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How to make Nigerian events served Corndogs


Hello fam. Hope you had enough rest from the weekend. One of the pastry that stands out in the finger foods family is the corndogs.

However, Not until 3years ago did it became a constant addition to the smallchops being served at events. 

I have seen it been served at different events but only very few caterers seems to get it right. It’s surprisingly simple to make but if care is not taken, you can end up messing it up. 
Corndogs (blessed be whoever thought of it) is a very sweet finger food. It’s a snack you can never get enough of and I will be given you step by step procedure on how to make excellent corndogs.


* Chicken Franks (hotdogs) 4-5 sticks

* Corn flour 2tsp

* Wheat flour 4tsp

* Powdered Milk 2tsp

* Sugar 2tsp
* Egg (1)
* Baking powder (½tsp)


* I love to make use of a narrow glass cup with which I can dip my hotdogs ( To coat the hotdog with batter)
* In a cup, mix the flour, milk, sugar and baking powder together. 
* Break egg in another cup, mix and pour inside the flour mix. Pre-mix, add water and mix well to form a thick smooth batter
* Insert a skewer into the hotdogs, rub in dry wheat flour, tilt the batter cup to a side and dip the hotdog inside. 
* Make sure it covers it completely, twirl from side to side until it carries enough thick batter.
* Then, pre-heat your oil and deep fry the corndogs. 
* Take out and pat it dry with serviette and serve hot with milk or smoothie. Prepare and please get back to me. We love feedbacks. Leave a comment too!

Set of different types of rice in wooden box

How To Recognize And Perfectly Boil Different kind of Rice


Hello friends. Hope you haven’t missed me too much?😉

This topic might be my most infamous topic However, there is no greater disappointment than getting a soggy rice when you aim to impress your family and friends with your rice recipe.

Except you are doing rice rissoto and some other dishes, there is need for you to be able to first identify different kinds of rice, their structures and their absorption rates.

 Then will you be able to know how, what duration and technique of boiling that will give you a perfect boiled white rice to go with your variety of soup.

Types Of Rice, their unique characteristics and Their Boiling Techniques

 The major reason for this post is I have realised consumers don’t understand the fact that not all rice types have the same cooking time and water absorption rate, so they just cook them the same way and end up messing a good day’s meal.


 There are different types of rice; many of which even I got to know through studies; I ll list them but I will focus more on those popular ones eaten in the world

1. Long grained rice (white)

2. Unpolished short whole-grain rice (Ofada rice)

3. Brown rice

4. Basmati rice (long grain)

5. Wild rice

6. Jasmine rice

7. Short grain rice (plump)

8. Black rice (Forbidden rice)

9. Canaroli rice (rissoto and pudding rice)

10. Thai sticky rice

Long Grain Rice (White)

This is the one of the most popular rice eaten in West Africa and some other parts of the world. It’s said to be genetically altered and most of its nutrients gone through series of polishing and processing.
However, cooking of the long grain white is really awesome because once you pour into pot and add water (let the water level rise above the rice), cover and watch for about 30minutes.

 Check for your desired strength, add more water if you want it to be softer or just put down and it’s done. Easy. However, many of the other types of rice I’m about to show you cook differently.


Basmati Rice

I love basmati rice because of its appearance. It’s finesse structure gets me every time and as a chef, I prefer cooking basmati when I have August visitors.
However, basmati rice does not cook the way the long grain white rice does. You don’t even expect to taste softness as like when eating the long grain.
Basmati rice gets done very fast and if you are preparing a jollof or white, it is preferable you soak it in water for about 30minutes, drain, remove the starch before cooking and cooking is just 15minutes or less.

So if you are cooking basmati, unlike long grain, have it in mind that you are not leaving it unattended to. 

Short Grain Rice (Plumpy)

This type of rice are high in starch content and they cook pretty fast too. You can pre soak in water to remove some of the starch or per boil.

 All in all, it  gets soggy and sticky easily and it’s good for rice rissoto and forms structure easily. It also gets done easily so its advisable to cook for a little time

Unpolished Rice (Ofada)

The rice is Plumpy, dirty looking and has brown streak of its body. It’s also called local rice because of its cultivation and processing. It takes quite a long time to cook too.
It is first washed as many times as possible, poured into pot and cover with water. The most common way of cooking this rice is to check when it’s done and drained into a sieve.

 You might never get it right if left for the water to dry off.  It’s simple, when you that and it’s done, drain through a sieve.

Jasmine Rice

From its name, you know what we facing here. It’s otherwise known as fragrance rice and I won’t go into the story of how it got to be a perfumed rice. 
What you need to know is it also has sticky nature and is cooed majorly by steaming. It’s not very good for some rice dishes because of its sticky nature however, you can still use in stir fry dishes and cooking is very minimal.

….Now you know what to do when you get that kind of Rice. #winks

Don’t forget to share and comment. I would love to hear from you.


How To Make The Mango Strawberry MilkShake


Okay, so I got tired of having to cut and chew mango and I decided to make a milk shake with the mango not knowing the taste will be. My friend; it was delicious.

I also thought, because I didn’t know what the outcome will be, why not just add strawberry flavour.

 I didn’t want the fruit because I wanted to retain the light orange mango colour while tipping the taste up a little


* Ripe Mangoes

* 5 tbsp of Powdered milk

* 40cl water

* Sugar 20g

* Strawberry flavour

* Ice cubes (3cubes)

* 2 caps strawberry flavour


It is the simplest thing on earth.

In a smoothie blender, blender or food processor, peel the mango and cut the flesh into it.

In a cup, mix the milk with the water , add sugar and flavour and stir.

After its well stirred, pour into the blender which already contained the mango

Lastly, put your block and blend for one minute and wawu!!!!

 Your milk shake is ready to be downloaded into your body system lol

Good thing is, you are allowed to be creative; instead of strawberry flavour, you can add coconut flakes, banana, citrus etc… Go as wild as you can!!! It will come out sweet. I promise.

Have a great day!!


How To Set Up A Standard Dinner Table For Any Event

      Hurray! We are gradually coming to the end of the year and a lot of celebrations and events are upon us already!
 Are you inviting your family over and you want to give them an experience or you want to do things differently?
   Do you wish to set a romantic diner for your love and you are at a loss on how to proceed?
   Do you wish to celebrate your success with a lovely buffet for your friends and you just don’t know what to do? 
    Think no more as I’m going to guide you towards setting a comfortable dinner table and environment for your occasion.

You are allowed to get creative However, if you just want to do it right, these are some very important steps to take.

  Steps to setting a dinner table

1. Use well designed and colourful dish wares: 

This is important because the majority of what will be found on your table are dish wares, cutleries etc.

