounded to powder form called Elubo.
There are different types of yam used in the production of yam flour and it’s dark colour develops during drying when the yam turns brown.



Yam flour: 500g

Water: 2.5litres

Portion: 5-6plates of Amala

Amala is very simple to prepare however most people shy away from it because they lack the technique needed to prepare
Some common problems that can occur when preparing Amala;

* Presence of lumps all over

* Watery or thick Amala 

* Undone Amala

OKAY! Let’s get to it

1. The first thing to do is to measure the amount of water that will make the portion size of the amala needed and put on fire to boil {some native pour little of the yam flour into it so the water could boil quicker)… i wish i have the time to explain the chemistry in that. Anyway, its very optional. the water will boil nonetheless.

2. Measure and sieve the yam flour in a bowl. Add a little more just in case.

3. At boiling point, you separate about 100cl of the boiling water in a smaller bowl. This will be added to the Amala if it becomes too thick or just to cool it more so it won’t burn.

(Stirring while you pour flour in; you can get someone to if you can’t do both together)

4. Pour the yam flour (Elubo) into the boiling water while stirring lightly until it becomes a little stiff. ( This stage is very crucial because if there is any delay, lumps will develop)

5. At this stage, Stir well continuously until it becomes well mixed.


6. Lower the heat and pour the separated hot water in (50cl first; you might decide to add more if you feel you want it softer)

7. Let it cook and simmer for about 2-3minutes and give the final stirring. By now, your Amala would be glistering and following your stirring movement.

8. Stop stirring, switch off the heat and serve HOT! (Its almost a sin to serve cold)

Amala is a wonderful dish that can be served with varities of soups.

It can also go with stew and vegetables.
OMG! So delicious!!!!!

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“Frying like other types of food processing is very important to the success of any food preparation. No matter how perfect your technique is, once you burn the food, it’s regarded as waste”

 In contrast to baking, it requires more effort, attention and some EXPERIENCE OR TECHNICAL KNOW HOW so you could bring out the best out of your product. 

If all you fry is just the house meat, you might not have need to read this however, if you hate frying or you would love to know more about frying as your work demands it, let’s go.

what do u want to achieve? you are trying to get a golden brown product that is nicely done inside.What you must know to perfectly get it right when frying.


This is the most important factor when frying. Different foods because of their texture demands different level of applied heat when frying. 

* When frying foods like marinated fish, the oil must be hot or you risk messing up the fish you are trying to fry 

* When frying pastries like eggroll, your oil must be on low set heat or else, you will have an undone eggroll. 

Some pastries like puffs, buns, chicken nuggets must be on medium heat or else, it will soak up the oil.

Some frying problem arises when the oil is too hot which instantly burns the outer part of the food while the internal is still fresh
So it’s safe to say the way you control the heat supply to the oil dictates whether frying would be successful or not


The two major reasons why we have splashing or hot oil splattering wildly about is the presence of water in HOT OIL or presence of water molecules trapped in fat.

So you need to Pat dry your protein sometimes before frying especially if you are basting. Also, make sure the oil isn’t too hot before dropping your food inside so it won’t burn you.

Never drop hot oil no matter what happens when carrying it from point to another. Even if it splashes on you during the movement or the handle suddenly becomes too hot for your hand. Suffer it like that or gently place it down. NEVER DROP THE CONTAINER!!!!!!

You probably would have noticed the popping and splashing of oil majorly happens only when you fry your proteins (beef, chicken, pork, fish etc) so you might want to ask an experienced person for help when you want to fry your proteins.

Another source of accident that can happen when frying is the use of faulty equipments. Make sure the handles of your frying pans are tightly knotted and not loose.

 A loosely knotted pan handle will flip over or won’t be able to handle the weight of the hot frying oil and food within when being lifted or moved from one point to another.


Other tips to a perfect frying

1. Don’t fry frozen foods immediately it is removed from the freezer. Let it defrost before frying. This is because the frozen food will reduce the temperature of the oil to the barest minimum before picking up again and this can mess up your frying.

2. Proteins have a lot of water content which affect the consistency of the oil; so it’s better to fry them separately from other foods or you fry the pastry first and make the meat the last thing to fry.

