sponge cake

Cakes surprisingly was discovered quite very early and it has since found its place in every ceremonies and celebrations known to man. 

 Infact, it is said a party without a cake is just a gathering.  This piece of sweet confectionery is fundamentally made by incorporating wheat flour and a raising agent(baking powder) with well mixed shortening, sugar and eggs and then baked. 

 However,  improvements over time and constant practise by different master bakers over years brought out different types of cakes 

We have Victoria Sponge cake(one of the earliest)(British), marble cake, black forest cake(Germany), Cheese cake(Greece), Chiffon cake(USA),  Coconut cake(USA), Coffee cake(Germany) and I won’t end the list without mentioning Fruit cake and guess where it originates from?????????….. (Ancient Rome).

Today,  I will be giving my own recipes that worked for me of Sponge cake and how to decorate with butter cream icing. 


Flour- 400g

Butter- 250g(margarine)

Sugar-free 250g

Baking powder- 1tsp

Vanilla essence- 5-6 drops

Eggs- 4 big eggs

Dash of milk(little to improve consistency) 


 1. Mix your butter and sugar together either manually or with the use of electric mixer until fluffy and the colour turns light yellow; add your flavour.

2. To make a very succulent sponge cake,  make sure you whisk your egg too until very foamy.  Set aside.

3. Sieve your flour to remove lumps and add your baking powder

4. Add the foamy whisked egg into the butter sugar mixture and fold in your flour little by little until it is well mixed. 

5. The flour is not just mixed but folded systematically in such a way that it infuses air. 

 6. Grease the baking pan with little butter,  pour in and shake gently so it will occupy all the space of the baking pan

7. Pre-heat the oven and bake 180°c for 20-30mins. 



 Tips to make a good sponge cake;

  • Make sure the oven is pre-heated
  • Make sure the eggs are well mixed
  • The butter and sugar mixture must be well mixed too
  • Place the baking pan at the centre of the oven not to low or too high. 

The oven should be timed and shouldn’t be opened from time to time.

How to decorate using butter  cream comming up next!!!!!  Please help share!  Love you guys and don’t forget to practise! 

I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.