cola cola vs pepsi


    Disclaimer: This is based solely on my observation as a consumer and my personal research. We will not take any responsibility for any words reconstructed here.

Okay!!! Let’s start.

Coca-Cola, which is one of America’s fortune 500 companies is unarguably one of the most successful beverage drink company in the world; if not the most successful.

They have almost perfected or probably perfected one of their goals which is coca cola product being on every lips in the world.

Narrowing it down to Nigeria and Africa generally, it’s safe to say Coca cola brand has conquered Africa as they are the most consumed in Africa especially in Nigeria where the 7up company were always in fierce competition.

However, there is this Mentality in Nigeria that Coca-cola brand are for the rich while the 7up products for the “small boys” (Only God knows how that was implanted in our minds as kids).

The dominance of Coca Cola company continued unabated until 2016 when rite foods introduced bigi beverages which came in Cola, orange flavours and bottled water.


I won’t go into the details of their company as focus is on beverage. “In their words, they realised sausages must be consumed with drinks; thus, their decision to start making drinks”.


The first distinctive move by the rite food was to increase their bottle size to 65cl. Probably because they are proudly a Nigerian Company, they understand that Nigerians loves quantity. These, in the beginning, definitely got Nigerians interested and curious. While some refuse to give them a trial taste, Many including me decided to buy all brands. 

Conclusion was, from my perspective, that they were trying to hard to please. This is because the beverages was too sweet and too harsh. So many went back to Coca cola products as size alone seems not to be enough.


 This went on for some time before the Nigerian economy went downside and the Coca cola company and 7up company decided to increase the price of their 50cl bottles from #100 to #150.
Immediately this happened, Coca cola quickly revealed another size of Coke and Fanta called the solo bottles which was sold at #100, so their bigger bottle was sold at #150 (Note that both Coca cola and 7up company have increased their 50cl bottle to 60cl because of the increase in their prices However, bigi beverages retained their size and their price)
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This uncomfortable adjustments by both Coca Cola company and 7up Company have already forced some Nigerians who earns less than 2$ a day and have big appetite to FOLLOW BIGI COMPANY.
By the way, these set of Nigerians are in millions because over 30 percent of Nigerians are in that condition .
These adjustments didn’t last up to a month last year when the 7up company producing beverages like Pepsi and Mirinda reverted back to their normal price of #100 and back to their bottle size of 50cl.
These made most Nigerians rush back to the 7up bottles and these is because of the financial instability of the country which can easily be seen on world record.
At this stage, it was safe to say Nigerians are not faithful to any brand… Just the brand that gives us the perceived best!!!!
While all these (competition between bigi and 7up company) was happening, Coca cola seems uninterested because they refuse to bring their price down nor did they stop the production of their solo bottles.
Personally, I tried the mini-bottle once and vow never to buy again because I only took one gulp and 90 percent was gone (I wasn’t refreshed at all)… Maybe the ladies would be anyway.


While all the ruckus was going on and each company were working out ways to be the leading consumer product, the rite companies suddenly brought out or made more popular their bigi TROPICAL.
If you don’t forget, they retained their PRICE, SIZE. After tasting the Tropical and fallen for it, I decided to give their bigi Cola and orange another chance and I was blown away; Alas, they have worked on the harshness and after taste, it was awesome!!!

 Even the after taste that repulsed me had been eradicated. Now, the problem was: there was absolutely no more reason why I should buy an over priced #150 Coca Cola or their under sized Mini bottled products especially in the state of the economy.

During this process, I wrote on my social media platform that I hope Coca cola Nigeria won’t regret their Negligence and they under estimating the Rite Company.

To the present situation, Coca Cola has reduced the price of their Mini bottles to #80 and brought down the price of their Pina-apple flavour to #100.

More over, I see the bigi beverages being consumed everywhere and I of the opinion that the Coca cola company better come up with a very good product or innovation or else, they will lose more  clients.

Although, They still majorly controls the Nigerian events and ceremony arena as Coca cola beverages are mostly served in events but I believe that might soon change if  they don’t innovate.

Yes! The Coca cola beverage company has made little changes however, Will that be enough to get back the customers they have lost? I will leave that to be answered by YOU as we all are consumers!!!!

I love you guys and I would love to hear from you. Your comments and all. Let’s discuss this.

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