ogbono soup

Vegetable Ogbono Soup

 I have history with these soup because as the last born of the house, it is family tradition that I stay in the kitchen with mum.

Every other person is allowed to rebel. Lol.

I remember my mum cooking this and as usual, the soup looked weird at first, then after tasting, I fell in love with the soup.

Fast forward 16years, I found myself preparing it as a sous chef with my headchef and it came out so well and sweet.


* 2 big size cooking spoon of Ogbono seeds (Apon in Yoruba)
* Stock fish
* Ugwu Leaves
*  4 normal size Habanero pepper (rodo)
*  2big spoon Palm oil
* Crayfish (grounded)
* Curry and Thyme
* Ground ginger
* Diced beef /Fresh fish/ Intestines etc
* Stock cubes
* Beef stock
* Grounded pepper


  First step: Wash and boil your stock fish and any other meat you want inside with onions, curry, thyme and ground ginger until soft. When soft (should still have water inside), dice little habanero pepper and pour in. While this is cooking, prepare your Ogbono.
 Second step:  Put your Ogbono seeds and grounded pepper in a saucer, add palmoil and put in a microwave to heat for about 45secs.
Ogbono seed with grounded pepper
Add palmoil
Then put inside a microwave 
Finally, you have;
      (What most people would have done is pour the mixture on low set heat and stir until it mixes and form a paste however, I realise doing it that way gives the Ogbono a soapy after taste I prefer not having in my soup.
So, I just microwave for 45 secs and stir well and it produces a nice  paste without any funny after taste)
Third Step: Pour in your Ogbono paste into the soft stock fish mixture still on fire, add crayfish, some beef stock , stock cubes and salt to taste and stir.
 Cover and let it cook for about 15mins under low set heat. (You can add more water if it comes out too thick)
    Note that you can serve like this however, some customers doesn’t eat just Ogbono without vegetables and by the way, we are focusing on vegetable Ogbono soup
      Fourth step: While the Ogbono is cooking, prepare your vegetables, as for me, you are allowed to use vegetables of your choice but I will go for ugwu leaves anyday.
           Cut and washed vegetables
 So cut and wash your leaves. When your Ogbono is almost done, stir in your vegetables. (Check at this stage if everything is okay in terms of taste.)
   After this, leave for another 3-5minites and put off your fire.
 There you have it. Vegetable Ogbono soup for any kind of swallow you love.
 I will be happy to receive your comment and your questions.

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