So make them stylish and colourful and the colour should go with the theme of the event.

For Example, white plates goes well for families and company dinner where as, mixed colours of red, brown designs will be good for a romantic dinner

2. Engage flowers: 

   Flowers lightens up any event. It creates an atmosphere of love and excellence. It is very important to have vases of flowers at your dinner table However, make sure it is low enough so you can see each other clearly. 

It must not be an hindrance and it is usually placed at the centre of the table toward the left or right.

3.  Cutleries should be well placed at each side of the plate and plate properly positioned at each chair position. Depending on the occasion, you might use chargers,

4. Wines should also be placed at the centre of the table. Just what will be consumed.

More wines can be ordered for Incase there is need for more. Wine glass cups should be well placed beside plate too.

5. Lightening is very important. We don’t want something too bright. Lightening is the most important factor because it changes the mood and brings out the colour of your designs. If possible, you can bring in an expert but if it’s just you and your love, you can use candles or even lantern.

Make sure the table is well litted but not too bright (Except you are having a business meeting). There are different shades and colours that will be well suited based on the main colour you intend to use..

6. Middle of the table should contain your big dish where the bulk of the food is. So it can easily be served around

7.  Low Melancholy music to further soften the mood depending on the kind of dinner you are planning. Though this is not part of the items on the table but what is a real dinner without lovely soft music?!..

8. Plan your Menu very well. You can start with any type of appetizers (light foods), drinks, sandwiches before the main course (main meal).

Then finish with delicious desserts (sweet confections) examples are cakes, ice creams, chocolate drink, cookies, smoothies etc.

    I believe at this point, you will already be having a very successful dinner and get your “yes”….😄😄😄

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NIGERIAN ASARO: (How to make Yam Porridge or Yam Pottage)

Yam Porridge

      One of life’s best food to me is these exotic yam mash dish called Yam Porridge or Asaro.

It is very easy to make and the best part of it is the fact that many lovely other ingredients can be added. Examples are soft plantain, vegetables, Proteins like fish, meat sea foods etc.

A lovely Porridge done with a very good yam will engulf it all and infuse their flavour with its own flavour and by the way, I prefer my Porridge to be pepper red and rich!!! OMG!!

Basic Ingredients (Easy to get)

* Yam

* Palm oil

* Chicken stock

* Salt and seasoning cubes

* Onions

* Smoked fish or any protein of your choice

* Crayfish (ground or whole dried)

* Spice of your choice

* Pepper (habanero)

* Tomatoes and red bell peppers

* Vegetables of your choice (Pumpkin leaves) – Optional

     Prep time: 20mins

     Cooking time: 45-50mins


There are different ways of cooking and this end up bringing out different food taste even though they might look the same.

 My method of cooking is fast, easy and it brings out the best of taste.

1. Peel the yam, wash and cut into cubes.

2. Wash your pepper tomatoes and bell pepper and blend not to thoroughly

3. Pour your yam into pot, add your crayfish and onions and boil for 20mins. (It will still be undone). Don’t let the water dry up completely

4. Pour in your chicken stock, blended pepper, smoked fish and every other protein, spice and seasoning cubes and cover for another 15mins (reduce the heat to medium heat)

5. After 15minutes, open, add your palmoil, salt and your leafy vegetables.

6. Stir, mash lightly or fully depending on how you like it and let steam for another 10minutes and your Porridge is done. If it is too thick, you can add little water to loosen it before covering to steam.


  Open and wawu!!!!!! Your sweet Porridge is done. Make sure you don’t over salt, once you get that right, you can’t miss the rest.

Prepare it today and get back to me please. Your response will be most appreciated! Have a lovely weekend.

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MEAL PREPPING, The Key To never missing BREAKFAST And Dangers Of Missing Breakfast!


 Hello friends, it is paramount I write about this topic because we live in a fast track generation where time must not be wasted, thereby ruining healthy practises like taking breakfast.

  This is usually replaced with black coffee and dangerous junks that ruins the health and increases the blood pressure

While it is being managed in the European countries where they still manage to whip out sandwiches and simple breakfasts ideas, it is the opposite in Africa.

For example, Lagos, Nigeria is a state where 80percent of the working population are already on the road by 5:30am; Most times even before 5:00am.

  So it is almost impossible for them to take breakfast and unless you are amongst the lucky ones whose office or company provides breakfast, It means you join millions of Nigerians ruining their health.

This overall affect the average death range of a country.

      Dangers of missing breakfast

 FAT STORAGE: When you skip breakfast, signal are sent to the body to conserve nutrients to be used for the day as it confuses your not eating breakfast as scarcity of food.

 So, the body converts nutrients to fat to be stored in the body and this affects your body weight. thanks

  Eating high fibre and nutritious food helps to focus more on your daily routine and work. Not eating means less focus. Need I say more?

It also reduces hunger during the day which also cuts your craving for junks.

 There are several reasons why people skip breakfast but chief amongst them the fear of getting late to work.

 These are processes of food you undergo like de-scaling, washing and cleaning, peeling, spicing, juicing etc before the cooking part.

 It takes time and it can be rigorous to do when you wake up by 4am and you are supposed to be out of your house before 6am.

 So you must find time to do some important part before the day you need the meal. It might be before you sleep or when fully rested.

Apart from it being able to help achieve easy breakfast preparation, it’s fun to do and it helps you avoid mistakes in food preparation.


 Let me start from the easiest to some complex dishes however, these are what you need first.

¢ Nice food box, flask etc

¢ Refrigerator to preserve what you prep.

¢ Microwave oven to quickly heat up food

¢ Ziploc bags

Cereals: They are high in fibre and can supply you the daily nutrient you need.

There is oat, corn flakes, rice flakes and different cereals you could easily cook up before you go to work. It ensures you stay off junks.

Sandwiches: There are different types but whipping up an omelette shouldnt take up to 3minutes.

  Break eggs, whisk well, add pepper and salt.
  Fry the egg lightly, if you have more time, you can garnish with Vegas, hotdogs, ground beef etc.
  stash in-between the slice breads and cut diagonally. Stuff into your box and off you go or quickly take some bites with milk before you dash out.

Soup and Stews

In my home kitchen, this is done every weekend. This is why you need a refrigerator. All the different soups are prepared over the weekend and stored inside the fridge.

After soup is prepared, it is poured in small containers labelled Monday- Friday. So if I have to prepare dishes like :

* Rice

* Mashed Potatoes: cooked with margarine before mashing.

* Yam

* Plantains

  All i do is Wake up, pour rice on fire, put salt and before I finish taking my bath, the rice is done.

For Yam: I peel, wash, cut the yams and store in the fridge before sleeping. So on waking up, I put my yams on the fire and go have a bath. By the time I’m done, it should be ready.

