Foods You Can Eat To Stop Arthritis Pain And Inflammatory

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Do you suffer from Arthritis or have a loved one who is suffering from this condition, this article will teach you how to manage the condition with food.


Arthritis, presently has no cure However, it can be managed when you are well Informed about what triggers the pain and symptoms.
Arthritis is in many forms but we will be dealing majorly with Osteoarthritis which is also known as Degenerates Joint Disease.
Osteoarthritis is characterized by severe joint pains and Inflammation and there are different causes;
1. It is caused when the cartilages that cushions the friction of movement between two bones wears away. The results is a serious pain as bones crushes against bones.
2. Viral infections: When the body is trying to protect and kill virus by causing inflammations around the area of the joint,  the body overdoes it and this leads to chronic  Arthritis if fast treatment is not taken.
Unlike the other types of arthritis, once the viruses are eliminated from the body, the pain and Inflammation goes away.
Let’s stop here. Read more on causes here
How Can You Food Stop Pain? 
Food intake from birth helps the development of the whole body including bones.
So there is no way we would deal with arthritis without mentioning food.
Food might not be able to cure arthritis but your DIET plays a major factor in activating joint pain and reducing the pain and Inflammation.
The wrong diet will cause constant and consistent severe pain while others will help soothe the pain.

Foods that contributes to arthritis pains and Inflammation

I’m going to put these foods in two sections;


Note pls;

Not all fats are bad. Actually, you need it in your daily food intake. However, there is what we call LDL (low density cholesterol) which are the bad fats and the HDL which are the good fat.

LDL (low density cholesterol ) or Saturated fat

They are called bad fats because they tend to form cholesterols inside the artery.

So you need to lower these set of foods;

* Red Meat

* Butter

* Cheese

* Vegetable oil. You can use coconut oil instead as research found that it has anti-inflammatory properties

* Fried foods

* Too salty foods. Limit your salt intake.

Those to avoid completely

The bad foods are foods that contains transfat;

These are majorly commercially white flour baked foods likes burgers, Cakes, Pies, cookies. They contain high transfat and should be avoided.


Sugary foods that adds to your body fat is a big No! For you to adequately reduce arthritis pain, one must really loose body fats that adds to body weight so as to reduce the  PRESSURE the joint has to support.

So generally, it is advisable for an arthritis patient to cut off sugar completely and by this, I mean sodas, diary foods and desserts.

What Food Can Reduce The Pain?

I can’t mention all the foods but I will highlight some foods that will help maintain and reduce the arthritis pain and Inflammation

* Vegetables: these are always very good and very medicinal. Eat more of Broccoli, cabbages, Carrots, kale. Prepare more of coleslaw.

* Prepare your food fresh and avoid canned foods, soup mixes and packaged foods

* Spices and roots like garlic, ginger etc should be eaten and taken with food.

* Tumeric: I should have included it in the spice category However, turmeric or using turmeric supplements is one of the strongest weapon against arthritis Hence it must stand alone.

* Replace Red Meat With Oily Fishes: Eat fish like salmon, tuna, mackarel etc that are rich in Omega-3 acids that has anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, good meats are good because they are mainly lean meat containing very low saturated fat and has high vitamin B12. However, don’t over indulge.

* Green Tea: This mild-mannered drink contains a natural antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). This ingredient has been shown to stop the production of certain inflammatory chemicals in the body, including those involved in arthritis. Recent studies also suggest that EGCG may prevent cartilage from breaking down, helping to preserve joints longer.

Fruits like berries, nuts, grapes are also very good for consumption.

How to avoid having arthritis.

1. Maintain a good body mass index.Avoid being obese.

2. Exercise more often.

3. Watch your food intake. Go easy on the sugar, salt and junks

4. Avoid accident by obeying safety regulations in every situation

5. Occasionally, go for spa treatments and massages.

6. Regular medical check

7. Use supplements to ensure body balanced diet.

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Remember to eat healthy and stay healthy.

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