3. Oil most times absorbs the flavor of whatever you fry them with. So it’s important to be careful not to infuse a flavour of a dish into another dish due to re-using of the oil. For example, using the oil you used to fry vanilla flavored chinchin to make pepper stew!

So it’s advisable to have an oil for dishes with flavours that goes together and another for other dishes.

4. When frying pastries under medium heat,  always turn over (after some seconds) the pastry immediately it is dropped inside.

Failure to do this will hinder the pastry from stretching out completely. I’m so sure you would have experienced some pastry that will turn themselves over again when you try to flip them over.

5. Sometimes, you need to switch off the heatsource completely when frying or take off from the heat source when the oil is too hot and put back on when the temperature of the oil has come down. 

When the temperature of oil is extremely high, it tends to start a fire at any contact with water or alcohol. So, to avoid burning down the kitchen, always put off the burner immediately you notice that the oil is extremely hot.

How To Make Fresh And Succulent DONUTS


Donut is one of the most popular and elementary pastry ever created.

Some companies like Dunkin Donuts, Just donuts etc have made millions and billions from making it commercially and selling all over the world.

When properly made, it can be so sweet, succulent and filling. It’s a foundational pastry and there are over 200 types of donuts. Believe me or not, it has come to stay.


* Flour- 1000g

* Magarine (Baking purpose)

* Sugar- 100grams or 7tbsp

The amount of sugar actually depends on the customers (kids, youth, senior citizens) you are making for; For kids, sweet but for adults, minimise the Sweetness.

* Yeast- 3tbsp or 5tsp{level}

* Liquid or Powdered flavor

For liquid: 2 capful strawberry or vanilla etc
3level tbsp (Concentrated milk flavor, vanilla …)

* Pinch of salt: This increases the overall taste.

Personally, I don’t go with the idea of adding eggs, makes it kinda crunchy like cookies so I desist from adding it. (NOTE; This is in the case of ring donut remember I told you there are over 200 donuts)


• Sieve the flour and flavor (if you are using powdered flavor) in a bowl and mix with butter until it forms crumbs

• Add your salt and mix again. Set apart.

• In a smaller bowl, dissolve your yeast in little water(its not necessary the water be hot ; just warm but not cold)

• In another cup, dissolve your sugar and flavor (if you are using a liquid flavor)

• Make a hole in the midst of the flour mixture and add your dissolved yeast. Cover.

• Then mix your sugar and liquid flavour in the flour and add enough water to wrap it up. This is called pre-mixing so don’t go hard with the mixing. Mix gently.

 It must not be sticky on your hand; if it does, then add flour to thicken it up. 


• Then you knead. 


There are 2 methods I use

The first imitates hand washing a cloth. This is done on a smooth work table. You dust your table with flour and pour your dough on it.

Then you apply pressure with your hand and drag. Repeat this process and finally wrap into a ball after some minutes.

Kneading is majorly done so that the donut can be succulent and tender when eating.

• Cut into small round shapes and smoothen it skillfully into a smooth round ball.

• Leave to rise for about 30minutes in an hot environment or 45minutes under room temperature AND FRY under medium heat for about 10minutes.

To make Ring donuts;

Take a risen dough and insert your thumb and third finger in the middle. Use the other fingers to drag it apart so it forms a ring structure and drop into oil immediately

To make Jam donuts;

Fry without making any hole and after frying. Insert your jam.

How to make Healthy Beefy Vegetable Noodles (Healthy foods)


I have never thought I will be an advocate of healthy eating. However, maturity and old age must come to us all.
    So after recent checkup, my doctor advised me to cut down on the junks I consume in my kitchen.
 Although, it’s an Herculean task as I’m a chef, however, to live well and be healthy, one is left with little or no choice
Even as I prepared this, I was tempted to add sausages, creamy side dishes but I choose to go the healthy way. 
Note that you can make a variety of these dish. You can garnish with carrots, cabbage and any other veggies of your choice. You can infuse fish, sausages and finally, if you like it to bring out a richer colour, you could add bell peppers and scotch bonnet. 