Before i forget, before you can be successful in this task. You must make sure you pre-plan so you will have all your materials down.

For more arduous dishes like fried rice, it is paramount you procure all the vegetables and cut down and refrigerate or you procure mixed vegetables from the supermarket.

The night before, you prepare your sauce by frying them in oil (don’t add your eggs yet or hotdogs)

When you wake up, perboil your rice with fried rice spices, bring out your sauce, heat up and add your eggs, hotdogs before stirring in the rice.

Put chicken stock in it and cover to cook for the next 15mins and it’s done. Everything should be around 45minutes. It might be longer but you achieved breakfast that will keep you fit, healthy and focus at work.

Most importantly remember that healthy breakfast is extremely important and these can be achieved if you learn the art of Meal prepping.

I hope you will start working on your health by preparing healthy breakfast for yourself and prepping afore hand.

Please read and share. Thank you.

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7 Strong Ways To Avoid HUNGER As A Student In Higher Institution

Hello guys, I can’t actually believe I’m writing this but really, if this blog is not about helping lives and actually solving problems then, there is no reason for it.

I will include my own experience because I passed through it and I knew a lot of students that pass through this and because of it, became terrible monsters in school while believing they had good excuses for their behaviours.

Although, I was from an averagely well to do family, there still came sometimes where I couldn’t even afford a day’s meal and you wonder how you will read and pass when your stomach is empty.

By the way, you should know that lacking money or not having anything to eat in a far away institution from home is NOT an excuse to perpetrate evil.

Some join cultism, engage in stealing and real robbery, some girls sell their bodies while some became internet fraudsters.

Why do that when there are sure ways to making sure some of your most vital needs are met.

Let’s discuss some:

1.  SAPIOSEXUALITY: I didn’t even know there was a word for this until I saw it somewhere.

Sapiosexuality is when a person discovers he or she is attracted to intelligent people.

I’m sapiosexual; I love intelligent guys and believe me, almost 80 percent of ladies and many guys are too.

Being intelligent in a school is very precious because it can afford you a good life.

However, You can’t stay in one corner and be forming secret genius. You have to let it show.

Once in my 200level, I decided I was going to be taking my course mates tutorial on things they don’t understand anytime class was without lecturers.

I discussed with my class rep and he was like, why not?

For the moment it lasted, I was well attended too. A lot of guys will invite you to help with assignments and even appreciate you with some sums.

Ladies will come around and sometimes bring delicious foods.

Must I complain I’m getting tired or hungry? Say no more… Food will be flying..

The funniest thing was, I wasnt a genius. I just read when others are not reading!

2. JOIN A FAMILY: A good church, mosque or whatever your religion is, Student union or select good friends.

(Be part of a good family). I will never forget when I suffered and was hungry for days.

When I finally let out to my choir coordinator, He scolded me and his exact words were: Why do we say we are one family of God if we can’t confide in each other? (I hated asking then)

Select a leader in the department you join to talk to. Don’t die silently. Your Blood relations are not supposed to be your only family

3. Humble yourself and start a small food business (it is impossible for you to be selling consumable products and be hungry).

There was a time when my business was suffering, sales was low and I was hungry.

It got to a stage, I made one shawarma for myself and I ate or maybe 3 (lol)

My business didn’t die because of that. I lived to fight another day.

4. BE A GIVER: To say the truth, it’s not every time you will be hungry or not have enough, God is always faithful.

Some few times, abundance will come. Save but don’t forget your neighbours.

Be known as a giver so when you need help, you will be helped. You will not be seen as a fraud, a cheat and lose your self respect and integrity.

5.  Find a school daddy, mummy, aunty, uncle or whatever it is called these days.

If the tough cannot go on again, they would find a way. Sometimes a very strong bond is formed and they care excessively for you.

They will point you to a good direction, give you priceless information and make your school life easier if you get a good one

6. Learn a skill or use whatever talent God has given you.

I understand it’s paramount to discover purpose but I will say for survival sake, recognise your talent first.

What am I good at? What do I love to do, what do I do that doesn’t stress me(enjoy doing it); If you can’t get one, create one.

Learn how to play a musical instrument, learn how to make jokes, repair shoes, make food, join a dance group. LEARN SOMETHING!!

7.  Don’t be toxic, harmful, bitter, a saddist or dirty.  Be friendly, always neat, smart, knowledgeable, always smiling, dependable. Always send out a good vibe.

There are many ladies or guys that doesnt know what it means to be hungry.Mummy brings food every weekend. There is more than enough.

Now I’m not saying be nice because of food or become a beggar; that was why I emphasized GIVING.


Being this way goes beyond food however, I don’t want to go beyond the scope of my topic. You attract good people.

I made a lot of lady friends by just saying ” Can I help with that load, i can see you are tired”.. and while helping, they will be willing to be your friend.

They will even be the one to offer you their contact, you will be shocked.

Make a positive impact to people’s life and you will never be forgotten.

Most importantly, After from surviving in school, you would have made the world a better place.


Kk. Since the post has ended. Let me just tell you a little real life story of mine to solidify my point. 

It was a Sunday and I just finished leading powerful praise and worship in my local church. I got home tired and hungry and it was schools dry season. (When nobody has much)
 About 5pm, I got so hungry that I started feeling dizzy, I couldn’t even remember if I ate dinner the previous night.

Kk, so I was like, instead of dying at home, it’s better to die on the road where people can rush you and ask you what you wanted. I started walking a very long distance to my pastors house.

After 5mins of walking like a ghost holding my stomach, I suddenly remembered that one of my church member (school mate) lived around, so the Spirit asked to just branch.

I got there and as I opened the door, they were just serving (him and his girlfriend), a dish of Rice, stocked vegetables and plantain with beef. I controlled myself first so I don’t misbehave.

They were surprised to see me (I don’t visit people)..  Choir coord,  welcome, they said. Where are you going this Sunday evening as I was carrying bag?
 I lied and said “LIBRARY”.. they were astonished and started hailing me ; efico (meaning genius). So they said; Care for some food before you go?

I was like hunnnnnnnn (forming not sure if I wanted it or not but praying they won’t change their mind)

Long story short, they served me big size; I first gave thanks to God for not letting me collapse on the road and delve into it.

Funniest thing was: After the food, with the fan blowing, I didn’t know when I Slept off.. they finally woke me up around past 11 so I can go sleep in my hostel…. Me that didn’t know the time still wanted to be going to my fake Library….

They just made one funny remark about library and we all laughed and I headed back to my hostel.. strong enough to fight another day.
Lolll. Please help share. I LOVE YOU!

