Foods And Fruits That Can Increase Your Sperm Count And Montility

Hello friends. Today’s topic is important because it involves everyone.

I tried as much as possible to be as simple as ever and not be boring on this article.



You should know there are differences between a man being able to get it up and actual Fertilization (being sterile and being fertile)

A man might be able to go 3hours in a single round but not be able to impregnate a woman while some can’t last 3minutes but they are fertile.

What is Sperm?

Sperm is a male reproductive cell that fertilises the female egg during sexual intercourse. It is a specialised cell meant to swim through the female reproductive system and fertilise the egg there. Sperm is made up of three major components

  • Head – The genetic material (DNA) that will be passed onto the offspring is contained in the sperm’s head. It is also coated with an enzyme that aids sperm penetration of the egg’s outer layer.
  • Midpiece – The energy-producing mitochondria in the sperm’s midpiece supply the energy required for the sperm to swim.
  • Tail – The tail is a whip-like appendage that drives the sperm through the female reproductive system

That been said I’m going to be listing out easy to find foods and fruits that improves the production of healthy sperm and semen, Helps sperm motility and improves Sexual Performance. I will also tell you why they do but before then, I will list few habits that destroys your sperms.

I would have loved to start a challenge on this too but how will we know unless we ******* you know.

Anyway, if you eat this things and you stay away from what I list out here, you will surely see big improvements.


1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption


Note I didn’t say alcohol; this is because a little shot few times a month prevents you from having cardiovascular diseases… It helps the heart! 

It’s the excessive regular drinking that kills your libido and regularly leads to kidney failure.

This is because the kidney is in charge of removing poisonous liquid substances in the body and by drinking heavily most times, you have subjected the kidney to work 4times harder than it normally should.

Then, one day, it just wears out. So it’s Paramount you reduce alcohol intake. Don’t wait till dialysis and transplant.


 This is very common knowledge. Denying it, your punishment comes fast especially in the case of a sexually active adult.

There should be limit to the intake of  junk foods, confections and Sodas.

Many local companies have made their fortunes by selling herbal products that reduces blood sugar.

However, the best solution is abstinence or cut backs.


The body upon undergoing too much stress for a long period of time starts secreting Cortisol instead of testosterone. The body will divert the resources to produce cortisol

Cortisol is a steroid hormone which gives you a feeling of more power when you feel tired already. So exercise your body and find ways to relax.


We all know what masturbation is. Sexual satisfaction by self which causes the veins on the penile shaft to become weak.

This is because for sexual gratification to occur, there must be a squeezing force applied on it which is much more harder than that of normal sexual experiences.

So it is advisable to stay off masturbation as a man.

Ok! Let’s move to the real purpose of this post


°• Bananas

Not only do bananas affects your mood and makes you happy, it also greatly helps the sperm and Sterility. From the shape, you should have guessed already 😁😁

Bananas contain a special and rare enzyme called Bromelain which helps sperm production and motility.

°• Honey and Milk

This is very old and traditional but it really affects the male Sterility. Milk contains vitamin A while organic honey contains zinc and Vitamin E. These vitamins and minerals are the ones needed for healthy sperm to be produced.

°• Supplements

I will not make mention of Ginseng and some other Chinese spices and herbs that might not be available in your city. So, I will advise you take their extracts in the form of supplements.

However, garlic and ginger are popular and easy to get around the world and they help a lot with sperm motility and production.

°• Seafoods

 They might be expensive However, these are the type of foods you should be eaten and before you know it, you will be making babies.

If oyster and mussels are too scarce, Go for shrimps, crabs, calamari etc. They are rich in vitamin E and especially zinc which is the main sperm mineral.

°• Dark Chocolate

 Dark chocolate contain amino acid that boost semen and sperm productio. Eat dark chocolate occasionally and not too often to avoid too much weight gain.

Other tips that helps;

*Eat much veggies
*Exercise well and not too much.
*Avoid smoking
*Avoid extreme weight lifting so the body won’t produce too much steroid hormones
*Avoid exposing your testicles to intense heat (it’s hanging down for a reason)
*Do not allow STDs to stay long in your body. Treat immediately.
I believe you will be okay if you adhere to this few points and not only produce healthy sperm but live an healthy life in general.
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