°• Noodles of your choice
°• Ground pepper or Habanero pepper
°• Curry
°• Ginger
°• Groundnut oil (LITTLE)
°• Beef (diced)
°• Vegetable of your choice (I used Pumpkin leaves)


Duration: 5-6mins

To start, dice the beef, wash and transfer on a frying pan.
On a medium set heat, add little oil, pepper and curry and ground ginger to the meat and stir fry for 2minutes.
When the meat has changed colour, put in your noodles and add water. 
Stir and let it cook for 2-3mimutes depending on the noodles. During this time, you add your seasoning and spice attached to your noodles or mix yours and use.
When it is almost done, add your vegetables.
Don’t stir but cover for almost 1-2 minutes
Then stir and serve. 
It’s a comfort food but very healthy and very sweet. I would definitely love it if you try this recipe and let me know if you enjoy it. 

Nigerian Beef And Turkey STEW!

Hello friends and happy weekend. Weekends are times of resting when you can get to indulge yourself and practise any of your hidden hobby or passion.

I wrote about fried pepper stew recently and I felt I should include the mother of it all. This can be found in almost every Nigerian home and it’s versatility makes it a must have in every homes. It goes with everything main meal (entree) from rice to potatoes to starches.

This beef and turkey stew is the first major “sauce” I learnt to prepare about 15-16 years ago. So I can consider myself an authority on the matter. It has a characteristic red colour because all the vegetables used in preparing has red colouration except for probably onions.

  So as not to waste any more time, let’s prepare some stew..😄


* Red tomatoes

* Habanero pepper

* Red bell pepper

* Onions

* Ginger

* Garlic

* Beef

* Turkey (fresh or frozen)

* Seasonings

* Curry and Thyme

* Turkey and beef stock

* Salt

* Groundnut oil


* The first thing I do is to wash my Turkey and Meat together in a pot. (You should not separate them from beginning to end) and set them in a pot.

* On a chopping board, I diced my ginger and little garlic, onions and pour inside. I also add thyme, curry and seasoning cubes to taste.

* I add about 500ml of water to it before boiling because I need the chicken stock for the stew.

* Boil for about 45minutes. You might take a piece of chicken out to test whether it’s done (the interesting part)

* While the boiling is going on, you wash your peppers (tomatoes, tatashe (red bell peppers), habanero pepper and onions) and blend smoothly. You can ask for it to be done for you at the market. They will gladly oblige.

(Blended in the market)

* Get a clean pot and pour the blended pepper inside and per boil on high heat for 30-45minutes. You will notice a reduction in the volume of the pepper when it’s done. (Don’t be fooled, it only got concentrated)

* Once your meat are done, strain the turkey and beef stock away and fry the meat to your taste.

(Frying both Boiled Beef and Turkey)
(Fried beef and turkey)
Like my First Head Chef (My Momma) would do, she will pour the oil used in frying the meat into the per boiled pepper, then the meat and the turkey-beef stock to reduce the concentration and increase the volume.

* After this, season the stew again to taste and add salt.

* Cover for another 10minutes and your Beef-Turkey stew is done!


How To Make The Perfect Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Hello guys!

     The Great holiday is coming upon us and I will be writing on some lovely dishes you would love to prepare.

One of the most talked about recently is the Creamy mashed potatoes which goes with many fondues and proteins like steaks, fish fillet etc

It is very easily to prepare;


°• Irish Potatoes

°• Cream

°• Salt

°• Pepper

°• Milk

°• Butter


The first step is to peel the potatoes and wash them.

Then you cut into disc shape. Make the sizes equal so you will avoid lumps when mashing
Pour inside your pot add water , salt to taste and pepper and let boil for 30minutes.
After boiling, rinse out the potatoes and while hot, mash very well
Add your butter, cream and milk to your mashed potato and mix very well.

There you have it, your mashed potatoes.
 NOTE: To have a creamy mashed potatoes, add cheese. If you can’t get cream, use mayonnaise.
 Then, you can garnish with any veggies you love! Bon Appetit!



How To Make Chinese Shredded Beef Sauce.

Shredded Beef Sauce

      It’s amazing that intercontinental dishes though delicate, are the simplest to make.

You only need to switch your mindset from the normal pepper stew that is traditional prepared to some other spices, thickners, sauces and marinades.