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The Cheapest And Most Affordble Culinary Schools In Canada (Loans, Installments)

Culinary Academies Around The World

Culinary academies are institutions where you learn the professional art of food preparation and its business.

 It is a vast area of specialization because of the following reasons:

 1. There are innumerable varieties of food recipes in this world to be studied and experienced
 2. Each country of the world has their unique food that goes in accordance with their culture
 3. Its a very profitable line of business as no one survives without food.


There are actually very few standard and registered  culinary schools around the world that can accommodate intenational students. Examples are;
* Le Cordon bleu

* Ashburton Chef Academy

* Royal Academy

* Leith Academy

* Tanta Marie etc

One thing is common amongst these schools is they are very expensive.

Each culinary course (3-6) months go between the range of 5000 dollars to 15000 dollars while 9months to 2 years can cost up to 40-50,000$

For some of the schools, international students costs more while for others, its the same.

Most  international students finds it hard raising this kind of money Hence, my research into finding the best schools offering financial options and are affordable.


 The first country which have been very helpful in reducing prices and making it easier for international students to study and flourish is Canada.


  1. The Culinary Art School Of Ontario (Mississauga)

Though not the cheapest However, compared to most other schools in canada, they really have very good options and benefits.
They have loan options and surprisingly, you can pay installments according to their rules and policies

                             Tuition Fees
 Ontario culinary school offers four courses
* Culinary Art Diploma. ($6550)
* Culinary Management Diploma ($6500)
* Professional Chef ($13950)
* Sous Chef ($7950)

*Other fees are included like books and registration fees is between 1000$- 1500$

For more information, visit;

  2. Vancouver School of Pastry Art 

Vancouver pastry training school have a lot of short one day to one week training courses but their next grand full time certificate program starts April.

  Tuition Fees

* Professional pastry training certificate program : $2488 

 * Professional Artisan Bread Making Course: $2288

 * Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program : $2288

 * Diploma Chocolate Training Program: $2488

 * Advance Fine French Pastry training: $1288.

For more information, Visit:
  I would love feedbacks, comments and receive any QUESTION you have concerning this schools.

 Also, I will be doing researches for UK and other Countries as request is being made. Stay tuned to Caterbakes. Love you.


How to make meatpie COMPLETE VERSION (The Pie family series)

                          PIE MAKING

 Pie making is an art that has been on for some ages and I won’t really bother with history

 If you are keen on knowing history of pies, google it up.

 What I know is for you to be able to whip up your own batch of sauce and covering  and eventually making pies in your home by yourself.

    So there are different kinds of pies;
¤Chicken pie
¤Fruit pie
¤Fish pie
 Pies are generally named after the content and there are different shapes, sizes and designs.
However,  today I ll teaching on how to make Meat pie.


The uniqueness of the meatpie is simply because it is filled with meat. 

For the meatpie,  preparation of two things are important;

1. Dough used as cover
2. Sauce Content.

   Ingredients for dough
¢ All purpose flour (500g)


   ¢ Baking powder (40g)
   ¢ Margarine (250g)
   ¢ Pinch of salt
   ¢ Nutmeg (flavour) 
   ¢ little water (2-3tbsp) 
Ingredients for sauce
   ¢ Grounded beef
   ¢ Irish Potato (as thickener, some people use flour) 
   ¢ Groundnut oil
   ¢ Seasoning
   ¢ Salt
   ¢ Ginger and Garlic
   ¢ Pepper (habanero pepper)

                Preparation of Dough
   * Pour your flour into a container, add your baking powder and pinch of salt and* Add your margarine and mix until it forms crumbs (because of the amount of butter, the crumbs are yellow in colour)

* Mix with little water and knead lightly until it forms dough.. Believe me, it will form with little water because of the amount of butter.

* Wrap inside cling film and put in fridge to set for about 15mins.  Upon release, it would come out smoothly and round.

* Cut out a chunk and roll out thin (2mm), OPEN UP YOUR MEATPIE CUTTER,

If you can’t get a MEATPIE cutter, after the dough is rolled out 2mm, pour the sauce in the middle, close it, cut and trim the edges and press together with a fork. If it doesn’t close, sprinkle little water at the edges before pressing together with a fork.

                 SAUCE PREPARATION

* Put oil on a pan under a medium set light
* Pour in your chopped onions and pepper, stir and reduced the heat to low set
* Add your seasoning and add your minced meat. Leave for 3mins
* After 3mins, open and pour in your chopped potato and add water and salt to taste.
* Cover and let it cook for 10mins.
      After this, stir all and pour out on a tray.  Spread out on the tray and allow to cool.
When it cools down, it would have come together and can be used for MEATPIE sauce.



5-10 Years Kitchen appliances brand review (How strong they are after years of active work)


From the start, I never wanted to be just another food blogger who writes about food. I wanted to make a real difference.

This is why I don’t just write about food but create a balance by writing also on food business, making a career from food production, nutrition and health, kitchen appliances brands, safety and management.

 So today, I’m going to review 3 kitchen appliances that was purchased brand new and how they are still working after 5years.

 This took me to different random homes so I will be able to have a perfect result.

                  Why am I doing this?

 First and foremost, It will help in making a decision of what brand of  kitchen appliances to purchase and gives you a futuristic view of what to expect and how strong they will be after some years of active work.


The fridge is a 6yr old fridge  which has been on active duty in an average family.

 The body remains fairly intact and the freezing ability remains good considering its nearing the end of its warranty (which is usually 10yrs for LG)

Further questioning reveals that they have not changed any of its part or fill its compressor since purchase.

 Apart from the handle where some painting seems to be gone and the silver coating going dull, I think the physical appearance is still in good shape.


 Since the owners are very close relatives, I decided to stay a while and observe.

The interior remains clean though some parts are rusty. However, the structure inside have managed to stay strong.

 The cooling strength has reduced as it takes longer period of about an hour and a half to have food material frozen unlike 30-45minutes in its younger years.

 Overall, I would say I score the LG product 80percent and I would recommend it to an average family as a good product.

Gas Cooker/Oven.

   Thermocool is a Nigerian company and for a country which is very much related to fake products, Thermocool has set the pace for producing quality appliances and this really amazes me.

      My refrigerator which is thermocool is 2years plus and it has never dissapoint. However, the focus here is their gas cooker with oven.

(After years of active duty) 
(Brand new picture)

       The design is cool and I love that the burner is detachable. Also, the body is very resistant to rust. However, I believe it has remain fairly clean because the owner cooks averagely and doesn’t do more of grilling or make effective use of the oven under.

 My result on this gas cooker is there are few rust, the design makes cleaning and oil removal easier to tackle and working capacity is still in its maximum capacity.  I give it 85percent and I will recommend this to an average family and a medium size restaurant.


