Various Types OF Coffee You Should Tryout Before Picking A Favorite

Coffee brewing have been on for generations and it is widely enjoyed around the world. According to research, Americans alone drink about 1.2 billion cups of coffee a year. However, it did not gain much respect in Africa as it is revered by the British, American etc.

Why Is This So?

The planting, harvesting and production of coffee is not common in Africa unlike its counterpart, Cocoa which is used in making chocolate.

Another reason is the fact that to really enjoy your coffee, you must understand the types of coffee there is and which gives you that satisfaction you desire. Hence, their preference to Cocoa powder which can easily be dissolved in water and taken instantly.

I decided to write about this topic because it will help a lot of my readers to understand their coffee and make it easy to choose their preference when next they are in a cafe or the next time they decide to brew in their kitchen.


Common Types Of Coffee Found In Nigerian Cafe

Instant Coffee

For a long time, instant coffee was a myth in Nigeria. All we knew was to brew and sieve which might take some few minutes.

It is paramount to understand  that instant coffee has been pre-brewed under high pressure with hot steam. The proceed is now dehydrated to give instant coffee.

So just like it’s name, mix your instant coffee with warm, hot or cold water and you are good to go. it also goes well with pastries like doughnuts, peanut burgers etc


While many of us prefers instant coffee which can be enjoyed alone or combined with milk and sweetener, sugar or honey, some selected few take delight in taking Espressos

My experience with Espresso which prompt the study and these write up was about the day I ordered Espressos just because I love the name….. Espressos.

Here I was expecting a mug of coffee with foamy creative designs on top; Alas! They brought a shot of very black coffee for me. I was dumbfounded.

It was then I was sensitized on the different types of coffee they have. Two things happened that day, I was ashamed that as a chef, I should know what I was ordering; secondly, I made up my mind to learn about it and understand my coffee.

An Espresso is a finely ground black coffee through which pressured hot water around 92-96°c is forced . This create a concentrated black caffeinated coffee which has a distinctive taste and is enjoyed around the world. An espresso can be brewed manually or electrically by an Espresso machine.


Like Espressos, The name cappuccino, originated from Italy and this is more palatable to me than a pure Espresso. Why?

Cappuccino consist of a layer of Espresso, milk and foamy cream. Most times, these foamy cream/milk is used to form patterns and designs on the coffee. Taste is awesome (my type of coffee)


Also known as Caffe Latte is a type of Espresso drink combined with steamed milk. The difference between a cappuccino and a Latte is Latte consist of more milk than cappuccino.

Filter Coffee

This is one of the earliest types of coffee; probably the first type of coffee served in Nigeria. Ground coffee beans is poured inside hot or cold water and left to steep. This is then filtered out and the resulting coffee is taken black or with milk.

Surely there are a lot more coffee types all over the world which in some years to come I believe will be more popular in Nigeria However, I believe with these types listed and explained, you will be able to find in any Coffee Cafe in Nigeria.

Feel free to explore as many coffee type and come back to share your experience with us and dont forget to share this article with your families and friends.


Chef Wale cares.




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