For example, cornflour, sweet chilli sauce, soysauce, veggies etc

Shredded Beef Sauce

This sauce is what I love ordering with any of my dishes whenever I’m out on an event because of it’s richness and the alluring black colour.

That is why immediately I registered for Chinese culinary class, it was the first question on my mind to ask the tutor


* Onions

* Green Pepper and yellow bell pepper

* Carrot

* Soysauce (dark)

* Corn flour

* Beef stock/chicken stock

(Natural unprocessed beef and chicken stock)
* Seasoning

* Ginger

* Garlic


There are three simple steps to take;

1. Prepping the veggies and meat

2. Sauteing them

3. Preparing the sauce

Prepping (veggies and beef)

 * Wash and Cut the carrots, meat, peppers and onions in strips.

 * Season the meat with curry, thyme, seasoning cubes, garlic and ginger powder and leave to sit for sometime.


Sautèing is a process of lightly frying and stirring food in little oil. So you saute the veggies first for about 2-3 minutes.

Pack off; then you do likewise to the meat but for about 5 minutes. It shouldn’t be deeply fried but the colour should be out.

 3. Preparing The Sauce

* Put in your groundnut oil

* Pour in your veggies and your beef

* Add your chicken or beef stock

* After cooking on medium heat for about 5minutes, Mix your cornflour with water and pour in and stir. Add water if it clumps or becomes too thick

* Finally add your dark Soysauce. This is the secret to the Alluring rich black colour you love.

* Mix all together, reduce to low heat and let it cool for 10mins and it’s done.

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Water Therapy: Myth or Fact!

Water Therapy

I have always been inquisitive about this therapy to the extent of placing myself under it for days. I will let you know the results before the end of this write up however before we get to benefits and risks; I think the more important question to ask is: Does water Therapy actually works?

Water And The Body

It is not news again that the human body (your body) is made up of 60% water and it also performs a lot of functions in the body which includes urination, joint lubrication, digestion.

 The brain is about 73-75% water and even the bones is about 22- 31% water. Read more at
My summation here is; 
Even without making water a therapy, our marriage contract with water is unbreakable. Nobody can survive without. It’s everywhere; in the food, in the atmosphere etc. Water is very important

          Stay with me!!

Water Therapy involves three simple steps
1. Drink 1.5 litres of water (6cups) every morning when you wake up  before brushing your teeth. Also, make sure you wait for 45mimutes before you eat.

Does that make sense?

    Well, my professor told me that there are some amazing microorganisms that money can’t buy that develops in the mouth overnight which when washed down the body with water when you wake up can work wonders in the body.  Then, give them time to work before you eat.

This looks similar with this first point

2. While undergoing this therapy. After taken breakfast, lunch or dinner. Don’t take anything else for another 45minutes.

Why this is so, I can’t be so sure However, when you are going through water Therapy, don’t mess it up with alcohol, smoke and all. YOU ARE GOING THROUGH A THERAPY!!!

3. Make sure the water you are drinking is pure and safe so you don’t add to the issue on ground

 Benefits Of Water Therapy

(Photo credit: amormagzines)
 It should be noted that water is used for different other therapies like contrast bath therapy, Steam baths ( cleaning, refreshing and relaxation), Sport practising like shadow boxing under water, Running under water etc.
However, what i will be listing here are the benefits of drinking water on empty stomach in the morning (water Therapy)
According to different publications, it was said that water Therapy treats the following diseases;
* Obesity (too much fat)
* High blood pressure
* Body Pains
* Asthma
* Some types of Cancer
* Arthritis
* Epilepsy
* Meningitis
* Menstrual disorder
* Diarrhea
* Eye problem
* Constipation
* Pulmonary Tuberculosis
* Kidney Stones and many more..
It also activates your metabolism and flushes out negative ions in the body. Amazing thing is; Many of these diseases are treated within 90 days  of starting the therapy.

Personal Experience

So I started my own water Therapy adventure even though I didnt know why I was doing it. I wasn’t fat or sick but since water is available and free.. I thought; Why not😁😁?

The first day was hard. I realized drinking 6cups of water or 1.5litres was an Herculean task. I think I tried it for a week before I grew tired. HOWEVER, I observed the following;

* I urinated more frequently.