In my perspective, I think microwaves are meant to last forever. 

I’m of this opinion because my dad, being an importer of appliances brought in some microwaves which are well over 5years and astonishingly, they all still work perfectly.

    However, my problem with microwaves generally is its complex operating manuals.

    The heating compartment in the  microwave will work while some other awesome functions like defrost etc will just refuse to respond to touch and this is why I love Samsung microwave 

(A brand new samsung microwave)

Easy Operation

  The microwave I choose here is very easy to handle and operate. Microwaves are not an everyday MUST use appliances, hence, their ability to stay clean and strong for many years.

All the brands I have investigated are awesome but I will recommend Samsung majorly because of its easy to operate without much use of an operating manual of the OTHER FUNCTIONS.

 Also, the physical and even the interior remains pretty in a near perfect state.

  I’m going to write about 3 more kitchen appliance and different brands; blenders, mincers and mixers, juice extractors etc but let’s stop here for now.

   My summation is Most brands are cool and fairly strong but their ability to stay in a good shape however rough it is used is what separates them.

  I believe Letting you know that brand which will serve you better next time you go shopping so you can choose wisely is priceless information. Caterbakes loves you.


NIGERIAN AFANG SOUP: An Awesome Soup You Must Prepare Today!

 Guys! This is officially the sweetest vegetables I have eaten. I just couldn’t have enough of it.

        It was weekend and we thought, why not make an unusual soup; Something we know how to prepare but due to laziness, we don’t. It took sometime but afang came to mind at the end of the day.

     After experiencing heaven with the soup and pounded yam, I decided to share the recipe with you so you can feel what I felt.

     Afang Soup

(Water leaves)
    (The leaves at the top is okazi leaves. Didn’t snap before putting but you could see its well grounded or pounded unlike the water leaves)
   The awesome soup originates from akwa-ibom, Nigeria and its a combination of two nice vegetables namely:

   Water leaves and Okazi leaves.


 * Water leaves (300g)

 * Okazi leaves (450g)

 * Ground crayfish

 * Stock fish

 * Shaki

 * Cow skin (ponmo)

 * Diced meat

 * Palm oil (30cl)

 * Habanero Pepper

 * Salt to taste

* Stock cubes

* Onions

* Mixed meat stock


        For convenience sake, it is important you first cut the water leaves and pound or grind the okazi leaves.

 Set aside in different bowl and wash them; Set aside.

    Another thing to do before cooking is to grind the pepper and onions and set aside

      Also, boil and season the stock fish, cow skin and cow trippe, meat with stock cubes and salt to taste until soft and set aside in a bowl.


     Cooking is quite fast and not too stressful after preps is done.
   Step1:  Pour your palmoil into the pot alongside your mix meat stock and let it simmer. ( This should be done on a medium set heat)
   Step2: Pour in your stock fish, dry fish, grounded crayfish, cow trippe, meat and stir.
    Step3: After about 3minutes, pour in your pepper and stir again, lower your heat a bit and leave for 5minutes.
   Step4: Then, the first leaves that goes in is the water leaves, pour and in and cover, don’t stir. 
        After 3mins, pour in the grounded okazi leaves, cover again and leave for another 3mins (all under low set heat).
         Then, open, stir and add your stock cubes and salt to taste.
     After these, cover for another 3minutes and its done!

 Wawu!!!  Your tastiest vegetables ever!

 Please don’t forget to help this blog by sharing.

 Love you all and make sure you have fun cooking it!

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How to make Honey cinnamon roll

Cinnamon roll

 Hello, I always appreciate it when I see the views and people reading and sending me comments. God bless you.

So I give you a special pastry called Cinnamon roll.  This is a sweet bun that is eaten as breakfast in  most European countries.

It can be served with honey, chocolate, cheese, cream and different kind of syrups example, maple glaze. So, let’s get to it.

By the way, I will be using pictures from my instagram page screenshots. So go follow me and send me personal messages. Would love to meet you.


 ° Flour 250g

 ° Sugar to taste (this is because of the in filling)

 ° Margarine 50g

 ° Milk (Optional)

 ° Honey to glaze or any syrup

 ° Raising Agent (yeast) 2teaspoon

 ° Cinnamon 1tsp

 ° Pinch of salt

 ° Sesame seeds (crunchy back, optional)


 The first step is to make the dough.

  * Mix flour with margarine, raising agent and cinnamon in a container until it forms crumbs.

  * Mix sugar and milk with little water, Make a whole inside the container with the hand and add your sugar-milk liquid.

  * Pre-mix lightly, add more water and mix at a higher speed in your mixer.

  * Pour out on a well floured board and knead until it smoothens up, fold into a ball shape and let it rest for 30mins

 * After 30mins, it would have been well risen, flour your board again and flatten out with your roller. If you are making much, you can cut into two and roll out flat and wide differently.

 * Next step is to glaze the inside with any topping you love.. Chocolate, brown sugar, honey, mayonnaise or any marinade of your choice

* Next step is you roll up from the side upward until it turns to a rope like or ribbon shape.

Next step is you cut vertically in different sizes.

      Baking procedure

* Spray your baking pan with oil spray or brush with butter
* Line your rolls on it and brush with eggs to give it a lovely brown appearance

* Sprinkle your sesame seed to give a crunchy base.

* Bake at medium heat for 45mins, take out and it’s ready to be devoured

Do practise today and get back to me. I will love to receive your comments, questions and criticism. Have a lovely day.


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10 Skills You MUST Acquire To Be A Good Cook.

  1. Do you think you are a good cook? Let’s go over this and you might find out if you are.

I decided to write on this topic because I was recently enlightened to what I didn’t know.

Growing up staying beside my mum which happens to be a very good cook, I learnt naturally basic cooking skills which I thought everybody must definitely know.

However, I realise this to be very untrue.

This, I was told, through personal research is because some people didn’t grow up with a mum; some were raised by single parents.

I have a friend who told me they were never allowed to cook even as girls; only their mum cooks for their dad and family.

Then, I realised, the things I have got so freely wasn’t so common after all. So, I have decided to put some out for you guys to see.

10 kitchen wisdom tips you need to be a good cook.

1. Before attempting any dish, Be sure to know all the ingredients required and also be able to differentiate which are compulsory ingredients and optional.
For example, you cannot decide to prepare Nigerian ayamashe (local rice sauce), then forget to procure iru (locust beans) at the market or prepare Jollof rice and forget groundout oil or even rice itself.
2. Stay away from dishes whose ingredients are too scare or too hard to find.
This cannot be over-emphasized. This is very important in the case of preparing continental dishes and when you want to cook to impress


According to the name, spices are meant to improve the taste and aroma of the food and not overcome the food’s major essence. So, keep it simple with spices.

