The Best Homemade Creamy Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Hello Sugar Bunnies,

The Great holiday is coming upon us and I will be writing on some lovely dishes you would love to prepare. One of the most talked-about recently is the Creamy mashed potatoes which goes with many fondues and proteins like steaks, fish fillet etc.


Ingredients in Mashed Potatoes

These mashed potatoes have no additions of cheeses but feel free to stir in additions to change up the flavor. I’ve added some of my favorite variations below.

  • Butter – This is one place where there really are no substitutes. Use real butter for these creamy spuds, and plenty of it. I prefer salted if I have it but unsalted butter works and the potatoes can be salted to taste.
  • Cream/Milk – I use warmed whole milk in this recipe, but cream also works if you have it on hand. Remember to heat the dairy for the best potatoes.
  • Seasonings – Again, keeping this recipe simple, I simply add salt & pepper. If you’d like a little bit of garlic, chop a few cloves and let them boil with the potatoes. Chives are great in this recipe too (add with the butter).

It is very easy to prepare;


  • Potatoes

°• Salt

°• Pepper

°• Milk

°• Butter


The first step is to peel the potatoes and wash them.

Then you cut into disc shape. Make the sizes equal so you will avoid lumps when mashing
Pour inside your pot add water , salt to taste and pepper and let boil for 30minutes.
After boiling, rinse out the potatoes and while hot, mash very well

Add your butter, cream, and milk to your mashed potato and mix very well.

There you have it, your mashed potatoes.
 NOTE: To have creamy mashed potatoes, add cheese. If you can’t get cream, use mayonnaise.
Then, you can garnish with any veggies you love! Bon Appetit!
Try out this recipe following this tutorial and let me know how it comes out.


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