7 Steps To Boost Your Customer Strength And Keep Them Returning For More Purchase

Hello, lovelies….

Are you starting a new business and need customers or do you have an existing business but experiencing low patronage? This article is for you.

From every training I have had the opportunity to anchor as a trainer, I have always made my students understand that learning a skill is 40percent of being a success in the food industry; The 60percent consists of marketing, the art of negotiation, and most importantly BUILDING CUSTOMERS that will trust you and be loyal to you.


Step 1:

Be confident of what you are bringing to sell or market to them. You can’t effectively market what you don’t believe in.

If your customer senses your strong belief, he/she is likely to try you out.

Step 2:

Be sensitive to capturing the very influential customer in an organization.

For every organization, there is always a person that people love to follow, someone they like or believe in.

It is your job to recognize the person and get him or her on your team. The person will automatically do his job by recommending you to people who matter in his organization.

Step 3:

Don’t fake it. Develop the capacity to love your customers, don’t just sell and go.

Take some little time to compliment them, play a little, gist a little(if they don’t mind), and if they accuse you of wrongs, say sorry and reconcile.

Love them and make them smile in your little way and you have got them.

Step 4:

Use all the modes that can be used to expand your customer base. That is; Facebook, and Instagram (online and offline).

Step 5:

Be consistent.  This is not an easy feat to achieve however, it is a strong key to building your customers.

Let them have the mentality that every specific day or days,  you are going to come around; be so consistent that their subconscious mind will be expecting you.

Step 6:

Celebrate your customers and give free things sometimes; For example, if a very good customer of mine is celebrating his or her birthday or going on leave, I tend to give them a free product of mine.  Once you can convince them you love them,  they are yours.

Step 7:

Be known for what you sell. Brand yourself with names they can’t forget.

This is so that whenever the commodity you sell is being mentioned, your name comes to their mind.  Do this and you are on your way to getting recurring patronage and more customers.

I anticipate your comments and questions and share this article with someone who needs it.  And feel free to contact me anytime.

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I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.