It’s better to cook a simple delicious meal than one that will upturn the stomach.


 Spice to spice interaction and spice-food interaction. For example, some spice have strong aroma and tend to over-ride all other ingredients

we have thyme and rose Mary in that section.

You should also know which spice will go for which food and which spice blends well.

For example, cumin goes with coriander while ginger and garlic are also very good together.

5. Train your tastebud to understand how to apply salt and stock cubes.
It is important to know at this stage that stock cubes already has high amount of salt and that iodized salt can be added to food anytime.
 Note (my opinion): Never put salt in food before stock cubes. You run a high risk of oversalting the food.


Adding water to food which later overwhelms the food and make it unpresentable and tasteless is another major problem.

Every food at one stage or in its entire preparation needs addition of liquid, water most times.

This can be learnt over time to know the exact amount of water that will be needed to cook a particular dish.
Before I became good, what I do is I add water sequentially until it’s done.
 Although, this requires you not being far from the food but it is better than spoiling the food.
7. Except you are cooking alone which is rare, always have a person you can call to taste for you. This can be easily acquired as nobody rejects
This is because sometimes, our taste buds fails due to stuffs previously eaten, sickness, heartbreak etc.
 So, before you dish out that food to your family or customer, get a foodie who understands food to taste for you.
8. Never neglect your food. You don’t start cooking and go play football, games or whatever demands your 100% concentration.

It’s not a good idea and its dangerous because of fire outbreaks.  It’s either you stay close or have a sous chef on ground to take over the cooking.


Dont ever add what you don’t know much about into your main course dish. You can separate a small portion out to do a controlled test.

This is so you don’t have to throw away the whole pot and start again. To learn more about developing professional skills, visit Chef’s cooking skills

10. To be a better cook, there is nothing wrong having an experienced person around to learn from.
New skills are being developed everyday and nobody was born with cooking skills. It was acquired. Even if you have to pay, you can only pay once!

Love you guys and I hope your cooking skills improve and DON’T forget to share our page and click on the notification button so you don’t miss our posts.


How To Make Nigerian Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs

 If you are like me and you are tired of boiled eggs or dry fried eggs, jump in here and lets have scrambled eggs.

Scrambled eggs are different  from the normal fried eggs in the following ways.

       Appearance and Texture

It must not be crisp and dry. It must be mushy and creamy, looking sexy and almost looking like something to glaze inside your bread.


¤  2Eggs
¤  Margarine
¤  Milk
¤  Pepper (Optional)
¤  Onions (Optional)
¤  Salt
¤  Stock cube (Optional)


For preps, I love setting up my small saucers down with the ingredients first so I don’t miss anything.

Step1: Whisk the eggs together and add your milk (2-3 spoons of liquid milk).

Step2: Mix together and add your pepper and onions and stock cubes and salt.

Everything is mixed together because the continuous stirring will not give us time for any addition.

Step3: Melt little margarine on a pan and add the mixture. Make sure you cook under a low set light and stir continuously for like 3mins until a full creamy cuddles are formed.

Then you plate and garnish with any situable vegetable.

* Note that there are different other types of scrambled eggs for example, the French scrambled eggs would not be placed directly on the fire but placed on a boiling water bowl (bain-marie) while stirring.

This is done because they want only the steam to cook it. However, this takes a lot of time even though it comes out smoother and creamier.

Then, we have the American scrambled eggs which on addition to the pan, THEY DONT STIR BUT THEY FOLD ON THE PAN AS ITS FORMING and all this different  techniques requires margarine/ butter to cook instead of oil.

It doesn’t take much time; approximately 10mins. Why not try my recipe today? Thanks.

Why you should invest in the COCKTAIL business!!!

        The cocktail Company

 Firstly, I would live to say thanks for always creating time to read and learn.  Without you guys, caterbakes is just a souless voice. Okay!
Investing in this age and time has proven to be the most lucrative venture ever if done right. However, its also the fastest way to lose your life savings because of many factors.

 While many loves the idea of investing in the food industry, Very few actually do because they know nothing about the industry.

 Its an industry where you need skilled workers and a lot of invariables are involved unlike where a solution Is developed and showcased to companies after if received will only be monitored.

In food, there are a lot of uncertainties and disappointments; However, I discovered a part of the industry that is flexible enough to maintain a decent and safe investment and that’s the cocktail industry.

5 Reasons why you should start a cocktail business or Invest in it

1. Establishment

       Unlike the main courses and appetizers, setting up a cocktail company is quite easier. It might take you to enrol in a few weeks training class if you want to be personally involved or just employ a professional whom you will pay to do the job and you can learn from.

To start, its more of your skills at mixing (knowing what to mix together) than the actual materials and equipments you need to get. Compared to other business areas of food business, the cocktail, smoothie, dairies  business is the easiest to establish.

2. Financing

 To start an event cocktail and drinks business, you don’t necessary need to get a kitchen.

 For other aspect of food catering, there is need for huge financial backing in case of mismanagement, irregular and unstable prices of materials etc. However, the cocktail business has stability; so there is lesser risk of folding up.

3. Preservation
    Another good reason why I would put my money on the cocktail business is because most of the materials involved are almost 100percent preservable.

All the wines and drinks can be freeze or tightly covered. All your dairies can be preserved. So, you avoid losses by wastage through spoilage.

4. Accountability
 For most cocktails and drinks, Service to clients is through glasscups which are measured.

Also, during negotiation, charges are made per cups and by the way, sizes of cups are different.

All in all, you are saved from dubious employees trying to clear you out.

 For example, an ex-worker of mine who I told to buy #2000 worth of meat bought a thousand and I didn’t know until later and that’s because I have experience and intuition.

However, that can’t be done with cocktails if the owner is vigilant.

You are able to know what your expenses are, your sales are and your resulting profit which is the major key for growth in any company.

5. Easy Processing
 For this point, I wish to make it known to all cocktail specialist and mixologist that I don’t intend on downplaying their business.

However, for a chef like me that has catered in different aspects of food from appetizer to entree, I really believe the cocktail doesn’t require much stress as those in the appetizer section.

A good example is smallchops (finger foods),

 To make just 100 packs, it must follow through different layers of preparation from knife works on vegetables to making of the cover to making of sauces, wrapping, folding, chicken grilling, puffs making, banana fritters, meatballs, prawns, peppered gizzard etc.

It doesn’t end there, you must probably fry at the event so as to be able to serve hot and at the end, you might not make half of the profit cocktails will give you.

So, are you looking to invest without raising your blood pressure or falling into depression, cocktail business is the business for you.

 NOTE PLS, I’m not implying there are no challenges in starting a cocktail business. I’m only juxtaposing the different stabilities, profitabilities and stress level of various food businesses.  


