butter cream icing.

        Cake Decoration

Cake decoration  has many important values it adds to cake,  it’s like the cloth it wears!! It beautifies the cake, it enables you to express yourself in words and design and it sweetens the cake amidst all other importance.

There are different types of cake decoration;
1. Fondant
2. Butter icing
3. Royal icing. However,  in this series, I ll be talking about the butter icing!


      Butter Icing

           This is the type of cake icing that does it for me anytime any day.  Unlike fondant which can get very thick and not totally suitable with the cake after days,  butter icing will still be very sweet,  soft and it works like the cake sauce.

 Butter icing can be made by creaming butter with icing sugar or powdered sugar. It can be done using a mixer or manually by hand. It can be fully made when colourant and flavour is added.

   Decorating Cake With Butter Icing

 As soon as your cake is done and it’s well rested (hot cakes will melt the icing), you turn the cake over as the down part is well formed in terms of shape.

If the top is to be used, It is first trimmed. This is because irregular shaped cakes might affect your work and decoration.

  So, when all these are in place,  you will need the following equipments;

α Piping Set


α Cake Scrapper
α Cake Icing Turn tables
α Palette knives and leveller.
α Electrical Mixer

Materials needed for butter Icing.

Butter (Margarine)
Powdered Sugar (Icing sugar)
Colourant.. (Any colourant)

How to decorate..

 Step1: Take a lump of the icing and place at the centre of the cake.
Use the palette knife to spread until edges.  Add more if needed.
Step 2:  To plaster the sides,  use the knife to take smaller portion and smear at the side while stirring the cake gentry on the cake turn table.

Step3:  After you have successfully covered the whole cake,  raise the palette knife a little bit above or the rear of the cake surface and skillfully turn the cake table to smoother it at all edges and surface.

After the cake is smooth all over, the piping set now comes in full play.

Note if two or more colours are needed on the cake decoration,  you would have separated some icing with colourant aside and use for this various colours you desire.

      The piping set which is used majoring for butter icing and royal will be employed to create the body designs which include boundary design,  surface design etc. 

Piping Sets

             The piping set which includes the bag and it’s changeable tips can be used to create many shapes and patterns which skillful chefs use to create amazing work of art on cake.


Some of the mouth tips are;
  α Leaf nozzle
  α Flower nozzle
  α Open star nozzle
  α Closed star nozzle
  α Round nozzle
  α Petals nozzle
  α Basket nozzle
  α Ruffle nozzle
  α Multiple hole nozzle

Cake decoration can be self taught however,  the passion must be great because it needs great studies,  concentration and practise. Otherwise,  find a Good culinary school or find me out! Love you so much and don’t forget to comment if the post was useful to you.  Thanks.


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