Caterbakes Food News: New blog inclusive: Dominos Nigeria Unveils Mini (Smallie) Pizzas

As a chef, I personally don’t fancy pizzas majorly because I feel they are over-rated, too expensive and also because many companies and restaurants I have eaten pizzas from didn’t impress me.

However when dominos came, they set a great standard by not only producing good pizzas but creatively tapping into our local cuisines and bringing out pizza recipes that identifies with the country.

A good example is the West African Suya Pizza of which we know where Suya comes from. This is one of my favorite because it’s more meaty and spicy unlike the tropical.

Another good example is the chicken Jollof Pizza which is a mix Jollof rice, grilled chicken and hot chilled

I believe whoever came up with the idea wasn’t brought up in West Africa because Nigerians, though love their Jollof , will prefer their rice on plate.

However, it’s very creative and a good way to show they care.

Smallie Pizza

I have got mixed feelings with the invention of the dominos smallie Pizza which is less than 2$ (#550).

While I believe this will be a good opportunity for many who have always been wishing to buy pizza but couldn’t afford it because of the price, I’m of the opinion that the smallie pizza might break the pizza hype and prestige it has been enjoying for some time now.

In Nigeria for example, you just don’t wake up to go eat a pizza. It’s a “treat” because it’s not cheap. When you take your girlfriend out for pizza, she’s super exicted… Now, that’s “gone”.

The euphoria won’t be there as people that preferred to eat shawarma because of the price range can comfortably walk into dominos and order their smallie pizza.

However, don’t forget I mentioned earlier that I have a mixed feelings concerning it, so as I’m bereaving the death of the pizza hype in advance, I’m also of the opinion that dominos will make a huge turnover in profit and this is because you can now ditch shawarma, chicken and chips and comfortably opt in for pizza in comfort and style.

Packaging is on point and very presentable. There are 6 new flavours created for the smallie pizza so you have options (Imagine!!!!)

  • Fiery Suya topped with Suya and red chilli
  • Hot Chic topped with cheese chicken and chilli
  • Smallie Pepp topped with pepperoni and green peppers
  • Sweet Marghie for cheese lovers
  • Smallie Beef and Sausage; you know what to expect with this.

I love when competition exist between companies. It makes the consumer experience the best of the particular products they are offering and whoever is leading the market knows they can’t afford to perform below par as their competitors are always on their tail.

Other pizza companies have been sent a message by this new product and they now understand that dominos are not here to play. They are here to stay and compete.

Let me know how you feel about this and know surely, the chef loves comments and it won’t go unanswered.

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