How to make WHITE and BLACK OFULOJU; Ist ever written post of the black by me! ( The Ekuru saga!)

The white and BLACK ekuru!

  Pls pardon the early publish, I just couldn’t wait!!!!!! Pictures in a bit!!!!
       I’m really surprised nobody has written about the black ekuru; made me start thinking its scarce but not really,  it’s even more common than the White where i come from.  So, I think I got a first!!!!!  (dancing!) kk..
          My story with this awesome dish started with my uncle always sending me on errands to buy it in the local market.  Then,  I was pulled off by the name but my inquisitiveness about food started a long time.  So I decided to try it and it wasn’t bad at all.
       16years later,  was in the market to buy my normal appetizer ingredients when I encounter it again; this time,  I decided,  I’m going to write about it!

      Ekuru (white moimoi)

         Ekuru is made from shelled beans and this can be achieved when the beans is soaked till it becomes soft enough. Kk, let me not rush you;


             The uniqueness of Ekuru is the fact that NOTHING is added to its batter during processing; they are all complimented for in the ayamashe stew you eat it with.  The “ata dindin” will be incorporated with a lot of good stuffs that the pureness of the OFULOJU would be totally forgotten.  So let’s prepare:


         Soak the beans for about 45minutes – 1hour (Actually,  it’s 45minutes but when mum calls from her room early in the morning for us to go and shell the beans as she would have woken up to soak it, it takes about 15minutes to decide amongst 4boys who would go and most times,  it’s me as I’m the last born lol.. Always so painful then!!)
   Kk, so,  remove the cover by taking a scoop and rubbing it in between your palms quite forcefully until you feel all is removed.

      * Pour in water and stir,  the shell should come out while the bean would stay down.  
       * Then, pour out the water along with the shells out into a sieve,  pour out the water in a bowl under and use again until you feel the shells are all removed. That was our technique then,  today,  we have machines capable of that. 
       * After shelling,  blend coarsely and set aside to Stir.

        “This is the part we all dread in the house. Thank God for electric mixers this days. 

Mix until very fluffy and wrap in leaves in baking pans and Tins or in foil and cook for about 45mins depending on the heat which should be a medium set heat.

 Also,  Note that it must be stirred well so as to achieve the crumbly texture.  

 Open,  let it cool down and serve with ata dindin or ofada sauce (Ayamashe) 

Very quickly for the BLACK OFULOJU,  

The name is actually called in my dialect ” ekuru Alaro” meaning dyed ofuloju. It is even more popular where I come from than the white.

Steps to making the black ofuloju

Step1:  Wash little potash and mash into little water, set aside.

Step2:   It’s very simple. After grinding the shelled beans,  while stirring, add kaun/akaun POTASH to the mixture and these while cooking The Ekuru turns it black and also gives it a loving flavour you won’t forget easily! 

   Merry Christmas from “uncle_shawr” (insta handle) kitchen! Love you!

How To Get Business Contracts As an Entrepreneur! Breaking the Ice!


You see companies getting big time jobs on social media and you are wondering how it came by.

  You see a start up company blowing out in their first few months and you have been there for years struggling and getting depressed.

Today I will be writing probably my most serious post and the truth straight from my heart and from experience.

 I problem have done over 100 deliveries and events put together in my few years of business and with my calculation fed over 40000 mouths in my day to day deliveries,  events and kitchen sales.

How To Get Business Contracts

 Before I jump to it,  I have some few things ringing in my heart I would love to say. 

 As an entrepreneur (business owner), You are different from an employee who has a stipulated everyday step by step activities laid down by his employer and at the end of the month collect his or her wages. 

As an entrepreneur, Your idea is your responsibility. You can’t afford to be weak in any area be it account, execution, strategy or be it physically, emotionally or even Spiritually!  

There is a law of natural selection going on everywhere and everytime starting from Sperm-egg fertilization stage till you got to where you are.  The kill or be killed attitude. It’s real.  You stand no chance if all you do is to grovel especially in business. 

That said; let’s start! 


Excellence mentality

    If I were to be writing this post 5-7 yrs ago,  I might have ended with this point I’m about to make; However, This is the year of “what you see is what you get” and not what you expect.

It’s a time when people don’t want to associate with you if they “sense” or see inadequacy, dirt, mistakes etc

 This area was a hard one for me personally maybe because of my personality.  I used to find it hard giving attention to details.

My strength then was, as a Chef,  giving them a taste they will get addicted on However, these time, Many wont eat what they can’t share on the social media.

  So, my summation is this; It’s OK to start small however in your starting, be as excellent as you can possibly be.

 Pay attention to little details and you are sure to get contract and even recurring ones.

                     You know why?  

The client might not know the how of your business but great clients always spot the extra work you put starting from your dressing to your presentation. Go beyound yourself.


Let me make it simple: A shy person will never make it in business (Sorry if I’m too direct).

However,  I have said it. Infact,  in almost anything.  This can’t be over emphasized because you can only connect and meet people when you are confident of yourself and what you have to offer!

You must never be shy to admit you need what you need.  You must be vocal and confident.

Understand and know that Popularity is Money!!!  That is why most business owners becomes their business, They dress it, look it and even add it to their names.

   Tools to connect

 Offline,  you have your business cards,  flyers, billboard adverts.

Electronically,  you have TV and Radio ads and finally, the most powerful one now is the social media.

For example, going through the stats of my blog, I see readers in United state, China and some other countries I have never heard of!

 There are also people who are brands themselves all because they trend on being beautiful and they get paid for it in huge sums!  

   Simply stating, the more people you know, the more business you get.

BE MENTORED (godfatherism) 

 This is not connecting to people but to a very powerful individual who is considered to be a success in your line of business.

  Someone like an idol that is well connected.  This doesn’t guarantee automatic success but it makes your challenges easier to bear.

Now,  understand that it is not easy to get a mentor hence your need to be confident of yourself to seize the opportunity when it comes.

 Secondly, some  requirements might be demanded from you, things which might make you have second thought. However, if you are able to land a powerful one for yourself, they might turn a journey of 5years into 5days and open doors of opportunities for you. 

 Their advices are priceless and their recommendations can earn you what you need,  Contracts!!!! 



 Attitude smells! I have experienced it first hand.  Your attitude to clients might smell so sweet they want you again for their contract.

  Sometimes, I have to confess, not my works but my loving caring attitude.  It’s not faking it, it’s because you love your work and the people that makes your work continues.

 How you respond to clients, your customer satisfaction attitude, the extra work, after party appreciation, humility will surely be noticed and this most times, gets you recommended.

This is because the person recommending is confident you will not pull his well built reputation down.

