mango milkShake


Okay, so I got tired of having to cut and chew mango and I decided to make a milk shake with the mango not knowing the taste will be. My friend; it was delicious.

I also thought, because I didn’t know what the outcome will be, why not just add strawberry flavour.

I didn’t want the fruit because I wanted to retain the light orange mango colour while tipping the taste up a little


* Ripe Mangoes

* 5 tbsp of Powdered milk

* 40cl water

* Sugar 20g

* Strawberry flavour

* Ice cubes (3cubes)

* 2 caps strawberry flavour


It is the simplest thing on earth.

In a smoothie blender, blender or food processor, peel the mango and cut the flesh into it.

In a cup, mix the milk with the water , add sugar and flavour and stir.

After its well stirred, pour into the blender which already contained the mango

Lastly, put your block and blend for one minute and wawu!!!!

Your milk shake is ready to be downloaded into your body system lol

Good thing is, you are allowed to be creative; instead of strawberry flavour, you can add coconut flakes, banana, citrus etc… Go as wild as you can!!! It will come out sweet. I promise.

Have a great day!!

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