How To Make Tasty Dry-Rub Grilled Chicken And Chips For Your Family

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I got good news! Our recipe was featured by Amayi Foods, producers of Poi-poi Sauce.

I have written on many spices and sauces I have used to marinate on this blog. However, in this post, I will be writing extensively on how I did a dry rub spice marination and used Poi-Poi sauce as secondary sauce.


Poi-Poi sauce is strong well blended mix of pepper and many spices and roots which uplifts the taste of just any type of food.

The beauty of the sauce is the ability to use without cooking; Glazed on bread or eaten directly with rice, beans, pasta etc. It can also be used as stew and condiment.

I have used it to prepare many dishes and I’m going to be posting them gradually here.

By the way, to purchase your Poi-Poi sauce, to get yours or visit any major supermarket.



  • Curry
  • Ground red pepper (60%)
  • Ground Seasoning (To taste)
  • Salt (To taste)
  • All Spice
  • Onions


Firstly, you prepare your chicken parts or whole chicken by clean and patting very dry.

Then, you chop very finely your onions and add to the  chicken

After this, mix all the dry ground spices together and pour in.

Mix very well and set aside for about 30 mins to hours (Depends on how quickly you need to prepare it).  Have in mind that the more it marinates, the sweeter.

After Marination, prepare your grills and set chicken on the grills. Note that I didn’t mention groundnut oil. The chicken will generate its oil at this stage.

Grill and turn after 15 mins so both side can be grilled.

At 45 minutes, mix your Poi-Poi sauce with groundnut oil and brush both sides of the grilling chicken down. Leave to grill for another 15mins before taking off.


Get some processed chips, season it (Leave little mixed dry-rub spice you used for the chicken for this) and fry to your desired golden colour.

There are other things you could have on your plate like grilled or fried chicken franks and grilled plantain.

Its the perfect grilled dish!

It’s simple, tasty and delicious and the African flavour the Poi-Poi sauce brings to the dish is awesome!

Get your Poi-Poi sauce and try out this recipe and comment your review of the sauce.

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