Remember,  it is one thing to get opportunities, it is a completely different thing to hold the opportunity down and make the best use of it.


This is not often said however, the easiest way to get contracts is to be where the source is. 
This is very important in this association, you get to meet people that has been in the same business you just started for the past 50 years. 
You get to learn and rub shoulders with the people that can have way for you if your attitude is right. 


I don’t need to expansiate too much on this. Your client or whoever you are chasing for contracts might not always having you in mind. So it’s your job to follow up and feed the person back on whatever he or she asked you to do. You must show diligence and hunger to work once it’s being given.


This is not bribe or kickbacks because this is done on public and there is no act of secrecy in it. It is a business culture in some country like Japan for gifts to be given or excahnged during business interactions.
It gives you a good aura and shows you are an appreciative person . Make sure your existing clients get something during holidays. Regular appreciating text messages and reassuring them of better services from you. 

 If these article helps you,  please share!!!!! Love to hear from you.. Thanks! 


How to make frozen cocktail..


 Happy New month family and it’s the last month of the year where we all gather with our loved ones to rest,  go on vacation, celebrate Christmas!

It’s always a vibrant time for going out and trying out new things!!

 This is a new innovation (not totally new anyway!)  in the cocktail business.

 I really don’t know why people felt it necessary to create it. Maybe its just for the fun of creating something different;

 However, the frozen cocktail is a masterpiece in appearance very creative and I love a twist of just anything.

 First time I saw it,  I was amazed and I wonder how it was made but after many researches,  I realised its as simple as making a normal cocktail drink.

Infact,  like its name,  it’s just the frozen version of a cocktail


Cocktail to be prepared (for example, Chapman)


 Cocktail can be defined as the mixture of two or more drinks with the addition of alcohol. So the first step is to prepare your cocktail.

For example,  Chapman, margarita, daiquiris,  pinacolada etc


 Same step applies to smoothies; Although you know you need to add the creamy agent which might be bananas,  yoghurt, apple etc

 Make sure the drink goes in first or in the case of smoothies,  blend well the fruit first and mix well  before adding the blocks (it’s better to use crushed ice)

Then,  pour into your blender with some blocks and then, blend well and let it mix before  pouring in cup.  
  Hinge with fruit or garnish and serve. Many things you see that looks complex are usually very simple to prepare only if you are adamant enough to know how it is done and that’s the reason for caterbakes. It’s simple only if you try!  Love you and please try it out and reach back to me.  I would love to hear from you.

          Please don’t forget to click the share button.  Thanks! 


How to Work as an EMPLOYEE and still OWN YOUR BUSINESS!

     Amazing day to you friends, this topic is a real headaches to majorly people already making a living working in a company or under an employer and these are the major reasons;
     1. The company might be folding up

     2. Their contract or tenure with the company is ending and might not be renewed

     3. They have passions that is pushing them within and causing a disruption and dissatisfaction only them can understand (This happens regardless how much one is earning)

     4. Salaries being paid is not solving the problems being accrued or delay in salary

     5. Job insecurities and lots more

       I decided to write about this because of the state of the world economy in general where job stability is getting to be a thing of the past.

     In Nigeria alone, reports has it by Nigerian association of chambers of commerce, miners and agriculture that more than 800 companies have folded up in the last 2years as a result of economic depression.

         As Robert kiyosaki would say,  we have been programmed to study in school,  get good grades, get good jobs and work hard to create a good retirement plan.
   For me,  that’s not a bad plan at all however, times are changing and along with it are the terrains of work and businesses.

Job security no longer exist and in this era of mass retrenchment, companies folding up and other mishaps, one have to ask,  What will happen? What will you do? How will I survive?

       So it doesn’t seem like I’m babbling, I’m going to give you examples of companies that folded up recently both in my country and internationally.

¤ Etisalat Nigeria

¤ Hummer

¤ Blockbuster

¤ Newsweek: The second largest American magazine with over 2million readers.

¤ Hollywood video and so on..
 So what’s the solution?  Simple!! Do the impossible!! Continue your work while you build your business.

    Challenges involved in building a business while working 

1. EFFICIENCY: Most workers are consumed all day with office work and tend to be exhausted already after the days job and to start working on a plan or execution might be really tasking.

2. TIME: Work hours for most companies is always between 8:00am – 5:00pm. So it’s hard to be available to participate in the building of the business and this is very paramount because leaving the business in the hands of others can make the business collapse before commencement.

3. SERIOUSNESS:  For someone whose livelihood doesn’t depend on the business to be created,  they tend to make it an hobby as the do or lose it all attitude will be lacking. 


 This is very important because truth be told,  there are some types of business which needs the undivided attention of the owner.

  I personally recommend online businesses which you can start,  monitor and grow while working in your office.

       In the case of businesses like trading where you need to purchase and sell,  the only way is to get a Trusted person  who will handle the business for you but trust me,  getting a trusted,  intelligent person to carry out the business like you will is a great herculean task.

2. INVEST IN TECHNOLOGY:  The few CEOs I have met that works and have companies under them are people that makes use of techs and social media to run their affairs.

         For example,  i met a man that have meetings with all his managers via Emo every monday while others could do tele-conferences.

        We have CCTV and I know of a transport trucks owner who wired all his trucks through a tech company and gets live feed on the movements of all his truck’s movement. A lot more can be gained depending on the type of business one is starting.

3. DO IT BIG:  One of the advantages of working is you have access to finance which is the biggest challenge of sole entrepreneurs. You have the finance or can get access through loans, savings etc..

You also have work experiences you can put to use and networks. You have all this powerful tools that can take a starting entrepreneur years to acquire.  Why not make use of them?

   I love to be sincere to myself and this has helped me in my business.

 The reality is, Rushing to start up a business while working can be too tasking for your health in general,  so while building a business,  don’t ruin the existing work which is less risky at the moment and more stable at the moment.

 You are trying to create a system you can retire to or a side support to your work which though must be taken with all seriousness

 However, don’t starve your present work of attention.

Secondly, working gives you the added advantage of taking time to test your ideas and getting response, creating a format that can hint you partially the level of success it can pull.

5. OVERCOME THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN AND START ALREADY:   The greatest deterrent to starting is the fear of ‘what ifs’ which might never appear.

  If not for survival, there is the joy of creating a concept that helps or improve humanity.

  Fear cripples and without overcoming fear,  laziness, procrastination will reign and nothing would be done.

   Even if no action is taken yet, take your time to plan it all from idea to execution.  Take a leave and sought out consultants,  schools,  take up a course (online and offline)  that will solidly prepare you for what you want to undertake.  Just do something already and be secured!!

Thanks for reading!! As I would always say,  please read and share and don’t be shy to ask questions. Would love to hear from you.