Easy Steps On How To Grill Catfish In Foil Paper

Hello Foodies, I come bearing good news for my grilled catfish lovers.

Surprisingly, one of my close business associate sent four large catfishes to me and the chef in me sprung into action immediately!

I’m going to be taking you through the recipe I used to grill those big catfishes and you are going to be wowed!!!!!!

Why Are Catfish Grilled in A Foil:

Catfishes are mostly foiled because of their extra soft scaleless flesh. Trust me you don’t want to grill catfishes on open grill and start turning frequently. It will break terribly.

Although, I can easily grill on an open grill but it requires you knowing your onions; real skillful ,a patient and gentle.


Steps To Grill Catfishes In Foil:



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Unlike grilling without foil (on an open grill) you want to put all your ingredients in at once and the foiled up fish won’t be opened until it is ready to be eaten.







Pepper sauce

Fish spice

Groundnut Oil

Grill Time: 45mins

Steps To Preparation:

1. Wash your fish thoroughly and remove intestine and gills through the opening below

2. Pat dry your fish (you don’t want to fish to be cooked but grilled inside the foil)

3. Cut slightly diagonally (3-4 slices) below skin surface the sides of the fish. This is called Coring and it is done so the spices and seasoning can be easily absorbed into the fish

4. Prepare a spice rub: This is done by combining all the spices and seasoning in a cup and adding of groundnut oil. This is then brushed all over the fish by hand or brush.

You can hid the diced ginger inside the sides of the fish you cut if you didn’t use the ground ginger.

5. Spread out your foil and use your brush or a table spoon to spread your pepper sauce around where you will lay your fish.

6. Lay your fish on the pepper sauce and cover the upper side also. (Additional Veges and herbs can be added ontop the fish if desired)

7. Wrap up the fish in the foil and start grilling in the pre-heated oven.

After the stipulated time above, open on a tray and serve hot.

You can enjoy your grilled catfish with a side of sweet potato or Irish potato chips.

You will surely come back to comment thank you. Don’t forget to share this content as you enjoy your sweet grilled catfish.

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