* I feel lighter after every session and I eat less

* I feel more energetic during the day

And because of this post, I’m starting again for 30days of which I will update the results here.

RESULT (after 30days)… Updated

* I lost some weight because it makes me eat very little and I forget I’m hungry most times

* I felt light and healthy

* Some people complained about my skin

* I lost interest in taking soda and sugary things cause I was always hydrated and not tasty.

More results will be coming from others who participated but here is mine.

Any Risks???
Water Intoxication (Hyponatremia):  This is rare and it majorly happens during competitions. The stomach can hold 1.5litres when its full of food. The stomach is a very strong organ. This is why it is said that you MUST DRINK THE WATER ON EMPTY STOMACH IN THE MORNING! 

This is so you would prevent Hyponatremia.

You must also be careful be disciplined and not abuse water intake so as not to disturb body homeostasis ( balance between salt, sugar, temperature and several elements of the body). So when taking your food, eat healthy foods.

My Final Summation ;
Water is free and available. I will choose water therapy over surgeries, injections or drugs anyday. 
So why not start the therapy with me tomorrow and let’s be healthy… I will love to receive your comments and if you would love to observe the water therapy with me. Cheers!!!


How to prepare Nigerian Eba from scratch

      Eba which is strongly native to Nigeria is one of the most commonly consumed starchy food in Nigeria.

    From study, I realised almost all starch folds up and form sticky molds when processed in hot water.

   This in my opinion, leads to the creation of many known traditional foods in Nigeria.

     It is made from garri and due to processing method, we have the the white and the yellow garri (palmoil is added during processing.

A Brief explanation on making Garri

Garri is made from cassava. It is washed, peeled cut and soaked to be soft so it could be grounded. After grinding, it’s placed in porous bags to completely drain out liquid… It is then dried and fried in a big pan. If palmoil is used, yellow garri is formed.


The first thing to do is to boil water up to boiling point.
Pour the boiling pan into a bowl. Pour the quantity of water you would love to eat or that will be enough for the family to eat. Too much hot water with little garri won’t work. The garri has to fill the hot water.

2. Sprinkle garri into the hot water until it reaches the top. 
3. Leave it to rest a bit for like 2-3 minutes and start stirring. Don’t stir too much; Just make sure the whole mound is mixed together in a clockwise or anticlockwise motion 7-8 times depending on the hand you use and you are done

4. Next is for you to serve and pair it with any type of soup you desire.. Vegetables, melon soup etc. 
Yummy!!!! Try this today and come back to testify. Lol..

How To Prepare Simple Pepper Stew (Ata Dindin)


        Pepper Stew is the most common stew that can be seen in Nigeria especially the local restaurants called “Buka”. It can be prepared with palm oil or groundnut oil and it goes with almost every Nigerian dish.

     It’s excellent with rice, yam, bread, pastas and most swallows ranging from eba to fufu.

This wonder sauce is, as I said, very simple to make.


* Habanero Pepper
* Red Bell peppers
* Onions
* Seasonings
* Groundnut oil or Palmoil
* Tomatoes (fresh or Paste)

* Meat, Chicken or Fish

* Crayfish (optional)

* Curry (Optional)


Just before you start the fire, you need the following preps;
* Wash all the peppers and onions and blend coarsely (not too smooth)
* Wash your meat, chicken or fish; season and boil. Add a little bit more water to the meat so we could have meat stock.

KK. Let’s start cooking

Firstly, pour the blended pepper in a pot and cook for 30minutes. Allow it cook and let the water dry. Put down and set aside.
Get your pot set on a low set heat and pour in your groundnut oil or palm oil, leave for like 45seconds

Add your boiled meat to fry lightly for about 2-3minutes before pouring your blended pre cooked pepper. You can remove the protein if it’s fish you are using and add later. This is so that the fish won’t scatter inside.

Cover and cook on average heat for about 20mins or more depending on the volume of the blended pepper. Then, open and add your curry, beef or chicken stock depending on the meat and flavour you desire.

Cover again and in 25 mins, Open, add your seasoning and salt to taste.

Stir, reduce the heat and put off after few minutes.