how to get business contracts


You see companies getting big time jobs on social media and you are wondering how it came by.

You see a start up company blowing out in their first few months and you have been there for years struggling and getting depressed.

Today I will be writing probably my most serious post and the truth straight from my heart and from experience.

I problem have done over 100 deliveries and events put together in my few years of business and with my calculation fed over 40000 mouths in my day to day deliveries,  events and kitchen sales.

How To Get Business Contracts

 Before I jump to it,  I have some few things ringing in my heart I would love to say.

 As an entrepreneur (business owner), You are different from an employee who has a stipulated everyday step by step activities laid down by his employer and at the end of the month collect his or her wages.

As an entrepreneur, Your idea is your responsibility. You can’t afford to be weak in any area be it account, execution, strategy or be it physically, emotionally or even Spiritually!

There is a law of natural selection going on everywhere and everytime starting from Sperm-egg fertilization stage till you got to where you are.  The kill or be killed attitude. It’s real.  You stand no chance if all you do is to grovel especially in business.

That said; let’s start!


Excellence mentality

    If I were to be writing this post 5-7 yrs ago,  I might have ended with this point I’m about to make; However, This is the year of “what you see is what you get” and not what you expect.

It’s a time when people don’t want to associate with you if they “sense” or see inadequacy, dirt, mistakes etc

This area was a hard one for me personally maybe because of my personality.  I used to find it hard giving attention to details.

My strength then was, as a Chef,  giving them a taste they will get addicted on However, these time, Many wont eat what they can’t share on the social media.

So, my summation is this; It’s OK to start small however in your starting, be as excellent as you can possibly be.

 Pay attention to little details and you are sure to get contract and even recurring ones.

You know why?  

The client might not know the how of your business but great clients always spot the extra work you put starting from your dressing to your presentation. Go beyound yourself.


Let me make it simple: A shy person will never make it in business (Sorry if I’m too direct).

However,  I have said it. Infact,  in almost anything.  This can’t be over emphasized because you can only connect and meet people when you are confident of yourself and what you have to offer!

You must never be shy to admit you need what you need.  You must be vocal and confident.

Understand and know that Popularity is Money!!!  That is why most business owners becomes their business, They dress it, look it and even add it to their names.

   Tools to connect

 Offline,  you have your business cards,  flyers, billboard adverts.

Electronically,  you have TV and Radio ads and finally, the most powerful one now is the social media.

For example, going through the stats of my blog, I see readers in United state, China and some other countries I have never heard of!

There are also people who are brands themselves all because they trend on being beautiful and they get paid for it in huge sums!

   Simply stating, the more people you know, the more business you get.

BE MENTORED (godfatherism)

 This is not connecting to people but to a very powerful individual who is considered to be a success in your line of business.

Someone like an idol that is well connected.  This doesn’t guarantee automatic success but it makes your challenges easier to bear.

Now,  understand that it is not easy to get a mentor hence your need to be confident of yourself to seize the opportunity when it comes.

Secondly, some  requirements might be demanded from you, things which might make you have second thought. However, if you are able to land a powerful one for yourself, they might turn a journey of 5years into 5days and open doors of opportunities for you.

 Their advices are priceless and their recommendations can earn you what you need,  Contracts!!!!


 Attitude smells! I have experienced it first hand.  Your attitude to clients might smell so sweet they want you again for their contract.

Sometimes, I have to confess, not my works but my loving caring attitude.  It’s not faking it, it’s because you love your work and the people that makes your work continues.

 How you respond to clients, your customer satisfaction attitude, the extra work, after party appreciation, humility will surely be noticed and this most times, gets you recommended.

This is because the person recommending is confident you will not pull his well built reputation down.

Remember,  it is one thing to get opportunities, it is a completely different thing to hold the opportunity down and make the best use of it.

This is not often said however, the easiest way to get contracts is to be where the source is.
This is very important in this association, you get to meet people that has been in the same business you just started for the past 50 years.
You get to learn and rub shoulders with the people that can have way for you if your attitude is right.


I don’t need to expansiate too much on this. Your client or whoever you are chasing for contracts might not always having you in mind. So it’s your job to follow up and feed the person back on whatever he or she asked you to do. You must show diligence and hunger to work once it’s being given.


This is not bribe or kickbacks because this is done on public and there is no act of secrecy in it. It is a business culture in some country like Japan for gifts to be given or excahnged during business interactions.
It gives you a good aura and shows you are an appreciative person . Make sure your existing clients get something during holidays. Regular appreciating text messages and reassuring them of better services from you.

If these article helps you,  please share!!!!! Love to hear from you.. Thanks!

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.